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The 4 Best Roof Boxes for Honda CRVs

The Honda CRV is a dependable workhorse that gets a little underappreciated in our opinion.

They just keep running. And when you want to take it on a road trip you might opt for more space!

If that’s what you’re after, there are plenty of quality roof racks that you can adhere to your precious workhorse.

Let’s take a look at the 4 Best Roof Boxes for CRVs:

1. Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box

To put it simply, in the cargo box world there is one cowboy in town. His name Thule, but he’s kind of posh.

Thule cargo boxes tend to be higher priced, but they uniformly get consistently praised for their quality. 

The Thule Pulse is their mid-tier cargo box. It’s an aerodynamic easy open option that can hold up to 5 snowboards. This is made out of plastic and has a tight seal to stand up to the elements as you’re speeding along.

This opens from the passenger side which is pretty neat. If you’re on a busy road you won’t have to be facing it while you’re reaching for your stuff. 

It’s also one of the lighter options at under 40 lbs and installation takes about ten minutes. This is one of the most common roof racks from Thule and we think it’s a good value overall!

2. SportRack Horizon Alpine Cargo Box

This is our “budget option” in this guide. But that doesn’t mean cheap. It’s just that roof boxes tend to cost an arm and a leg. 

The SportRack Cargo Box only costs an arm. This comes in three sizes and they used cubic feet to differentiate them.

Small is 11 cubic feet, medium is 16 and large is 17. The price jump from going from large to extra large isn’t really worth it in our opinion. This box meets its best value if you’re going for the large or smaller size. 

The 16 cubic foot option can still hold up to 4 snowboards. We think this is a great competitor to the higher priced brands out there and you should definitely take a second look at it. 

3. YAKIMA - SkyBox Aerodynamic Rooftop Cargo Space for Cars, Wagons and SUVs

The Japanese company Yakima has a knack for taking things to another level.

In our humble opinion, the build quality of their boxes is second to none. This Skybox is a testament to that. 

Whereas most use plastic, they’re using carbonite. This is a heavier option than most at nearly 50 lbs. But, you can’t deny the beauty in their design. Even down to their latches, it’s just all very pretty. 

They have an integrated locking system as well. This uses a clamping system to mount to your roof rack. It also opens to the passenger side like the previous Thule box. You won’t even notice this is on your CRV after a while. 

4. Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Welcome to the big fish in the pond. The Thule Motion XT has the largest storage capacity of anything we’ve come across.

At 18 cubic feet, you should be able to stow everything you need on your trip in here with ease. 

You can also open this from either side of your vehicle. It’s a very well-made product with one thing that might make you think twice. The price! This box costs a lot, more than anything else here. 

If you need a lot of space and pricing isn’t a factor to you then yes, this is great. 


Are there cheaper alternatives to a roof box?

There sure are! If you don’t want to pay more for a hard shell roof box then you may want to look into a cargo bag. They aren’t going to be as aerodynamic, but they will certainly be much cheaper. 

If you’re dead set on getting a hard shell, then we recommend checking out local directories as well first. Places like Offerup and Craigslist can sometimes have good options available.

How do I attach a roof box to my vehicle?

All roof boxes need cargo bars. If you’re a CRV owner, you can find a pair here. Just like a cargo box, a bar can vary in shape. They can be round, flat, rectangular etc. The most common option is a round bar. 

In what situations is a roof box best?

If you’re carrying anything expensive or you just want more space, that’s where these shine. The boxes aren’t going to sway around like a cargo bag on your roof. Everything feels SECURE. People really tend to appreciate that. This is also great for people in snow sports to transport your skis or snowboards. 

With a fabric carrier you may always feel a little uncomfortable when it starts pouring water, even if it’s “waterproof”. A good cargo box pretty much guarantees that wont happen. 


Hopefully, this guide has helped you make an informed decision on a roof box that suits your needs. We think for those who want a roof box on a budget, the SportRack is a great choice. If budget isn’t as important, we’re partial to Yakima. 

There are plenty of other good options out there as well! Whatever you choose, make sure you come back and tell us how it held up over time. We love to hear from our readers.

Good luck on your search!