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The 4 Best Roof Racks for Jeep JKs

Roof Rack Jeep Wrangler

As a natural outdoorsy type, it makes sense you might seek to upgrade your Jeep with a roof rack.

Easing up the limited space that comes with Jeep ownership, you can expand your adventure options.

Roof Rack Jeep Wrangler

We took a look at the options available on the market to give you a quality addition based on value, reputation, and reviews.

Here are the 4 best roof racks for Jeep Wrangler JK:

1. EAG 2 4 Door Roof Rack Cargo Basket with Wind Deflector

Fit: 2007-2018 Jeep Jk 4 Door

The well reviewed EAG 2 is a good choice for Jeep owners wanting a sturdy roof rack that requires no drilling.

Mounting brackets are included and the installation won’t ruin your Jeep. A  concern many owners have is the drag of wind resistance one of these adds to your vehicle. 

EAG added a nice little wind bevel to make it a more aerodynamic option. 

It’s constructed from 1 inch steel tubing with a black powder-coat finish. Overall it’s a well constructed piece of equipment from a reputable brand. Customers seem very happy with it. 

It comes in one solid piece with a mounting bracket kit. 

2. Trailfx Trail FX J029T Jeep Roof Rack

Fit: 2007-2018 Jeep Jk 2 and 4 Door

This behemoth of a rack is the heavy duty option for Jeepers. Particularly popular with the kayaking crowd.

It can fit 2 kayaks comfortably, and potentially 3. It’s rated for 350 lbs, many drivers use it to store camping gear. Including tents. 

This would be our top recommendation if it wasn’t for one thing that makes a lot of owners uncomfortable. That is, you’ll potentially have to drill into your quarter panel OR you’ll have to take off your stock bumper for installation and use those pre-drilled holes. 

If you’re okay with that, then it’s an amazing choice and our favorite. The installation is quick and takes anywhere from about 1 to 3 hours. Construction wise they use 2 inch metal tubing, powder coated. 

If you end up taking this on a kayaking adventure, let us know! We would love to see pictures. 

3. Obelisks Roof Rack for 07-19 Wrangler JK JL Luggage Baggage Cross Bar

Fit: 2007-2019 Jeep Wrangler JK JL 

Obelisks has an option for those of you looking to add roof accessories on top of your ride while keeping the addition minimal.

This rack set is two pieces of easily attachable mounts for easy installation. There is no overhang as these mount directly to your gutters.

They’re made for hard top jeeps and the part that mounts to your gutters is metal. But, there is some plastic in this build as well, which we’re not exactly a fan of for something in this price range.

4. Rhino Rack Aero Bar Gutter Mount Base Rack

Fit: 2007-2010 Jeep 2DR / 4DR
2007-2018 Jeep JK 4DR
2019 Jeep JL 4DR

Simple and affordable. That’s what the Rhino Rack offers. It’s not as heavy duty as other options, but for light duty applications it’s suitable. 

Installation is easy. Taking some people less than 30 minutes. They fit in your rain gutters. Simply torque the screws and you’re good to go. 

What’s our gripe? The carrying weight is minimal. At only 85 lbs, you’re not left with a lot of options. These weigh 11 lbs themselves and that leaves you with 74 lbs of leeway. 

You could perhaps fit some minor stuff on top, but it cuts down a lot of your options. We like the sleek design, just not the strength. 

FAQ Section

I have a roof rack, but how can I mount a bicycle?

If you’re looking to bring a bicycle along, there is another option. You can mount a bike rack to your Jeep’s hitch. 

We have an article on that here

Conclusion Section

Roof racks can empty your wallet and your patience pretty quickly. But, we found you various options that aren’t going to break the bank with variety between them. 

Did you end up purchasing one of these racks?

If so, let us know how it worked out for you in the comments.