The 10 Best Roof Racks for the Jeep Cherokee

If you’re like most drivers, you take your Jeep Cherokee out on the open road as often as possible. But what do you do when you need to transport something large and bulky? 

A roof rack is the perfect solution! In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best roof racks for the Jeep Cherokee, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. Stay safe and have fun out there!

Brightlines Crossbar Roof Rack

The low-profile design and lightweight aluminum construction make this roof rack perfect for my Jeep Cherokee that needed an aerodynamic carrier. I recommend it to folks looking not only value but also durability in their accessories!

The pre-assembled design of the Brightlines crossbar means that installation is incredibly easy and quick – in just 10 to 20 minutes you can have your new roof box installed! 

Unlike traditional heavy metal roofs, this one has aerodynamic principles which reduce weight while still providing adequate strength. You won’t even notice it when not in use because its low profile makes contact with other objects below almost non existent; making storage very simple despite being right outside our front door!!

Before buying the Brightlines Crossbar roof rack, check whether your Jeep has aluminum side rails or black roof moldings. The product is compatible with roof moldings only.


  • Weighs 3kg 610 gms only
  • 150lbs load capacity
  • Quick installation with the hardware included

MOSTPLUS Roof Rack Crossbar Luggage Rack

The MOSTPLUS roof rack crossbar was a lifesaver for our family camping trip. We needed something solid and well-built to store all of the gear that goes into making any outdoor experience great, like kayaks or tents; it fit perfectly in between those ridges on top!

We loved how easy this cargo carrier is when fitting onto Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles too – no more tricky angles like other brands require (but which often ends up poorly done).

This one’s a cinch to install, and it only requires one hand. The design has an easy-to attach clamp that fits onto the side rails of your car roof quickly without any drilling or cutting required!

The MOSTPLUS roof rack is a lot better than the Thule, INNO Shadow and Yakima in that it only has two crossbars. These won’t even be noticed on your rooftop while offering equal weight load capacity as other brands mentioned above at an affordable price! Perfect cargo carrier for budget buyers looking to buy low-profile racks without any fuss or hassle.


  • Heavy-duty clamping design
  • Support 150lbs cargo
  • Easy to assemble and remove

BougeRV Car Roof Rack Cross Bars

I recently purchased the BougeRV car roof rack because of its sleek and low-profile design. The super simple installation made it easy for me to get on my way sooner rather than later!

I was very pleased with how light weight this item is – almost 30% lighter in comparison steel which means they’re quick & hassle free when installing or removing them too!.

The BougeRV car roof rack is a lightweight and compact option that can still hold up to 150 pounds. It’s super easy installation means you don’t even need an expert for this one! The manufacturer could have considered adding rubber padding on top, but not too big of deal considering how quickly they are able get everything set up in place—plus it would’ve added more weight anyways…


  • Made of marine-grade aluminum alloy
  • clamping design for quick installation
  • Weighs 9.58 pounds only

Jeep Cherokee universal Roof Rack

ARKSEN Universal roof rack cargo is for off-road Jeeps. The tray design ensures that your items stay stable and locked to the roofs of all vehicles, no matter what kind or size it may be!

ARKSEN has an excellent storage capacity. You can load literally any sports gear or heavy equipment on this roof cargo tray. You can also use the storage box for delicate items. Your stuff will be totally safe, as this rack is designed to withstand jolts and sudden movements.

The metal bars offer the best protection for your cargo and keep your stuff intact throughout the journey. The steel wind fairing will prevent wind noise.

The ARKSEN rack is a little heavier than other roof racks, but it has the most storage capacity. You need four universal U-bolts for mounting this product on your jeep’s crossbars and they’re provided with other tools so installation should not be too hard!

 It looks sleek from black frame which contrasts well against others in our list; however I personally prefer something more fancy looking like MOSTPLUS since there are some features that suit my needs better such as extra tie downs or light bars attached at certain points throughout their design


  • It can carry 150bs of cargo
  • Made of alloy steel
  • Quick mounting with U-bolts

ALAVENTE Crossbars Roof Rack

If you want a sleek, quality crossbar roof rack for your Jeep Grand Cherokee then this is the one. It’s made of durable aluminum and rubber which protect both vehicle paint jobs as well as giving ample headroom when carrying larger objects like skis or snow boards without worrying about scratching them on any sharp edges!

 I bought mine after seeing how much fun my friend had using it at winter camp last year – safe isn’t just something that applies during accidents; having such sturdy equipment ensures everything will go smoothly no matter what kind weather turns out today.”

