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The 4 Best Mud Flaps for Ram 1500s

The Dodge Ram 1500 is one of the 3 most popular truck models in the USA. Alongside the Tacoma, and F150.

But deep in your soul you realize something is missing.. your truck.. lacks mud flaps!

Like a bird that can’t fly, you know what you must do to complete the look. 

Yes you could go ahead and say you did it to protect other drivers on the road, or your own truck from rock chips. But we know the REAL reason is you feel this on a deep internal level. And we’re here to help. 

Let’s take a look at the 4 Best Mud Flaps for Ram 1500s:

1. Husky Liners Fits 2009-18 Dodge Ram 1500 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 Classic, 2010-18 Ram 2500/3500 - with OEM Fender Flares Custom Front and Rear Mud Guard Set

These molded mud flaps will fit your Ram 1500 if it’s between the years of 2009-2018.

But, the best thing about Husky Liners is that they’re made in the USA and offer a lifetime warranty.

It’s not a fly by night company either, you can actually count of this warranty since they’ve been around since 1988.

They have several buying options, if you don’t want the 4 piece set you can get either rear or front guards. If you have fender flares or don’t it doesn’t matter. There are models for each type. 

These are made of thermoplastic to stand up to the test of time and will cover the full width of your tire. 

2. Red Hound Auto Premium Mud Flaps Splash Guards Compatible with Dodge Ram (1500 2009-2018, 1500 Classic 2019, 2500 3500 2010-2018) Molded Front & Rear 4 Piece Set (for Trucks Without Fender Flares)

Red Hound Auto also has a similar quality level of molded flaps compared to Husky. But, at a more affordable price.

They come in two styles, one for those of you with fender flares and one for those without. While it is more affordable, the tradeoff is the warranty. 

They’re made to stand a beating and they used a thick mold of polymer. If you want a nice set of mud guards at the best possible price, these are hard to beat. It comes down to if you think the extra protections Husky offers are worth it in the long run.

3. Mopar 82215488AB 82215489AB Ram 1500 Front and Rear Deluxe Molded Splash Guards With Fender Flares

Mopar’s splash guards are in a category of their own price wise. This four piece set costs more than anything on this list, but we have to admit they look pretty nice.

They added splash guards to the molding, so you can justify it being a little more expensive there. And it’s pretty neat they have the RAM logo imprinted on them. 

However, they have a weakness. There are little “cups” molded into the plastic design. Which, when mud is flying everywhere can be a bit of a bad idea requiring extra cleaning. So if you plan to go four wheeling frequently or find your truck getting muddy frequently, we think it’s best to pick another solution. 

4. Highland 1007300 Black Heavy Duty Rubber Splash Guard - 2 Piece

Here’s a set of universal mud flaps. They’re simple, and perhaps not as fancy as custom molded solutions but they’re inexpensive and well-made.

The install isn’t suited for the RAM so you’ll have to spend a little extra time aligning things. But these mud guards are a great choice for someone needing heavy duty flaps that prefers this style. 

FAQ Section

Why are mud flaps popular on trucks?

Trucks tend to be high off the ground relative to cars. They also have bigger tires, and those tires are really good at sending things flying. If you’ve ever gone offroading or had your window crack, unfortunately, you’ve seen what those tires can do.

So adding mud guards helps protect your truck, the underside of your truck, and other drivers if you’re on the road. One of the reasons I’m pretty cautious behind semi’s isn’t just that they’re huge machines that weigh a ton, it’s that I’ve had my windshield cracked being behind one without mud flaps! Through experience, I’ve learned to avoid them. End of sob story. 

Should I get a custom fit or a universal mud flap?

That depends on one factor, and that’s price. Universal fits are usually about 1/2 the price of a custom molded design from our research. But, the tradeoff is that installing them is going to take a bit more work and they won’t look as nice. That last part is just an opinion though. 

If you want long mud flaps, that .. flap then a universal option is the way to go. 

How else can I protect the underside of my truck?

There are molded plastic guards called wheel wells that some owners add in addition to mud flaps. If you’re the constantly upgrading type of individual, one thing we recommend avoiding is undercoating your truck. There’s a great video on it here that we’ll link below. Moisture can get trapped, which creates rust, which means your vehicle isn’t going to last long. 

If you want to slowly shake your head and be glad you’re not in the same situation, check out the video.

Hopefully, this guide helped you make an informed decision on the available options of mud guards for your Ram 1500. There are custom options and universal.

We think that Husky Liners are a great value. With their warranty, and the fact that it’s made in America it’s our top pick. But, it’s not the cheapest! If you want to save some cash, consider picking up some universal mud flaps.

If you end up picking an option from this list, make sure to come back and tell us how it worked out. We love hearing from our readers and thank you for stopping by!