The Best Roof Racks for the Toyota RAV4

In the following article, we’ll be recommending the best roof racks for your Toyota Rav4. 

We used some of the most well rated roof racks along with some lesser known options that fit the Toyota Rav4. 

Our review considers features like the build quality, carrying capacity, and even the look of each rack on the car. 

As such, Maxxhaul’s Steel Roof Rack stood out from the crowd with its lightweight construction, awesome carrying capacity, and aerodynamic styling. It also has a lot of other useful features that put it at the top of our list. 

We believe in real world testing to really evaluate any vehicle accessory. And after testing vehicle accessories for over a decade, we can use our experience to help you make the best buying decision when it comes to roof racks. ]

Keep reading for more information on the best roof racks for the Toyota Rav4.

MaxxHaul Steel Roof Rack

Overall Best

This alloy steel roof rack from Maxxhaul is an all around great roof rack. It delivers a durable construction, high carrying capacity, and more physical space for all of your luggage.

Tubed alloy steel is the material of choice for this roof rack’s build. It has also been coated in a special black powder that prevents rusting and corrosion. So you can park your Rav4 out in the elements without worrying about it getting damaged. 

Weight is also kept pretty low thanks to the alloy steel build. The lower weight makes it a lot easier to mount too. The whole rack itself is pretty compact, giving you more space to put your cargo in. 

As for the load capacity, Maxxhaul rate this roof rack for around 150 lbs. It can easily accommodate heavier items like camping gear, sports equipment, and suitcases. And we found that by distributing the weight evenly, you can get away with loading even more weight on the rack. 

The combination of lightweight build and U-bolts made this one of the easiest roof rack installations we’ve done. The U-bolts are covered with thick and durable rubber. This makes the mounting even more secure and firm when your Rav4 is moving at high speeds. We stress tested this roof rack to hell and back, but it did not creak, shift around or even scratch!

The roof rack itself comes mostly assembled, with all the mounting hardware also included in the box. We did not need more than 20 minutes to get the rack installed, thanks to the bolt-on installation. 

It is easy to see that Maxxhaul really focused on the aerodynamics of this rack. It is a larger roof rack, but still very sleek and low profile. That low profile design keeps wind resistance and drag to a bare minimum on your rav4. You will also be happy to find that there is no drop in fuel mileage and wind noise is not noticeable inside the Rav4’s interior. 

So, is there anything we didn’t like about this roof rack? Well, if we had to pick, we’d say that the branding and logos on the front of the rack are a bit large. Other than that, this is one heck of a roof rack.


  • Tubed alloy steel construction
  • U-bolts provide a secure fit
  • Two different sizes offered
  • Easy installation with cross bars
  • Rust resistant finish
  • 150 lbs load capacity
  • Universal fit design 
  • All round best roof rack for the rav4
  • Roof rack comes fully assembled
  • All mounting hardware included


  • Branding on the front is a bit loud

CargoLoc 2-Piece Aluminium Roof Rack

Best Budget

If you need a well built roof rack without spending an arm and a leg, CargoLoc makes a really well built one that features high carrying capacity, a durable build, and a more secure fit, all for a reasonable price that fits the rav4 perfectly. 

When you consider the budget price and the stellar build quality, CargoLoc’s roof rack really is one of the best you can find. Aluminium is seen all throughout the build, with just a little bit of plastic used for the adjustable bits. All in all, this is an awesome roof rack design. 

It uses heavy duty clamps to stay firmly in place. There are rubber inserts inside the clamps which add a lot of grip and also keep your car’s paintwork free of scratches. These rubber inserts are to thank for keeping your luggage in place at high speed. 

Whether you are driving in a light breeze or a Cat 5 tornado, this roof rack can take it. It is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible and slips right through the air. We did not have to deal with any drag or annoying wind noise. 

As for installation, it is very straightforward. This is a universally compatible roof rack which means it will fit more snugly on the Toyota Rav4, keeping both rack and luggage that much more secure. 

Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? Exactly. We appreciate the manufacturer including a cargo net with this roof rack. It is actually quite useful for covering your luggage so that it doesn’t roll around when you are driving. Another cool addition is the 5mm thick bungee cords, perfect for tying down smaller items to your Rav4.

Load capacity is a bit of a mixed bag with this roof rack. While it is rated for around 150 lbs, we have found that you can only load up about 135 lbs before the rack starts showing signs of bending. Still, that is pretty impressive for a budget rack and more than enough for most people’s needs. 

Besides that, this rack is also packed with some really useful features that we normally only see on the most premium of roof racks. One such feature is the locking mechanism that keeps your rack locked to the car so no one can take it off.


  • Universal fit design
  • Aluminium used throughout the build
  • Rated for 150 lbs load capacity
  • Budget friendly option
  • Can hold kayaks, mountain bikes, surfboards, etc
  • Maximum side rail width of 46 inches supported
  • Lockable mechanism for more solid fitting
  • Best budget choice for the Rav4
  • Anti-theft key lock design
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Some plastic bits are used here and there to make it adjustable
  • We would only recommend loading up to about 135 lbs 

Leader Accessories Roof Rack Cargo Basket Set

Premium Choice

Leader Accessories’ Upgraded roof rack checks all the boxes. It is very durable and also very aerodynamic. The wider surface area is perfect for carrying irregularly shaped items and larger cargo. 

This rack features a reinforced alloy steel frame that is very rigid. Aluminium would have been even better but this alloy steel is still very high quality. The fit is among the most secure and firm we’ve seen so we don’t really mind, not to mention the steel is a great look on our Rav4. 

The obvious concern is rusting and corrosion but Leader Accessories put those concerns to rest with a special black powder coating. Not only does this prevent the alloy steel from rusting, it also doesn’t let the rack get scratched. Moreover, it just looks absolutely phenomenal. 

As mentioned earlier, this luggage carrier is a lot wider than most others. So it doesn’t matter what you need to carry, this rack has more than enough space. 

This rack is no slouch in the carrying capacity department either. It is rated for a good 150 lbs. But in our experience, you can get away with loading on a little bit more weight, provided that you distribute it evenly and keep it tied down as well. 

We did not notice any bending or flexing of the rack and there was no shifting of cargo in transit. 

This rack is wider than most roof racks, so aerodynamics might be a concern. However, it is equipped with a wind deflector piece upfront which allows it to cut right through the air. We did not notice any buffeting at speed and there was not much wind noise inside our Rav4’s interior. 

Mileage does suffer just a little bit as we got 0.3 miles per gallon less than before, however that’s not enough to matter. 

It is very easy and quick to install this roof rack. It uses U-bolts which enable bolt-on fitment. And it comes with all of the necessary mounting equipment in the box so you won’t have to go looking for that one screw. 

To sum up, this is another solid roof rack for the Toyota Rav4. It is built tough and easy to install. It has plenty of carrying capacity, and the aerodynamic styling is a huge advantage.


  • Alloy steel design
  • Black powder coat 
  • Premium roof rack for the Rav4
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Larger cargo area
  • Integrated wind deflector 
  • No wind resistance or noise in the cabin
  • Easy to install
  • 150 lbs load capacity
  • U-Bolts for easier mounting


  • Slight drop in mileage

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