The 4 Best Radar and Laser Detectors

Radar detectors have taken long strides in recent years, and can be coupled with software to keep you aware.

We’ll mention some other ways to keep you alert at the end of this review, but first lets look at the hardware. 

 Here are the 4 Best Radar and Laser Detectors :

1. Uniden R3 Radar and Laser Detector

A highly customizable radar and laser detector, the R3 is the number one choice in the market today for avoiding tickets. 

The R3 is the same as the R1 with one difference, it has GPS. In terms of not giving you false alerts, this is the best performing device on the market. You will have to fine tune it to your specific area, and it gives you that options with a plethora of adjustments you can make.  The R1 and R3 have the furthest range of detection on the market as well and are suited for living in a big city. 

2. Escort Max 360 Radar and Laser Detector

Coming in at a greater cost than the Uniden but also a good contender is this Escort Max360. This detects laser radar as well and uses GPS. We like the OLED display and Bluetooth capability. They’ve added a new feature called “directional indication” which means it’ll give you the best shot at locating where a signal is coming from. 

Instead of having to mark your route, they have their own proprietary technology called AutoLearn. It uses your typical routes to learn your ways and eliminate false alerts. In tandem with their EscortLive speed app, drivers can be located in real time about potential traps. 

We don’t think it’s worth it to install the app. We’ve heard from users the number of requests for information you must consent to before even being able to use it is worrying. Additionally, there is a monthly fee – just use Waze. 

3. Valentine One Radar and Laser Detector

The Valentine One is another heavy hitter in the industry. This model detects all bands of radio frequency and all types of laser. Simply put, that means every single type of law enforcement detection is able to be picked up by this one device. It comes with a more low-tech interface than previous options. But, this is a detector and we don’t need it to look like the interface of our smartphone. We like the arrow directional indicators and the analog knob brings an ease of use to the device that is lost in other models.  It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other models, and that’s why we love it. 

4. Beltronics Gt-360 Radar and Laser Detector

The most affordable option of those reviewed, Beltronics has released their newest model of Radar and Laser detecting. The GT-360. This unit integrates community real-time information to give you the heads up on speed traps. While it doesn’t have the community support of the Uniden, it still detects all radar signals and lasers. Use the mirror mount with this option as the windshield cup that is included is susceptible to falling out due to bumps in the road. This is our bargain buy of the lot. 

Is it legal to have a radar detector?

In every state minus one. Thanks to the Communications Act of 1934, Radar detectors are mostly legal. Radar jammers, on the other hand, are federally prohibited. 

There is one exception to this and that is Virginia. If you live in VA we feel bad for you and whoever the lawmakers are that thought it was okay. If you live in California or Minnesota, you can’t slap your detector on your windshield because of laws local to the state, but they’re still permissible in your vehicle.  It’s illegal to have a radar detector in all vehicles over 10000 lbs. 


What driving Apps do you recommend?

Our first recommendation is to use Waze. A social GPS navigation app that drivers connect on. If you live in a populated area, Waze will save your butt. Drivers will mark where cops are and this can be a more reliable option than using a detector in the first place.

How does a Radar Detector work?

It’s important to understand the limitations of Radar Detectors if you plan on buying one. First off, a speed gun is a simple device – or it used to be. Originally they were just a radio transmitter and a receiver. When the signal that was aimed at your vehicle bounced back, they could gauge how fast you were going by using something called the Doppler Effect. In cars they have to account for the speed they’re going relative to your car. In newer detection methods called laser speed guns, waves of light are used instead. 

Jamming devices are available for both methods that work by scrambling the data police receive on their end. 


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