The 4 Best Sun Shades for Jeep Wrangler

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The sun brings us warmth but it also makes my eyes squinty, and when you’re a person who burns instead of tans – good shade is a necessity. We don’t want our skin to fry, do we? 

Thankfully there are sun shades for Jeeps if you still want to enjoy the elements. After all, the wind flowing through your hair is a spa treatment of its own. 

So we went on a search to find some good coverage. A sunshade should be easy to put on, durable, and most importantly do a good job at shielding us from those rays. It’s important to keep in mind that if it’s a mesh top it won’t block 100% of the sun because of the small holes – but it will block the majority of it. 

Here are the 4 best sunshades for Jeep Wranglers available: 

Alien Sunshade Jeep Wrangler Top

The Alien Sunshade for Jeep Wranglers is a breathable option for drivers who would like to keep their top open without the sun. It’s a mesh design that’s breathable. You can attach it in a few minutes with the supplied bungee cords.

It’s not going to cost as much as other options and it has a ton of variations. Surprisingly for the how cheap it is, it’s a pretty good quality and will last a while. You can get pretty much any color you want, it has 27 different styles. If you’re American or Canadian, they have flag designs for both countries. You can leave this on and still close the top.

Their warranty is for 10 years, but it’s only against manufacturer defects. Kind of hard to say how reliable that’s going to be, you’ll be able to tell when you open it up if anything is wrong so it’s not a big selling point. 

This will work on 2 and 4 door Jeeps. If you’re looking for an affordable option and you want some different colors to set you apart – it’s a good choice. It won’t be fully flush to all the sides of your Jeeps top. 

There are little gaps, but not anywhere that sun would be directly on you. If you have a 4 door this only fits the front. Alien Sunshade is the dominant player in this category and their reviews are very positive overall. 

Spiderwebshade Mesh Shade With UV Protection

The Spiderwebshade Jeep Wranglers top is a great option for owners of JKUs with 4 doors. A continuous piece of cover is more appealing to some than strapping 2 separate covers over the front and back. 

They offer a 5-year warranty on the product and 11 different color variations. Our eyes lit up with choices, a color to match us perfectly. Nearly all shades are attached using bungee ties and this is no different – install should be a breeze. 

The cool thing about Spiderwebshade is that they have other lines of products for Jeeps and they’re color matched. If you buy one thing and decide you want to match it with this model – it’ll be the same. We just wish their name wasn’t so long. 

You’ll be able to keep this on with the factory top and it’s good quality design. If you have a 4 door and need cover for all your seats, this has to be high on the list. The knock for us was that its a little pricey compared to some other 2 door options. But when factoring in the length that this covers it ends up about the same. Purchasing two separate shades would cost more.

With the price, you can be happy to be supporting a USA based company that actually manufactures it’s products here. They’re based out of Florida. 

Rugged Ridge Sun Shade

The Rugged Ridge sun shade is one the most affordable options on the list for Jeep Owners. This will fit your 2 door just fine and like others in its class you can use it with a soft or hard top. When you don’t want it on your jeep they included a carry bag that you can fold it up in to store. 

This only comes in two colors and the other options have way more variations, but if you like red or black it will save you money. Black goes with pretty much everything. Plus, Rugged Ridge is a well known company for Jeep aftermarket parts, and people are happy with the price and quality of this shade. 

They included a 5-year warranty, we’re not big on long warranties on some companies because you’re not sure if they’ll disappear. But with this brand you know they’ll be around that long with a full line of products. It’ll work on 2 and 4 door Jeeps. 

Tesin Jeep Sun Shade

The Tesin Mesh Sun Shade for Jeep JKU 4-Doors is the cheapest option available. It only comes in one style, but if you like it then you’re going to be happy. There isn’t a warranty on this product but that doesn’t mean it’s inferior.

The materials and installation is similar to the other shades. It’s made for 4 door Jeeps, we like the star design.This is the best value buy on the list, the only thing is that Tesin hasn’t been around as long as other companies in the Jeep market. But hey, a good product is a good product. 

One thing is to be careful with the bungee cords – if you put too much strain on them they can break. 

Do you need a sunshade for your Jeep?

Maybe, depends on where you live or how often you travel to sunny places. In Arizona, something like this is a necessity and not an option if you travel without your roof. But, everywhere has summer and most of these are pretty affordable so it’s just something nice to have. 

As for how to install these – all the options listed here will take less than ten minutes. No drilling or worrying about tools, just bungees and some Velcro. 


Getting a sunshade will allow you to travel with the top down without needing sunglasses or having to lurch forward just to keep the sun out of your eyes. It’s good to enjoy the outdoors and buying one of these will help. There are still little spaces bugs could fit through though, free snacks!

We hope this helped you pick out something for your Jeep Wrangler, if it did let us know which one you purchased and how it performed. 

Stay safe Jeepers 🙂


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