The 5 Best Seat Covers for Toyota Tacoma

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If you’re looking to add some seat covers to your Tacoma, we get it. I’ve had the lovely experience of spilling 44 ounces of my favorite soda over my own new car seats and that still annoys me to this day. Stock seats are the one thing you know you’ll always be in contact with during a ride and it’s a good idea to keep them preserved from wear. 

 Plus, having to look at mistakes in the stock seats brings a sense of guilt and shame – I was drawn back to my Catholic schoolboy days. It’s also cheaper to have covers than getting your car detailed. Lesson learned, seat covers are a life saver. We’ve gone through and gotten our best picks for the Tacoma. Spill your coffee with confidence. 

Here are 5 of the best seat covers for Toyota Tacoma:


Toyota Tacoma Seat Covers - Neoprene


If you want something that feels better than stock, Seat Covers Unlimited has a high-quality option for your Tacoma. It’s OEM measured to fit snugly, stain and UV resistant. Quality covers that come in 7 colors and are made right here in the USA. Too few things are made here these days so it’s nice to see a brand that supports our economy and has a great warranty. It’s a 1 year on the products seams and stitching. So if you tear it, that’s on you. 

A knock on this is the price, it’s one of the most expensive we’ve come across. But it’s also the best replacement option we’ve seen quality wise. What makes this special is that it’s made with neoprene, that’s the same stuff they use in swimsuits. So it helps repel any liquids that you might spill. Stains happen, and it’s great to have the peace of mind when your seat covers are built to stand up to them. 

Airflow Mesh Car Seat Covers Toyota Tacoma

Keep yourself cozy during winter and cool in the summer. This airflow mesh cover set has breathable fabric that comes with 5mm of padding. It’s all good if you get these dirty because you can just pull them out and throw them in the washer. These come in 6 different colors and the package includes 2 front seat covers 1 rear seat cover top/bottom and finally 5 headset covers. Adjustable straps keep the setup snug. We like the slick design and customers are happy with this choice. 

This is our top pick in terms of value and design. Kind of funny that they had to blur out the logo on their listing though! Probably something related to copyright. The color options are pretty great and what we like the most about these – so many colors. 

Protech Black-fabric 2 Front Car Seat Covers Compatible To Toyota Tacoma 2007-2017

While these Protech seat covers only include 2 sets and 2 headrest pieces, they’re a great budget option. They’re the most affordable of everything we saw on the market for Tacomas. The designs are simple, but that works, the proof is in the pudding. Customers tend to be pretty happy with them. They’re not as fancy and it’s only a set of two, but for twenty bucks(currently) that’s a pretty good deal.

Easy, slip-on installation and made with polyester fabric. They come with 3mm of padding, a bit thin but they look pretty nice. 

3D Airflow Mesh Embroidery Car Seat Covers Universal Size 9pcs Red Black For Toyota Tacoma

This 9 piece set includes the front and back seat covers along with 5 separate headrest slips. A mesh breathable fabric with 5mm of foam padding. These covers are washable, so you can remove whatever lovely smells your lunch might have passed off. They do not hinder airbag deployment, and the red trim is the only option.

Toyota Tacoma Sport TRD 2009-2015(only) Seat Covers

This faux seat set from Iggee looks lovely, we like it better than the original fabric. It’s only downside is that it’s made very specifically. If you don’t have a Tacoma Sport model from 2009-2015, then this isn’t for you. They do not interfere with the side airbags and this was kept in mind with custom stitching. It’s a 3 ply design and they’ve got some weight to them. 

Buying the Best Seat Covers for your Toyota Tacoma

Hopefully, your backside can rest more comfortably after you’ve gone through our choices. It’s very important to find one that fits your specific model of truck. Lots of the complaints we noticed are from consumers who didn’t properly research whether or not something fits.

We usually don’t recommend “universal” designs for Tacomas because of the side airbag deployment in some models, but for a budget option, you can’t go wrong with our Protechs front covers. 

If you are prone to spilling – we suggest looking into improving your organization. Another way of keeping your covers clean is by having everything where it needs to go! And we wrote an article on that here

Whatever you choose, let us know how it worked out, and good look shopping.


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