The 7 Best Steering Wheel Covers for Jeeps!

Are you looking to get your palms on something delicious?

Slap those sweaty bad boys on a fresh steering wheel cover and mark your territory!

Let’s take a look at the 7 best steering wheel covers for your Jeep:

1. Jeep Steering Auto Wheel Cover With Fancy Jeep Key Chain

This steering wheel cover is a authentic Jeep product, so you don’t have to worry about it fitting!

It comes with a cute Jeep key chain (hey who doesn’t need another one?).

It’s made from synthetic leather, your Jeep cover protects your steering wheel from wear and tear.

Look for the Elite model over the Premium. The Premium have only 3 sections, while the Elite have 6, only three of which have a logo and the other three are perforated for comfort.

2. New Diamond Leather Steering Wheel Cover

The New Diamond Leather Steering Wheel Cover is one of the best jeep steering wheels you will find at this price.

Plus, it has received literally thousands of 5-star reviews. It’s made from Microfiber leather that moderates the steering wheel temperature and offers hassle-free installation (basically slip it on and go).

 The cover breaths well and absorbs sweat while also protecting your Jeep’s steering wheel. They look fantastic with two styles and numerous colors that are sure to please. It’s a little bit of luxury on a peasant’s budget.

The manufacturer offers 100% money back for 18 months if problems occur in the design, material, or workmanship.

3. Valleycomfy Universal 15 inch Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover with Black

It’s a soft leather, odor free, and skid proof (you want a reliable grip). Consumers report they love the color scheme. It resists heat absorption and has a solid 4+ rating out of five stars.

The only issue is that it does not go on easily. But anything worth having in life takes effort or something like that.

Recommendations for improving your installation process include warming the cover and treating it with leather oil.

4. Bell Automotive 22-1-97114-9 Universal Baja Blanket Hyper-Flex Core Steering Wheel Cover

If you love the southwest feel and designs, there are three offered. The construction on this cover is lightweight, and they are odor free.

5. BOKIN Steering Wheel Cover, Microfiber Leather and Viscose, Breathable, Anti-Slip, Odorless, Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer, Universal 15 Inches

The Bokin steering wheel cover has a fantastic grip.

It’s made in a silicon honeycomb shape, and looks like dragon scales (how cool is that?).

Consumers report this cover is well-made and durable. The cover won’t skid and it’s heat resistant.

Your hands won’t freeze at first touch in the winter, or feel burnt on a hot summer day. Installation requires no tools, but follow the directions carefully.

6. Universal Size AXX Wheelskins Original One Color Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers

Owners appreciate the the feel as well as the fact that it doesn’t “bulk up” the steering wheel of your Jeep. Like some other leather products, use a little leather conditioner before installing for pliability.

7. Zone Tech Car Steering Wheel 12V Heated Cover - Classic Black Premium Quality Ultra Comfortable 12V Vehicle Heated Wheel Protector

People who live in regions where they deal with cold weather might want a solution to keep their paws crispy.

Zone tech’s cover can help you feel the burnnnn. 

Heating steering wheel covers are a thing, and we offer it to you for a change of pace. To be frank, most of them have quality issues BUT if you really want to give a try we commend you soldier. 

FAQ Section

Measuring your Steering Wheel before Buying

Many steering wheels are standard sizes, but you can easily measure yours at home before you shop. Start with the diameter (one side to the other). Average sizes are from 14-7.5 inches.

Then measure the thickness of the wheel. Use a tape measure around the wheel grip. These average between 2-4.5 inches.

Since most listings for steering wheel covers include both of these measurements, you are well ahead of the game. Finally, once you’ve made such complicated measurements purchase a tool belt to start your next endeavor. 

Why is a steering wheel cover so amazing?

Are you serious, why would you ask me this? Okay here we go.

Did you know wheel covers increase safety? A textured grip helps you maintain control if you have a blowout, or when you’re driving in bad weather.

They’re cool in hot seasons, and warm in cold seasons. A Jeep steering wheel cover will reduce driver fatigue over long drives if you choose one with a flexible fabric (memory foam works).

Do you have any tips for me before I go buy one to change my life?

The best Jeep steering wheel cover is one that FEELS good when you grip it. If you’re taking long road trips, this is even more important.

Conclusion Section

We hope we’ve blown your mind with our steering wheel cover guide! Your Jeep can be protected a little bit more with one of these sweet additions.

If you end up grabbing one, let us know how it worked out. And thank you for stopping by 🙂


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