The 3 Best Roof Racks for the Toyota Sequoia

In this review, we’ll give you a tour of the best roof racks for the Toyota Sequoia. 

We tested dozens of roof racks for the Toyota Sequoia, but only 3 made the cut. Our testing considered features like the build quality, load capacity, and how secure the fitting was, among others. 

For our money, the Mockins rooftop carrier delivers the best balance of features and quality of construction. It sports an all metal build and a larger surface area for all of your cargo. The add-ons bundled into the package are also really useful. 

A decade ago, we set out to find the best vehicle accessories the market has to offer. During that time, we have reviewed basically every roof rack under the sun, so rest assured, we can help you make the best purchase decision.

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on the Mockins and other top roof racks for the Toyota Sequoia.

Mockins Rooftop Carrier with Cargo Bag

Overall Best

Mockins’ rooftop carrier is an all metal roof rack that can hold more cargo and heavier cargo at that. It comes with so many add-ons and convenient features that it may very well be the last roof rack you ever have to buy. 

Alloy steel is used for every bit of the design. We appreciate the inclusion of a thick powder coating that keeps the surface free of rust and corrosion. Feel free to park your Toyota Sequoia in the rain, cause this rack can take it!

The next ‘big’ thing you notice about this rack is…well, the rack itself! It is one of the most spacious roof racks we’ve seen for the Toyota Sequoia, coming in at almost 64” long! That gives you more room to store your cargo. 

What’s more, the whole rack can be made a little bit smaller, down to about 43” long when you don’t need the extra space. 

The low profile design helps keep drag and air resistance to a minimum, while also helping the rack fit in with your car’s roofline. The angled front end allows air to pass over and around it. It also hugs the roof of your Toyota Sequoia, minimizing drag and keeping your cargo more stable. 

Our Toyota Sequoia’s fuel mileage was unaffected. We only noticed a suspicious drop in mileage when the car was loaded up with heavy cargo and five passengers. If any of our readers have a degree in physics, we’d love to hear some theories as to what causes this strange phenomenon! 

Another plus point of the sleek design is that there is virtually no wind noise to intrude upon your journey at highway speed. The rack does not creak or rattle either, thanks to the sturdy fitment. 

Moving on to load capacity, we were treated to an industry leading 200 lbs, one of the highest we’ve seen for any Toyota Sequoia roof rack. 

Finally, the feature or rather features that put this Toyota Sequoia roof rack over the top for us are the included waterproof cargo bag, cargo net, and adjustable straps. We tested each of these to great results and highly recommend them if you want to keep your cargo secure.


  • Alloy steel construction
  • Powder coating resists rust
  • 200 lbs load capacity
  • Aerodynamic design
  • 6” high sides for better cargo security
  • Larger area for storage
  • Secure fitment
  • No wind noise, creaking, or rattling at speed
  • Minimal drag at highway speed
  • Fuel mileage is unaffected
  • Includes waterproof cargo bag 
  • Comes with cargo net and tie-down straps
  • Easy to install


  • Powder coating has a tendency to get scratched

Amazon Basics Universal Cross Rail Roof Rack

Best Budget

If you’re on the hunt for a budget friendly roof rack for your Toyota Sequoia, AmazonBasics’ universal cross bars are the go-to. They feature a minimalist yet sturdy design and plenty of load capacity for the most essential stuff. 

Build quality is surprisingly high for such an affordable roof rack. It opts for a high quality synthetic material, but that is pretty much par for course at this price point. That said, it is a sturdy design that does not flex or bend under load. 

That sturdiness is thanks to this roof rack’s aluminum crossbar design that is even more robust and heavy duty than alloy steel. 

The plastic outer build allows this Toyota Sequoia roof rack to be lighter and more compact than others. This makes it easier to live with and also frees up precious cargo space. And of course, plastic is virtually impervious to rust and corrosion over time. 

Load capacity is rated for just over 160 lbs. That is in line with other roof racks that cost twice as much! We did not have any issues transporting large suitcases, sports equipment, and coolers on our Toyota Sequoia with this roof rack. 

The slim shape helps keep wind resistance and drag down. We didn’t have to deal with annoying wind noise or rattling either. Fuel mileage is neither better nor worse than normal, which is more than we could ask for. 

Installing this rack isn’t the quickest process in the world, but we managed. The accompanying ‘How-To’ videos we found online were really helpful and easy to follow, unlike the written instructions included in the box. 

Rubber inserts on the inside of the clamps prevent this roof rack from scratching or otherwise damaging the paintwork of your Toyota Sequoia. These inserts also allow the rack to grip the car more tightly. The clamps can also be locked down with a key, preventing theft of the rack, the cargo, or both. 

You get all of the mounting hardware in the box, and we did not require any tools to get the rack mounted on our Toyota Sequoia. 

In a nutshell, this budget friendly rack is a jack of all trades, and master of  some. Really, the best feature of this Toyota Sequoia roof rack is its bargain price. 


  • Aluminum crossbar with plastic casing
  • 165 lbs load capacity
  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • Rubber lining prevents paint damage
  • Does not creak or rattle at all
  • Secure fitment
  • Can be locked
  • Does not decrease mileage
  • Easy setup and install
  • Doesn’t break the bank


  • Included instructions aren’t the best 

Tyger Auto Super Duty Roof Cargo Basket

Best Premium

The Tyger Auto Super Duty cargo basket is a premium roof rack for the Toyota Sequoia that brings exceptional construction and tons of utility to the table. That said, it does make one deal breaking compromise. 

Without beating around the bush, we have to tell you that that compromise is in terms of load capacity. While other Toyota Sequoia roof racks on this list offer a 200 lbs load rating, this one is rated for ONLY 150 lbs. 

But in practice, this figure seems to be underreported. Our tests conclude that you can safely load up about 170 lbs before the rack starts to strain. And with that in mind, the load capacity is actually pretty good. Well, kinda sorta. 

Moving on to this Toyota Sequoia roof rack’s saving grace: the size. The Tyger Auto rack saw Mockins’ 64” length and said ‘Hold my beer.’ This rack comes in at 68” in length. One inch shy of perfection if you ask us, but we’ll take it. The wider proportions allow for more cargo space, and better stability at highway speeds. 

That load capacity is backed up by a sturdy, 5 inch tube alloy steel construction. All of the exposed surfaces are treated with a thick E-coating that resists rust while also giving the rack a sexier look. We are also fans of the red accents scattered here and there on the rack. 

There is a wind fairing integrated into the front of the rack, which allows your Toyota Sequoia to glide through the air like a hot knife through butter. This also directs the air in a way that reduces wind noise. Unfortunately though, this aerodynamic styling is not enough to save mileage, which we noticed was a hair lower than the benchmark. 

As for other features that help the Tyger Auto Super Duty stand out from the pack, you get a 5 year manufacturer warranty, a unique design that gives you dozens of tie-down points, and a modular design that lets you choose from two different size configurations. 

To sum up, this is one of the most complete roof racks for the Toyota Sequoia, and definitely worth a look if you want the absolute best. Just make sure your wallet can take the hit.


  • 5 inch alloy steel tube 
  • Thick e-coating prevents rust
  • Upto 170 lbs load capacity
  • Largest surface area of any roof rack
  • Sturdy fitment 
  • Integrated wind deflector
  • No rattling or creaking noises
  • Many tie-down points for cargo
  • Cool red accents 
  • Two size configurations 


  • Noticeable drop in mileage

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