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The 4 Best Roof Boxes for Chevy Equinox

You and your Equinox are pees in a pod, and gearing up for adventure. And while this beautiful stew is missing it hits you…

You need more space! If that sounds like an issue you’re dealing with, then getting a roof box will fix you right up.

So let’s take a look at the 4 Best Roof Boxes for Chevy Equinox:

SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box

Chevy Equinox roof box 

Best Overall

  • Holds plenty of cargo
  • Light and easy to put on


  • Affordable


Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Thule Chevy roof box

Budget option

  • Great for full size family
  • Lightweight


  • Large carrying capacity 


  • Needs two people to get it on the roof
YAKIMA - SkyBox Aerodynamic Rooftop Cargo Box for Cars

Chevy Aerodynamic cargo box

Premium option

  • Aerodynamic
  • lightweight


  • Affordable
  • Cheap 


  • Not so affordable 

1. SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box (Black, 18 Cubic Feet)

The SportRack Vista is one of the best overall values available. If you’re looking for a lot of space, and you don’t want to spend too much money relative to the competition.

Cargo boxes that hold similar amounts of volume can almost be double the price of this unit. 

That probably has a lot to do with why this sells so well. They included similar features to the “big boys” in the space at a reasonable amount. The SportRack Vista XL uses a U-bolt mounting setup and it includes locks so you don’t have to worry about your goodies disappearing!

This is a rear opening setup and best for those of you that have big families or are carrying a LOT of extra gear. 

2. Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

With the largest roof box available on the market comes in Thule and their Motion XT Rooftop Carrier.

Thule is one of the oldest brands in this space, along with Yakima. They’ve gotten roof boxes down to a science over the year and you can expect exceptional quality from both brands.

So what else can you count on? That it’ll be pricey! They make a premium product and charge a premium price. But in the case of the Thule XT, if you need an extremely large volume(22 cubic feet), then there isn’t a competitor on the market that meets that. 

And because you pay a higher price, you get all the fancy throw ins with this model. The aerodynamic curvature, an automatically locking lid, dual-side opening hinges, and an easy open assist. 

If you want the “best of the best” this is it. But like we’ve said, it’ll cost ya. 

3. Yakima - SkyBox Aerodynamic Rooftop Cargo Box for Cars, Wagons and SUVs

Yakima’s roof boxes just have that sleek stylish look going on. They are more of a compliment, than a bulky add on to your roof. 

And the SkyBox is a well-made testament to this styling. With several volumes to choose from, you can get the right size for your family. 

Because of the elongated design, it’s perfect for those of you into snow sports. Whether you have skiis or a snowboard, this will help you get it from point a to point b with ease. The one drawback with Yakima? Again, the price. We sound like a broken record now but along with Thule, their items cost more.

The build quality however, is exceptional. There is no assembly required with this unit. 

4. JEGS 90098 Rooftop Cargo Carrier | 18 cu. ft | Waterproof | Made in USA

You know we can’t say the JEGS  90098 is the most visually appealing roof box we’ve gone over here. 

But it is the most practical! And while they might of skimped a bit on aerodynamics, they have made this product extremely affordable. 

This is one of the cheapest roof boxes available, while still being able to hold a commendable capacity. At up to 18 cubic feet and 110 lbs of gear, you’ll be good to go and have some cash saved in your wallet.

This is definitely a last but not least option and something worth taking a good look at. We just wish it had a little better aerodynamics. 

FAQ Section

Do I need a roof rack preinstalled to use a roof box?

The simple answer is yes! For any hardshell cargo box, they will need a roof box to attach to. And for Chevy Equinox owners, we wrote a guide on aftermarket roof racks that you can check out here

Will a roof box affect my fuel economy? 

Roof boxes all add some drag to your vehicle during a drive. So yes, to a slight degree a roof box will reduce your MPG. When owners have tested this it varies by the brand and shape, but it can be as much as a 3mpg reduction in some cases. However, all of that info is really anecdotal and it will change depending on what you pick for your vehicle. 

The simple conclusion is yes, to an extremely minor degree it will reduce your mpg. 

What are the alternatives to hard shell roof boxes?

If you don’t want to fork out hundreds of dollars on a hard shell option, there is a better way. You can pick up a cargo bag. These don’t have the rigidity that roof boxes do, and there isn’t any way fabric can compete with a solid shell in terms of longevity.

But what can they blow roof boxes out of the water with? Price! If you’re planning on going for trips a couple times a year that require extra space, most cargo bags can be had for under 100 bucks. This particular one looks like a nice pickup if you want to go this route. 

Conclusion Section

We hope our guide helped you make up your mind on the best option for your Chevy Equinox. There are plenty of choices when it comes to adding extra storage to your vehicle, and price ranges can vary greatly.

For us, we think the best overall value is the SportRack Vista XL.

Whatever you end up choosing, let us know how it works out. And thanks for stopping by!