The 4 Best Side Steps for Trucks

If you have a truck that’s a little high off the ground, a side step is right up your alley. 

It’ll give you that extra push to make getting into your truck a comfortable experience, and there are plenty of quality choices available.

We took a look at some universal options to fit most vehicles. At the end of this guide we have a helpful video and links about installation.

Let’s take a look at the 4 best side steps for your trucks:

1. Bully AS-600 Polished Aluminum Side Steps

This is the most popular model of all, by bully. For an affordable price, they include two polished aluminum steps

It’s cast from a single piece of aluminum. There are no welds or weak points in this design thanks to their manufacturing process. 

You get two color options with Bully, the standard aluminum or a black powder coated version. Overall, it checks several boxes and is a great bang for your buck. They’re proud of their 30 day guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with it.

This has a lightly textured anti-slip surface. The mounting hardware and instructions are included. However, the one gripe customers tend to have of this product is against the quality of the included screws. You may want to purchase them separately. 

2. RBP RBP-R1S1001R Universal Hoop Step-Black

RBP has a heavy-duty design with this universal hoop step

Something to note, this is only one step and it’s not sold in a pair. If you like this design, make sure to order two. 

A separate traction plate is drilled into the aluminum design to give you extra traction. 

There is an all black design and a mixed aluminum with black plating design. This is rated up to 350 lbs and hardware is included. There are no welds in this one either. This is pretty light, at less than 4 lbs.

By far the biggest complaint was that people assumed they’d be receiving this in a pair. Otherwise, it’s a solid choice. 


3. N-FAB JPTS32 Textured Black RKR Rails

N-Fab has a more jagged design than we’re used to seeing for side steps, and we like it. 

Yes, they’re a bit more expensive than competitors but they’re also a very well made set.  

You do get two of these for the price. Included with a lifetime structural warranty and a 5-year finish warranty. That’s something competitors in this space don’t offer. Mostly because aluminum isn’t the strongest material known to man.

What’s the big plus here? well, there’s no drilling required. These will fit into the same mounting holes as your factory rock rails if you have a compatible vehicle. 

In other cases, installation can be a bit of a pain, but it’s worth checking out if these work with your ride to save yourself some elbow grease.

4. Carr 103991 Hoop II XP3 Black Powder Coat

The Carr hoop powder coated side steps are another pair of cast aluminum steps.

They do come with a limited lifetime warranty as well as general praise from their customer base. 

Though not as popular as Bully’s offering, these offer a different look at a slightly higher price. The textured surface is standard on side steps and these are no different, although it’s very minimal. 

Brackets and hardware are included with this, and yes you will have to drill.


How to install side steps on your truck

Firstly, Bully has a great guide here to help you install their kit or similar ones. In essence, you will need to drill into the rocker panel under your truck. To do this you must measure properly so that you save yourself some headaches. 

This video below is a visual guide to give a better idea of what we mean. There are also different mounting channels to use depending on your truck. Most universal steps include different options to make sure you have a snug fit.

As mentioned in the video, you’ll need to drill a pilot hole with a 1/8th bit, and then use a 3/8th to send it through for the first two holes. This is an intermediate installation, so expect it to take some time if you’re not using a bolt-on option. 

Why should I get a truck step?

For one, it makes it easier on the knees getting in and out of the vehicle. If you or anyone you know has ever been affected by a sore knee, then you don’t want to experience that again. 

Lots of times, stepping into a truck that’s a bit high off the ground can be a slight struggle. Age, height, or other factors can complicate it. So, having a solution to reduce strain is a great idea. 


Side steps are a great addition to anyone who wants to make getting into their truck a bit easier. We took a look at several popular and reputable brands, in terms of budget we think Bully’s side steps provide the best overall value.

There are many decent options for a bit more money as well if you prefer a different design. Whatever you choose, let us know how it worked out for you and good luck on your search!


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