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The 4 Best Roof Boxes for Toyota Rav4s

The Rav4 is a popular choice for someone who wants a reliable vehicle that is aesthetically appealing.

And sometimes you’re going to want to take that bad boy on a road trip. But to do that, you need a way to carry all that extra stuff. 

A roof box is a great solution to that!

There are a few big players in this industry that make up the most popular brands, and a few up and coming challengers.

Let’s take a look at the 4 best roof boxes for Toyota Rav4s:

1. JEGS 90098 Rooftop Cargo Carrier | 18 cu. ft | Waterproof | Made in USA

The Jegs Rooftop Cargo carrier is the economical option in this guide. It’s also one of the best sellers. 

You get a quality cargo box at about half the price of the other big names in the category.

And this can hold a surprising amount of volume, at 18 cubic feet. That should be enough to get all the extra gear you need to your destination of choice. It’s decently heavy at 28 lbs without any gear. 

As a note, you’ve got to have a roof rack installed before you were to purchase this or any option. These roof boxes need something to adhere to!

JEGS is one of the few companies that makes their product in the USA, which some of you might like to hear. They offer a limited lifetime guarantee. It’s rated to hold up to 110 lbs of gear. 

Overall, we think this is the option that will appeal to most buyers and it’s our best overall value. Price is a huge factor when most people go shopping for anything, and this hits that category out of the park relative to it’s competition. 

2. YAKIMA - SkyBox Aerodynamic Rooftop Cargo Space for Cars, Wagons and SUVs

The Yakima SkyBox is a favorite of snowboarders, skiiers, and general use customers everywhere. 

They make an extremely quality product and they’re in the same tier as Thule in that regard. 

But the thing YAKIMA and Thule have in common is that while they tend to be of extremely high quality, they also have a pretty high price point! So that’s one negative to this model and most of their models. They just cost a little too much for our liking. 

With that out of the way, some buyers aren’t so price sensitive. If you want one of the most trusted brands out there, then Yakima and the SkyBox are a common choice.

The model linked to here is 12 cubic feet, but they have various sizes to suit your needs. All the way up to 21 cubic feet. They include their locking system in this purchase branded as SKS Locks, to help give travelers some peace of mind.

This comes fully assembled! We really like the sleek design and locking system. 

3. Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box, Medium

Thule, like Yakima is another big name in this category. The Thule Pulse is a popular choice.

This size has 14 cubic feet of space to store your nick nacks and it can hold between 3-5 snowboards if that’s your thing. 

Like Yakima, Thule has also included a locking system to keep your contents secure. In addition, this opens from the passenger side so you don’t have to be out in the street while trying to unload your goods. 

There is no assembly required in this unit and it fits most crossbar shapes. 

4. SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box (Black, 18 Cubic Feet)

The SportRack is a great choice because it meets quality and price in the middle.

It’s not expensive as some of the more storied competition, but it can compete with them in nearly every category.

This model in particular can hold 18 cubic feet. Which at this price, is an excellent value. 

They’ve included a lock, and the ABS plastic should stand up to anything mother nature throws at it. This opens from the rear and can hold up to 100 lbs of your favorite things.  


What other options for cargo storage do I have?

Roof boxes tend to be the most popular way to transport excess things but they’re not the only option! There are also cargo bags. These aren’t going to be quite as sturdy as a roof box, but most don’t require roof racks and they’re much more affordable.

Many of those tops brands are made of rain resistant material so you don’t have to worry about exposing your good in the elements. They’re a great choice for someone who wants to transport things a few times and might not need a roof box.

We recommend roof boxes for those of you who will be using them more frequently. 

I don’t have a roof rack, can I use a cargo box?

Nope! All roof boxes need something to attach to. That’s always going to be the cross bars on your roof rack. There are plenty of those available on amazon and they even have some universal options. 

By the time you’re done adding the roof rack and cargo box, it can be a pretty chunk of change that has left your pocket so we recommend seeing if a cargo bag is a better alternative for you. Or, if you’re only hauling things like skiis and snowboards then there are “clamp” options that are much cheaper than a cargo box. 


Hoopefully, this guy informed you on some of the most popular roof boxes for your RAV4. We think the best overall value is the Jegs Rooftop Cargo carrier

If you want to spend a little more then both the Thule or Yakima’s are high end options with a quality standard to match. Did you end up picking something in this guide? If so, come back and let us know how it worked out!

We love hearing from our readers, and thank you for stopping by. 


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