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The 4 Best Roof Racks for Jeep Cherokees

The Jeep Cherokee was a vehicle made for adventures. It comes from a brand that has a lineage of attracting a certain type of person.

And if that’s you, chances are you like being outdoors. So, what’s one way to elevate your adventuring? 

A roof rack! You’ll be able to add a plethora of mounts from kayaks to a roof box. 

We have choices in this guide for people with and without side rails. Our first two options are custom fits, so make sure your vehicle meets those specifications! The rest are universal fits. 

Let’s take a look at the 4 best roof racks for Jeep Cherokees:

1. BRIGHTLINES Aero Cross Bars Roof Racks Luggage Rack Compatible with 2014-2020 Jeep Cherokee

The prerequisite of this model is that you have cross bars between the years above.

But if you don’t fit that criteria or you have a Grand Cherokee, we have plenty of other options below. 

With that said, the Brightlines Aero Cross bars are a highly rated system that has a sleek low-profile design. 

Their aerodynamic shape is a way to reduce wind noise, and the all black styling is visually appealing. But what’s most appealing of all? The nitty gritty weight limit. These can hold up to 150lbs. Which is good for nearly everything we can think of that someone would want on their roof. 

In fact, there are very few roof racks rated to go at or above that without some drilling. All over crossbar designs like this have a similar mechanism. They clamp to your existing crossbar.

Because they’re made specifically for Cherokees, they’re a little pricier. Universal options tend to be much more affordable. But, if you like this look it’s a good deal.  

2. BRIGHTLINES Roof Rack Crossbars Compatible with 2011-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude/SRT with Roof Black Moldings

Brightlines is at it again, for the second time. This roof rack system will fit into any Grand Cherokee with black moldings. 

It bolts into your pre-existing holes for a strong base. There is no drilling involved and you can lock these in place to your desired width. 

They’re rated up to 165lbs, which is pretty incredible in its own right. And that’s mainly because they’re a part of your vehicle after bolting them in. Other options depend on tension fits or clamping, so they won’t hold as much.

As expected, they’re a little pricier than universal options. But considering the weight capacity it’s a good deal. 

3. CargoLoc 2-Piece 52" Aluminum Roof Top Cross Bar Set – Fits Maximum 46” Span Across Existing Raised Side Rails with Gap – Features Keyed Locking Mechanism

The CargoLoc is hands down the best value roof rack someone could get. 

If you have side rails and you want an affordable option that still holds up well, there isn’t really a competitor in this price range. 

The actual supporting pieces are made of aluminum, and the whole unit can hold up to 150 lbs. What isn’t metal is the end pieces. Those are plastic, and that’s common for most cross bars. 

A nice touch to this design is that the ends include locks to hold everything into place, and you’ll rest assured no one is going to be able to take them off! We think this is a great deal and will suit most owners with side rails just fine. 

4. MOSTPLUS Roof Rack Cross Bar Luggage Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee with Side Rails 2011-2019(Not fit SRT & Altitude Models) Anti-Theft Design

If you have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and want a bargain, the MOSTPLUS Roof Rack bars are it.

This sleek all black design locks into place and sits on top of your existing rails. 

The aerodynamic design of the rails will help reduce some noise that larger units would have. 

This clamps and locks into place to guarantee it isn’t going anywhere. But the best thing about it is it’s pretty affordable. Like we saw earlier, custom options tend to be a bit pricey. And this isn’t, which is refreshing. 

If you have a Jeep Grand Cherokee, consider grabbing this deal.


What are the benefits of having a roof rack for my Jeep Cherokee?

As we alluded to in the introduction adding a roof rack opens up the possibility of adding mounts to your cross bars. Once you do that, there are plenty of things you can add to your vehicle. 

From a bike mount to a snowboard to even bringing a kayak. One of the most common things people add to their roofs is a roof box for more space on a camping trip, or any trip. We wrote on article on that here for Jeep Cherokees if you’d like to check it out!

I want extra space for my Cherokee but I’m not sure if I need a roof rack and cargo box. Are there alternatives?

The truth is when you add up the prices of a roof rack/cargo box or the other mounts, things can add up quick. There aren’t any alternatives to adding something like skiis or a snowboard to your roof, you’ll still need a roof rack for those.

But, for carrying space you can just add a cargo bag with straps. Many of these are waterproof and very affordable. So you’ll save a lot of money overall! They’re best used for a few trips a year. 

The place a cargo box excels is that they’re hard shells and can last the lifetime of your vehicle if treated right. 


We hope that this guide has helped you make some good decisions on adding a roof rack to your Jeep Cherokee. There are plenty of options to choose from. Both custom and universal fits.

For a custom fit, we think the Brightlines racks are a great option. And for a universal fit, it’s hard to not find the CargoLoc very intriguing. 

Whatever you choose, let us know how it went! And thank you for stopping by, we appreciate it.