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The 4 Best Roof Boxes for Honda Accords

If you own a Honda Accord and are looking to electrify the capabilities of road tripping you can do, a roof box is a great addition to your setup. 

Thankfully, many options are available today and you don’t have to drain your wallet to upgrade your possibilities. 

Let’s take a look at the 4 Best Roof Boxes for Honda Accords:

1. AmazonBasics Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag, Black, 15 Cubic Feet

The best thing about cargo bags compared to a cargo box is that they’re incredibly easy to install and perfect for those of you looking for a less permanent addition to your vehicle.

This AmazonBasics model fits that description. It’s waterproof and even has a 1 year warranty. One of the things that you’ll probably be most happy about is the price tag.

A regular cargo box can’t compete on the price, and it makes sense that they wouldn’t be able to as they’re built out of solid plastics. But that’s the area that this fills a need in. While still maintaining 15 feet of space, you’ll find this perfect for a camping trip. 

The end straps of this box simply tie around your existing roof rack or side rails, and then you’re good to go. This is a great value overall and one of the most popular cargo bags available. 

2. Car Top Cargo -18S Rooftop Cargo Box (18 Cubic Feet Storage Box 57-Inch X 39-Inch X 19-Inch No Tools Needed 110 Lb Capacity)

Car Top Cargo has a great value option for those of you who need a lot of space, while not spending too much coin.

This can hold up to 18 cubic feet, one of the biggest volumes in the guide. So you’ll be able to comfortably fit a large amount of gear. 

It isn’t the most aerodynamic option here, although it does have a moderately angled shape. If you want something a bit more sleek looking, our choices at 3 and 4 will work for you. 

This can hold up to 110 lbs and includes a lock/key to give you peace of mind if you have to step away from your vehicle. 

3. Thule 682 Sidekick Rooftop Cargo Box,Grey, One Size

Thule and Yakima are known as to be two of the biggest players in the roof box segment. And they’re almost always going to be the most expensive.

But, they make a really good product! So most customers are very happy spending a bit more. 

The Thule 682 is kind of a middle ground choice in that it’s quite a bit less than you’d usually expect from Thule, but they didn’t cut corners. And we always try to highlight value buys, we know you’ve heard us say that several times by now but we believe it! Broken records rejoice. 

The 682 has the smallest carrying capacity in this guide, at 8 cubic feet. But, it can still hold up to 75 lbs of gear. It includes a locking mechanism and will attach to your roof rack with included U-bolts. 

When you need to get your stuff, it opens up to the side for easy access. For those of you looking for a higher build quality, but needing less capacity we think this is a solid choice. 

4. Yakima - SkyBox Aerodynamic Rooftop Cargo Box for Cars, Wagons and SUVs

Last and not least comes the Yakima Skybox. One of the flagship models from their brand.

It’s a sleek and extremely well-made choice that is aesthetically pleasing. A feature we like is that it can open from either side. 

They have many sizes of this particular model. Ranging from 12 cubic feet, all the way up to 21. This comes assembled upon delivery and with their own SKS locks to keep it secure. 

If you want something you know is going to last a long time and can afford to dish out a bit more cash, we really like this option. It has consistently received high praise from customers since it was introduced. 

FAQ Section

Do I need a roof rack to have a roof box?

The answer in most cases is YES. You will need cross bars on top of your Honda Accord to hold the weight of your roof box. The rack is what the roof box mounts to. We wrote an article about choices for a Honda Accord that you can check out here

But there is another way. You can get a cargo bag. They simply sit on top of your vehicle and are anchored with included straps. They’re also often much more affordable. We featured one for our first option, but that model still requires a roof rack installed. If you’d like one that you can have without a roof rack, this is a good choice

What are some of the negatives to a roof box?

The number one thing that we find as a drawback is that just to get to the point of having a roof box you’ll need a roof rack installed! If you’re okay with the biggest hurdle that we’ve mentioned, then everything else is relatively minor. It will add more air resistance and slightly reduce mpg, and there might be a bit more noise at certain speeds.

But more recent roof boxes have started forming aerodynamic shapes to help reduce both air noise and increase MPG. Yakima is a great brand for this. 

Conclusion Section

We hope this guide helped you make an informed decision on the best choice for your Honda Accord! A roof box is a great upgrade for those of you who like being outdoors or have plans for some big road trips. 

There are plenty of great options in this guide, and personally we think on the more affordable end that the AmazonBasics Cargo Bag is a great choice. And of the higher end, Yakima and their Skybox is a good looking aerodynamic option.

But whatever you end up choosing, let us know how it turned out! And thanks for stopping by, we appreciate our readers. 


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