The 3 Best Roof Racks for the Honda Civic

In this article, we take a closer look at the best roof racks for the Honda Civic.

When it comes to testing roof racks, we consider the most important aspects are the load capacity, build quality, and just how firm the fitment is so that all of your luggage stays secure.

When all is said and done, the Arksen universal roof rack is our top pick for Honda Civic roof racks. It features a larger cargo area and high load capacity for larger and heavier items. The robust build is secure and stable, inspiring a lot of confidence at highway speed.

We have been testing and reviewing vehicle accessories for over a decade, so rest assured we know a thing or two about roof racks and can help you make the best purchase decision when it comes to roof racks for your Honda Civic.

Keep reading for more information on the best roof racks for the Honda Civic.

ARKSEN Universal Roof Rack

Overall Best

Arksen’s universal roof rack is a great option from the Honda Civic owner who wants a no-nonsense metal build, higher load capacity, and a larger physical size for carrying more cargo.

Starting off with the build quality, it has an all alloy steel construction that is quite rigid. It does not bend or flex under heavier cargo, but is still lightweight enough to mount on top of your Honda Civic’s roof.

All of the exposed surfaces are treated with a heavy duty powder coating that resists rust, while also giving the rack a more premium feel. We noticed that the powder coating soaks up scratches, and holds up better to wear and tear.

Load capacity is neither the highest we’ve seen, nor the lowest. 150 lbs is pretty much the industry standard, and allows you to carry most heavy suitcases, coolers, sports equipment, and really anything else that you would want to carry on your Honda Civic.

One of this rack’s coolest features is the integrated wind deflector up front. This is an angled, flat piece that directs air over and around the roof rack. This prevents excessive wind resistance, and also reduces wind noise at higher speeds. 

It’s also one of the largest roof racks for the Honda Civic, coming in at 64“ by 39“. This gives you more room to mount larger, wider proportioned items, while the tubed alloy steel design lets you tie down all of your cargo securely.

Installing the rack on your Honda Civic is no great feat. It uses universal U-bolts, which make the job a lot easier. As for the fitment, we can report that the rack stays perfectly stable and secure, even when you take sharp turns.

All of the required mounting equipment is provided in the box and the instructions are really easy to follow. All in all, it took us just under 15 minutes to have the rack fully set up and ready to go. 

Finally, on the topic of real world performance, we are happy to report that there is no drop in mileage on the Honda Civic. The rack does not creak or rattle when you are moving at speed, and you don’t necessarily have to park your Honda Civic in the garage every night, thanks to the rust resistant surface coating.


  • Alloy steel construction
  • Special surface coating prevents rust and corrosion
  • 150 lbs load capacity
  • 64” by 39” for carrying larger cargo
  • Universal U-bolts 
  • Rack does not wobble at speed
  • Easy installation
  • All mounting hardware is provided in the box
  • 15 minute installation process
  • Wind deflector integrated into the front of the rack


  • A tad on the heavy side

SEAH HARDWARE Universal Roof Rack Cross Bars

Best Budget

Seah Hardware is a universal roof rack that works well with the Honda Civic. It is sturdy and has an adjustable design that makes for a tighter fit. Load capacity is also in line with other budget friendly racks.

The standout feature of this Honda Civic roof rack is the alloy steel construction. It is more compact and straightforward than most other roof racks. This keeps weight down, while also giving you more space for carrying your cargo.

The rack is also a little bit more low-key, and blends in well with the Honda Civic’s roofline. It is covered in a thick powder coating that adds to the look, but also prevents rust and corrosion over time.

Unlike other racks, this Honda Civic roof rack uses heavy duty straps to mount on top of your car. The straps are routed through the door frames of your Honda Civic and connect on the inside, making the rack perfectly stable and secure at speed.

If you don’t want to fiddle around with nuts and bolts or any other tools, this is the perfect rack for your Honda Civic. Just center it on your roof, and connect the straps on the inside. And that’s it! The ratcheting tie down straps make the whole process even more convenient, allowing you to tighten the rack depending on your requirements. 

With the smaller proportions and sleek construction, you do get slightly worse load capacity. Seah Hardware rates this rack for about 150 lbs, but in reality that number is overestimated by about 20 lbs. That said, it is still a pretty useful roof rack for the Honda Civic. Just don’t expect to carry your heaviest cargo on this one.

Moving onto some more advantages of the smaller size, the low-profile design is much more aerodynamic than larger roof racks and cargo baskets. We did not experience any wind resistance or drag. You also don’t have to put up with any wind noise in the interior of the Honda Civic.

To sum up, the Seah Hardware universal roof rack is an awesome, budget friendly option for the Honda Civic owner looking to carry some more luggage on their car without using a bulky cargo basket or roof rack. It’s easy to install, easy to live with, and has just enough load capacity to get by.


  • Alloy steel construction
  • Thick surface coating for better rust protection
  • Holds up well to scratches
  • Sleek design 
  • Quick install
  • Ratcheting straps make for a tighter fit
  • Doesn’t weigh as much as other racks
  • Load capacity is decent 
  • Compact design provides more space for cargo
  • No wind noise or rattling noises inside the car
  • Most affordable price


  • Load capacity could have been better

Leader Accessories Roof Rack Cargo Basket Set

Premium Choice

This Leader Accessories roof rack for the Honda Civic comes with a robust construction and a wind tunnel tested styling for a more aerodynamic design. It also has wider proportions, so feel free to load up your largest cargo. 

The alloy steel construction of this rack is reinforced to make it even more rigid and sturdy at speed. It isn’t as light as the featherweight Seah Hardware rack, but still fairly lightweight for a rack of this size. The added bulk does give it better stability and security at speed, though. 

Alloy steel is prone to rusting and corrosion over time. But that is mitigated by a thick powder coating that also gives the rack its signature blacked out look. Out in the real world, this powder coating holds up really well to scratches, dents, etc. 

This is one of the larger roof racks you can find for the Honda Civic. Be it long haul road trips, or weekend camping adventures, this rack can hold all of your luggage and hold it securely at that. The larger proportions also lend themselves well to mounting irregular shaped items on your Honda Civic. 

The load capacity is also pretty high. The official rating from Leader Accessories is 150 lbs, but we found that we could safely load up the rack a little higher. Just be sure to distribute the weight evenly and tie all the cargo down. This will be easy thanks to the tubed alloy steel design which provides an abundance of tie down points. 

This roof rack is uncharacteristically aerodynamic, given its size. The wind deflector on the front directs air in a way that reduces drag and also minimizes resistance to forward motion.  

Don’t worry about annoying wind noise or other creaking, rattling noises as this roof rack is virtually silent at highway speed. That said, you should prepare yourself for slightly worse fuel mileage, to the tune of one or two miles per gallon lower. 

U-bolts are seen on this roof rack, helping make the installation process even quicker and easier. All said and done, you won’t need more than 15 or 20 minutes to have the rack fully installed. You also get all of the necessary mounting equipment in the box and it’s essentially a tool-free installation. 


  • Alloy steel construction
  • Thick surface coating 
  • More resistant to corrosion and rust 
  • More space for carrying luggage 
  • Wind deflector reduces buffeting and drag
  • No wind noise or rattling inside the Honda Civic’s interior
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Load capacity rated for 150 lbs
  • Universal U-bolts for snug fitment 
  • Perfectly stable and wobble-free at speed


  • Fuel mileage does take a slight hit

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