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The 5 Best Seat Covers for Nissan Altimas

There you go, zipping through traffic and enjoying life when SPLAT. Your drink spills everywhere.

And then betrayal weighs down your heart. As you look at your trusty Altima’s seats.. a sense of regret washes over you.

“If only I’d purchased car seats!” Your lamentations were heard, and we’ve got you and your seat covered. 

Let’s take a look at the 5 best seat covers for Nissan Altimas:

1. Gorla Premium Universal Fit Waterproof Car Seat Cover

The Gorla seat cover is like that one person in your life that isn’t particularly interesting or cool but they’re just so freaking consistent that you want them around forever.

And you’ll be able to have this car seat forever because it’s the only one we’ve ever come across(yet) to offer a lifetime warranty. 

How neat is that? Pretty neat. By the way, this is made by the same stuff divers wear! Neoprene. Actually, a lot of car covers use that material to offer waterproofyness. This included.

And we take back our intro paragraph about the Gorla because it lights our eyes up with interest after we realized it has THREE colors to choose from. Yes, the rainbow has competition so watch out there rainbow. 

To adhere this cover to your seat should take you like three minutes tops. It’s one solid piece of fabric and it just plops on down. You just tie it around the back. We love the Gorla and this is our “buy it for a really long time” choice. 

2. LUCKYMAN CLUB Car Seat Covers fit Sedan SUV fit for Altima Murano Frontier Maxima Xterra Chevy Cruze Impala Malibu Equinox HHR Mazda CX-30 cx30 cx5 cx7 (Full Set, Black)

Are you looking to burn some cash? Well well well, we’ve got something to make your dreams come true.

In our “fancy” category of this guide, we have the Luckyman Club leatherette covers. These bring a world of luxury to the forefront of your existence. 

And as you’re driving along with this fresh cover caressing your curves into transcendence you’ll wonder,”how did I ever live without it!” It’s true, this will set you on the path of wanting more out of life. 

Soon you’ll be eating caviar with models on the beach and don’t you forget, it all started with these. These are “water-resistant” which is not the same as waterproof. But liquid will bead off and they can be wiped down.

Are these the best value? That’s debatable, but they have a really good satisfaction rating from customers. If you want to splurge a bit they may be worth considering. 

3. FH Group FB030115 Light & Breezy Flat Cloth Full Set Car Seat Covers Set, Airbag & Split Ready w. Gift, Beige/Black- Fit Most Car, Truck, SUV, or Van

Our next three options including this set are extremely affordable. And this FH Group FB030115 brings the cloth feel that you may desire. 

Perhaps you’ll imagine you’re laying down on a bed of wool and start to nod off. But if you do and your hot coffee spills, fear not! For these are machine washable. 

FH Group is actually a pretty popular brand as well, and because they produce seat covers at a large volume they have a wide selection of colors. This particular set has over 10 color combos to choose from. We think they’re a great value if you’re looking for a full set and don’t want to break the bank. 

4. BDK Motor Trend Waterproof Car Seat Covers for Front Seats Only – Comfortable Neoprene Protection with Two-Tone Stitching, Easy to Install, Universal Fit for Most Cars Trucks Vans and SUVs

We told you that Neoprene is all over these streets! The BDK Waterproof seat covers have used this material to add to their waterproofing. 

And at a reasonable price those of you using the front seats will be satisfied that you have some spill protection. 

This set is cheaper than the Gorla so if you’re looking to cut costs that could be an option for you. They do not offer a comparable warranty though. 

5. VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector - Waterproof, Heavy-Duty and Nonslip Pet Car Seat Cover for Dogs with Universal Size Fits for Cars, Trucks & SUVs

Do you have a lovable canine friend who’s mouth suddenly turns into a faucet when they get into your car? 

Or better yet, you have a child or for some reason we can’t fathom… multiple offspring wreaking havoc on your existence!

If any of these very real afflictions have affected your existence, then the Viewpets bench car seat protector is renowned for being able to handle such situations. This covers nearly the entire back seat and even has flaps to hang down on the sides and front.

It’s a waterproof non-slip choice that attaches using a system of headrest straps, hooks, and elastic at the sides to stay put. This is an excellent choice for those of you needing back seat protection!

FAQ Section

How can I keep the interior of my car clean?

Have crumbs and small particles decided to make your Altima’s interior a bit messy? A popular choice for many owners is using the vacuums at car washes. But if that’s not a practical choice for you, then consider getting a portable car vacuum. 

We know how it can feel having things stuck between the seats and there is nothing more gratifying than yanking it away with the power of air! Black and Decker is a trusted brand that has a product for this purpose. 

How can I get stains out of my car seats?

Warm soap and water with an abrasive brush should work for most applications. But if you have a nitty gritty stain that won’t budge, then there are some products made to fight it. One popular choice is the CarGuys Super Cleaner

Conclusion Section

We hope this guide helped you make an informed decision on the best seat covers for your Nissan Altima! There are plenty of great choices at different price ranges. Whether you’re feeling fancy, or just looking for something affordable.

Our favorite value buy in this guide in the Gorla. And we love the lifetime warranty they offer.

But whatever you end up choosing, let us know how it works out! And thank you for stopping by. 


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