The 4 Best Car Seat Organizers for Parents

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Some of us lack the natural abilities of being super organized.

Things go missing and we immediately panic, only to find it ten seconds later. Welcome to the circle of life.

But, there is a solution! If you’d like some more structure in your vehicle, an organizer will surely help.

Let’s take a look at the 4 Best Seat Organizers for your Car:

1. Think Clean Car Front Seat Organizer Mid-Sized Auto Storage for Files, Laptop, Table and Cell Phone

Modular Storage Option

In this guide, the only choice that uses the front seat for organization is this option by Think Clean Car.

If you want to keep accessibility to items limited(if you have kids) or need things in close reach this will help!

There’s room for a thermos, laptop, and whatever else you may need easy access to. This is made with polyester which is water resistant. Of course, you could face this to the back if you wanted. They use a simple buckle loop to keep it put.

This comes with five pockets in total and the side pocket for drinks, there is also an inner side pocket for sunglasses. In terms of price, this is on the higher end for options in this guide. The main differentiating feature is that you can flip it around.

There are two more color options beyond the standard black. Those are Camo and Polka dot designs. Quite the opposite ends of the spectrum.


2. Car Seat Protector + Rear Seat Organizer For Kids - Waterproof & Stain Resistant Protective Backseat Kick Mat W/ Storage Pockets & Tablet Holder

Best for Parents

In the same price range as our number one option, comes this design from Helteko.

It’s a full seat coverage, with a protector in the front and storage in the back. It’s able to hold a tablet and both pieces of material have pockets.

This option is marketed towards parents. The back seat organizer is a dual purpose “kick-mat” to give your fabric or leather some cushioning from your future soccer stars swipes. 

They do offer a lifetime warranty and customers generally love this product. Something to note is this is not a one-unit setup. The front and back pieces are completely separate.

If you have a child prone to spills you can place that somewhere in the backseat while keeping the organizer on the passenger. Or whichever setup you’d like. If you have leather seats, this will be your best friend.

Overall this is a great value for parents.

3. DMoose Backseat Organizer for Kids with Touchscreen Tablet Holder, Neoprene Water Bottle Pockets

Our next two options are on the descending price stairway.

This organizer by DMoose has plenty of pockets, for nearly every conceivable option a kid could want.

Pen holders, toy holders, an iPad holder and multiple drink holders. Your child might feel like they’re driving in first class. 

DMoose offers a lifetime guarantee on this product. Its also made of polyester, so it’ll stand up to spills just fine. There are two attachment points. The headrest loop on top and an additional midway loop halfway down.

They both use buckles, and it will keep it sitting sturdy. But, the mid stabilizer comes with an issue. The buckle sits right across the rear end of you in the front seat. We wish they had used an elastic solution for this with comfort in mind.

Besides that caveat, it’s a good setup with some minor issues. 

4. Backseat Organizer, Extra Large Size, Car Organizer for Kids

First of all, this is probably the favorite brand name we’ve come across in a while. The Tidy Ridy is a steal of a deal.

They don’t use any mesh in this design, which might be a plus for you. Mesh tends to stretch over time.

It is the most affordable option that we featured, and surprisingly it holds up well with higher priced items. This uses two points to stay put. The usual headrest loop and the midback loop.

If you have an issue with this, they have their own customer service team that will help you out. Generally, customers are very happy with this option. They also have an additional design called the “trunk organizer” which is basically an extension of this, sewn together. 


Are there other good ways to stay organized?

Yes, you could consider a console organizer to give you some more division of space. FORTEM also has a nice trunk organizer that is worth a second look. 

The main benefit of a seat organizer is accessibility. You or your kids can reach over and easily grab whatever you need. If you just want more space in your car then the trunk idea will work great. 

Should I buy something with mesh pockets or normal pockets?

That depends if you want your children to be able to reach things easier. Mesh has the weakness of being able to rip easily, but it’s also much easier for a child to retrieve and put back things in it. A tighter woven pocket will be more durable, but it’s also a bit harder to grab and put things back.

These are minor issues but it might be important to some. 


Hopefully, this guide has helped you narrow down your search in the sea of options of car seat organizers. The best thing about these is that they’re generally inexpensive. If you’re not happy with one, you could find another option without breaking the bank.

All four of these are good value buys. With the Think Clean being a great choice for working professionals and the Tidy Ridy being a bargain buy. 

If you end up getting organized with a choice from this guide, come back and let us know how it worked out. And most importantly, how it held up! We love hearing from our readers.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck on your search. 


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