The 5 Best Seat Covers for Ram 1500s

The Ram 1500 is a shining example of American muscle mixed with practicality. This truck is one of the standard models for contractors because of its reliability.

While the exterior might get thrashed around depending on how you use it, the interior can be easily protected with seat covers.

There are universal and custom fit covers, we’ll take a look at each!

Here are the 5 best seat covers for Ram 1500’s:

1. Rough Country 91029 Neoprene Seat Covers Front/Rear 2009-2018 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Truck | Exact Fit | Black

Rough Country has a full set of Neoprene covers if your Ram is between the years of 2009-2018.

Neoprene is the same material used in wetsuits, the waterproofing helps keep your interior in good shape and the quality of this set is exceptional.

There are four layers in their design. Including one made out of foam for comfort. Rough Country offers a 1-year limited warranty on this set. They use a strap system to tighten, which is the preferred method.

Usually custom fits are pricier, and that holds true with these. But you have the peace of mind knowing they’ll fit perfectly and last you for a long time. There are much more affordable universal covers, like the next set in our list.

2. FH Group FB083RED115 Full Set Seat Cover (Neoprene Waterproof Airbag Compatible and Split Bench Red)

FH Groups full seat cover set is another option made from neoprene, the waterproof material. 

These are a fraction of the price of most custom fits, and come well-recommended. In terms of overall value, they’re a great pickup.

With several colors to choose from, you can be sure to find the two-tone combination that works for you. If you grabbed a leather seating option for your Ram 15000, then these are not recommended. Fabric only. 

They don’t have an added layer for foam padding, so if you’re looking for something to add comfort then we think our first option would be preferable. But, they are made with two waterproof layers so you can rest assured that spills won’t penetrate.

3. Gorla Premium Universal Fit Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Looking for a simple seat cover that you can throw on in seconds?

The Gorla waterproof cover is a best seller for some simple reasons. It’s easy, it doesn’t cost much, and it gets the job done. 

This isn’t as fancy as others and if you’re looking for a full seat then this won’t hit that mark either.

But, with its limitations out of the way it excels in the one area that matters the most. Protection of your seat! All the while being extremely affordable. This is the best value for a single seat cover out there.

We highly recommend the Gorla if you’re using your truck for work purposes. They come in three colors and stay put with a strap that you tighten around the back. They won’t mess with your airbags either.  

If you get one and you don’t like it say.. after two years? Then it’s no problem. They offer a money back lifetime guarantee.

4. Durafit Seat Covers D1332-C8-FBA, Seat Covers Gray Endura for 2013-2018 Dodge Ram Front 40/20/40 Split Bench with Opening Center Console

Durafit has a great option for Ram owners but only if your vehicle is between the years of 2013-2018.

This custom set will cover your front seats and the center console. Your center console will still be accessible.

The covers are waterproof and it’s important to note that this isn’t a full set! Made for the 40/20/40 split. These are a surprisingly heavy-duty option and one of the most affordable custom configurations available.

5. Browning Bench Seat Cover

If you only need to protect your back seat, say you have a canine friend or some kids, then consider the Browning bench seat cover.

Yep, this is the same company that has been around since 1878. 

They have three styles, and since Browning specializes in outdoor products you will not be surprised to find that 2 out of the 3 are camo. They’re a great price and perhaps the only gripe we have is that they didn’t use neoprene. 

They’re made out of polyester and so they’re “water resistant”. Your seat covers will be fine most likely after a spill, but you’d still need to wash these. However, if you’re looking for a great value buy for your back seat then this is one of the clear winners in that department. 

It’s also nice to know they’re not some random company that popped up. If you have a problem, they’ll be around to handle your inquiries. 


I have a seat cover now, but how else should I keep my interior clean?

The enemies of interior cleanliness are small particles. Think about things like crumbs that get stuck inbetween seams and are impossible to get out.. without a vacuum. But if you don’t have the time to constantly go to the carwash and still want a clean interior, then there is a solution.

There are some highly recommended portable vacuums that can be had for cheap. They tuck away in a small space and won’t hurt your wallet. The Hotor comes to mind, and plugs into your a/c outlet. 

How do I keep my fabric fresh?

There are penetrating sprays that will work your fabric and surfaces to keep the grime away, while leaving a nice smell. CarGuys Super Cleaner is a product we’d recommend.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you make an informed decision on a car seat cover for your Dodge Ram 1500. There are plenty of good options that are both universal and custom fits!

For us, we think that if you just want to cover the driver seat simply, then the Gorla car cover is a great choice. And if you’re looking to get a full set of covers, then the Rough Country option will stand the test of time.

Whatever you choose, let us know how it works out. Thanks for stopping by and good luck on your search. 


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