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The 4 Best Roof Racks for Honda CRVs

The Honda CRV is one of the favorite vehicles for American families. It’s reliable, affordable, and something perfect for adventure.

And, what’s a great way to add functionality to your SUV? A roof rack! Once you add one, you’ll be very happy at all the options you can add.

Let’s take a look at the 4 Best Roof Racks for CRVs:

1. Brightlines OEM Roof Racks for Honda CRVs 2007-2020 Models

We thought we’d start off this review by giving you Brightlines OEM line of roof racks. 

Here are the applicable models:

If you have a 2007-2011 CRV click here.

If you have a 2012-2016 CRV click here.

If you have a 2017-2020 CRV you can see it here. Or if you don’t have roof rails, then this will do. 

They say “OEM” but to be fair they’re not Honda, so a more applicable term is “OEM Style”.

Although the ratings speak for themselves, if you want a lightweight aluminum roof rack for your CRV that is a bargain compared to getting it from the dealership, these are it. These are all bolt-on’s that you can install in minutes. Hardware is included. 

2. MPH 2Pcs 49" (125cm) Universal Fit Oval Black Adjustable Aluminum Window Frame Roof Rack Rail Cross Bars Utility Cargo Carrier 3 Pairs Mounting Clamps

MPH is a universal roof rack that fits under the door frames.

It comes with a variety of mounts and you can lock it into place when you get your perfect width set. 

There is plastic in this design at the end caps. The part in-between the aluminum cross bar and the mounts. 

It’s important to note that f you have side rails on your CRV, it won’t work. This mount can hold a pretty good amount of weight at up to 150 lbs. So if you want a roof box, this might be worth looking into.

And yes, being universal means you can take it off and switch it onto another car in the future. Installing this is a breeze because everything is bolt-on. We think this is a pretty good option for those of you who are planning on carrying things weighing a bit more. 

3. Seah Hardware Universal Roof Rack Cross-Bars 2 PC. 48 Inches

Seah Hardware has a very affordable universal rack design. 

This is a pressure fit system that sits on top of your vehicle, but is actually secured by straps that you loop under the door frame.

Which is great in a way, because you’ll have the peace of mind of being able to see that rack is holding steady. 

This option is best for a family that doesn’t want a permanent design on top of their car all the time. The truth about roof racks is that they can add some wind noise. 

And if they’re bolted into your vehicle, you’re going to either have to take them down every time or learn to deal with it. Well, if you want to break down your roof rack after use, no option is going to be as simple or quick as the Seah Hardware option. Which is a big plus.

Another huge plus is the price! So it’s definitely worth a good look at. 

4. ROLA 59681 Removable Mount REX Series Roof Rack for Honda CR-V

This Rola Roof Rack is Removable. That is a lot of r’s, but we did it. 

One super important thing you must check before deciding on this model is that your CRV has side rails. 

If it doesn’t this isn’t compatible? Why’s that? Well, this uses a clamp system to hold onto the rails. 

Because of that very same system, this is also relatively easy to take off. But as Rola is in the higher-tier of quality, you’ll also be in the higher-tier of price. You will definitely pay a lot more for this option relative to other alternatives.

But it can be a great choice for someone who wants a piece of quality hardware that they can remove in minutes!


Now that I have a roof rack, what can I add to this?

Roof racks let you add a variety of mounts to your vehicle. They are the supporting cross bar piece of equipment, which is why getting a great pair is so important.

Once you have them installed correctly you can add a kayak mount, bike mount, roof box, or snowsport gear like a snowboard. The most important thing is to check the load rating of your roof racks, especially if you’re considering a cargo box. 

You want to keep to fully loaded weight at or below that limit.

After I get a roof rack, I’d like to get a cargo box but they’re too expensive. Are there alternatives?

Yes! For lots of people they add a roof rack with the idea of getting a cargo box for adventures and camping trips. You can use a cargo bag instead. These are much cheaper! 

They aren’t as sturdy as a roof box, but they will be able to withstand weather. Most are waterproof. One we could recommend is this Rooftop Cargo Bag. If you’d like to see some cargo boxes which tend to be more expensive, you can look at our article on them here for CRVs.


Hopefully, you got value from this guide and you were able to pick the solution best for your Honda CRV. There are plenty of choices with good reputations. Getting a roof rack will really expand your capability for adventure as well. You can haul a kayak for a time alone in the water, or bring bikes for you and a loved one.

For us, we think the option that suits most owners is set from Brightlines. They have a choice for nearly every CRV dating back to 2007, and the “OEM style” fit is highly rated by customers. 

Whatever you end up choosing, let us know how it worked out! And if you were able to go on any adventures, tell us about it. Thanks for stopping by and good luck on your search.