The rack has a patented self-adapting design that grips to your vehicle with ease. It’s quick and easy, just lock both ends of the crossbars onto their respective rails after installation! Now you have 150 pounds worth storage space for all those extra sports accessories or other items on hand when traveling out into nature

I helped my friend set up this awesomeannon abduction system he wanted as an Christmas gift…it took about 15 minutes from start ( installing hardware )to finish


  • Weighs 9 pounds
  • Water-drop design
  • Aluminum bar with plastic feet

YITAMOTOR Crossbar Roof Racks (suitable for cars with grooved rails)

The aluminum crossbars and foot of plastic make this lightweight roof rack strong enough for most cars with grooved rails, but it doesn’t fit my Cherokee Altitude because they are only designed to work on vehicles that have flat surfaces. Nonetheless I gave one away as a gift before discovering its limitations—she’s been using the same now-outdated model without any problems!

I love the anti-theft design of both bars, which protect this crossbar roof rack from thieves. Installation is also pretty simple! The longer bar goes in front and must be placed behind it; YITAMOTOR has got you covered with their versatile product line allowing easy transport or protection while driving on mountain roads

I found that using two different lengths made sense because my Jeep sits high up near bumper height so there was plenty room left over when I put them lengthwise next too one another instead off

The JEGS XTR3mi Crossbars are better than MOSTPLUS and ARKSEN racks in that they have sleek, lightweight bars. Plus it’s less expensive! You can even put a fish pole or bike on your jeep’s roof with these awesome crossbar systems from jegs xr2 mi


The storage capacity is great too – you’ll be able to fit three monsters plus all their tackle boxes underneath this super-versatile unit while still having room left over for more gear if needed


  • Weighs 8.82 pounds
  • Available in black finish
  • Perfect for large items

MONOKING Grand Cherokee Roof Racks

MONOKING roof rack is a high-quality product that I am very satisfied with. It was my first purchase, and it’s still in good condition after many years of use! 

The premium aluminum material offers excellent support to the crossbars protecting your car from scratches while also being able hold up heavy sports items like hockey pads or footballs without any problem at all – even if you have 165lbs worth on there!.

The tough aero-wing shaped crossbars ensure low wind noise. Installing this roof rack was incredibly easy and only took me minutes with no drilling or cutting required! 

The pads are made of scratch resistant/antiabrasion material which means they’ll stay new looking longer too – not just for days as other brands often do when you install them onto your car but months or even years after buying it brand spanking new fromThe dealerhips


  • Classy matte textured
  • 2 rubber strips
  • 1-year product warranty

MaxxHaul 70115 Steel Roof Rack

My husband has a MaxxHaul 70115 rack installed on his Jeep Cherokee, and we are so happy that it came with such durable materials. The steel frame of the product means no more rusting or corrosion even when exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain!

We had a little difficulty installing the roof mount. Although it comes with all of our hardware tools, we needed to re-drill holes and replace screws so that was time consuming but once finished loading up 150lbs without any problem at all!

MaxxHaul has a similar design to ARKSEN’s Universal Roof Box. The rubber caps are there for your protection, and it comes at an affordable price! Plus you can carry two bikes on this rack- which makes it one of the best choices among all others in its class i include MOSTPLUS along with other brands that have bike compatible designs such as Trackhawk/SRT Altitude models


  • Instant cargo space
  • Offers rust-resistant finish
  • U-bolt mounting

WU-MINGLU Cherokee Roof Rack

The WU-MINGLU is a roof rack bar that can withstand the weight of two kayaks and skis without any problems. It features an aluminum construction to keep it rust free, as well plastic on its base which prevents scratches from occurring when loading or unloading your vehicle in inclimate weather conditions

The installation of the product is similar to Brightlines rack. The company supplies it with all tools necessary for fast and simple commitments, so all you have to do in order be successful during this endeavor would only take about 15 minutes (even if doing them For First Time).

The lightweight and low profile design of this roof rack is perfect for off-road driving. I also liked how it has a black finish to match my car’s color! Overall, if you own an Jeep Cherokee then purchase these accessories today because they will make your vehicle look great on the road or trail


  • Made of aluminum, alloy steel, and rubber
  • Carry 150lbs
  • 15-minute installation

Jeep Roof Rack Cross Bars

The AUXMART roof rack is a sleek, low-noise way to transport your accessories. It’s made of high grade aluminum and ABS plastic with the option for black finish which I happened to find at an affordable price!

 AUXMART roof rack bars are super easy to install and come with an adjustable position, as well anti-theft protection locks for your cargo from thieves or other damages! We got the mounting screws included in our package which made installation quick (we only had 15 minutes).

The lightweight nature also means that you can take it off yourself if need be – all without any help needed whatsoever thanks again those handy accessories!!


  • Carry up to 150lbs
  • Equipped with anti-theft lock function
  • Good strength, lightweight, and aerodynamic design


I loved the aerodynamic designs of each roof rack, especially the Brightlines and WU-MINGLU. Each product has a minimum weight load capacity of 150lbs, plus, they don’t increase wind noise. You can enjoy a safe drive with these Jeep Grand Cherokee roof racks. Choose the one that fits your budget and preference.

Video review of the best roof racks