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The 5 Best Seat Covers for Toyota Tacoma

If you’re looking to add some seat covers to your Tacoma, we get it. It’s a workhorse that deserves to be treated nicely!

Adding a seat cover can give you some extra padding or a new look. And you won’t have to spend too much to get a good pair either.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best seat covers for Toyota Tacoma:

1. OASIS AUTO OS-001 Leather Universal Car Seat

These covers are a great option if you’re looking for something pleasing to the eye and your back. It’s also one of the most expensive options though.

There are plenty of budget options as well that are great values. But for a padded leather look, this is our favorite.

There are five color options to choose from. They also offer a 1 year money-back warranty. If you’re not happy with your purchase up to a year from the date, they’ll work with you which is great to see. 

2. LUCKYMAN CLUB 5 Car Seat Covers Full Set

Luckyman Club has a classy style for Tacoma owners. You can get this in a full set or 2-seat set, depending on the size of your truck. 

Each of these front seat covers has back pockets. They are a bit “spongey” with attention to detail and good stitching. 

Although some owners have had issues with loosening up over time. 

3. FH Group FB068102 Premium 3D Air Mesh Seat Covers Pair Set

FH group has a budget option that comes in nearly every color under the rainbow. They’re also a universal fit. 

They’re not going to be as snug as something made specifically for your model, but for the price it’s hard to complain. You will have to remove the headrests to install these. For comfort there is a small amount of foam in each cover. 

4. Protech Black-fabric 2 Front Car Seat Covers Compatible To Toyota Tacoma 2010-2020

While these Protech seat covers only include 2 sets and 2 headrest pieces, they’re a great budget option. 

They’re the most affordable of everything we saw on the market for Tacomas. 

The designs are simple, but that works, the proof is in the pudding. Customers tend to be pretty happy with them. They’re not as fancy and it’s only a set of two, but for twenty bucks(currently) that’s a pretty good deal.

Easy, slip-on installation and made with polyester fabric. They come with 3mm of padding, a bit thin but they look pretty nice. 

5. 3D Airflow Mesh Embroidery Car Seat Covers Universal Size 9pcs Red Black For Toyota Tacoma

This 9 piece set includes the front and back seat covers along with 5 separate headrest slips. 

A mesh breathable fabric with 5mm of foam padding. These covers are washable, so you can remove whatever lovely smells your lunch might have passed off. 

They do not hinder airbag deployment, and the red trim is the only option.

Hopefully, your backside can rest more comfortably after you’ve gone through our choices. It’s very important to find one that fits your specific model of truck. Lots of the complaints are from consumers who didn’t properly research whether or not something fits.

We usually don’t recommend universal”designs for Tacomas because of the side airbag deployment in some models, but car cover makers have started to get this right. Most universal fits now have accommodating stitching for airbags. 

We think the best value overall is the Protech 2-piece set. 

If you are prone to spilling – we suggest looking into improving your organization. Another way of keeping your covers clean is by having everything where it needs to go! And we wrote an article on that here. 

Whatever you choose, let us know how it worked out. We love hearing from our readers.