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The 3 Best Sway Bar Quick Disconnects for Jeep JKs

Disconnecting the sway bars on your Jeep JK is a big help for offroading. 

It improves something called the articulation of your wheel. Basically that means your suspension is freed up to allow each wheel to travel up and down more. 

This maintains contact with the ground, giving you better traction and helping for offroading purposes. There is a great explanation here by an automotive youtuber. 

With that quick explanation, let’s look at the best Sway Bar Disconnects for your Jeep JK:

1. JKS 2034 Front Swaybar Quicker Disconnect System for Jeep JK

Fit: 2007-2015 Jeep JK

Let’s start with one of the highest rated items in the category.

This quick disconnect front swaybar by JKS is going to cost you a bit more, but customers rave about it’s quality. 

This is made in the USA and uses click pins to disengage. These are designed with lift kits of 2.5″-6″ in mind. If you have a stock Wrangler, it won’t be the right part for you.

But not to worry, they have another option for stock. The #2030 model. You can get that here

Adding one of these will give you about 30% more articulation for your suspension. Which is going to help a lot when you’re climbing that bumpy hill. 

2. Adjustable Front Swaybar Quicker Disconnect System Replace for JKS #2034

Fit: Jeep JKS 2007-2018 and Wrangler Unlimited

To note, yet again you will need 2.5″-6″ of lift to use these.

However, this pair from State Warehouse is in the mid range of pricing for this product. And it’s going to save you some money if you were looking at the JKS brand. 

Why are these cheaper? Well, it’s not a pair of real JKS like we listed above. But, this company has tried their best at “imitating” that product for a cheaper cost.

This is the result, and generally customers are happy. But, some did feel mislead by the description. That’s why we’re here, to set you straight!

3. Rough Country Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnects

Fit: 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JKs

Rough Country is perhaps one of the most well-known aftermarket part creators for Jeeps. 

In nearly every category the results are the same, a good product and price point. 

It is the same story here, and one of the most affordable options available. Yet, they didn’t sacrifice quality. 

This is a steel polished metal build. Something to note is to make sure you select the right size for your lift kit. These are not compatible with the stock suspension of 0-2 inches.

Anything between 2.5-6 inches they have options for. One of our favorite things about the Rough Country brand is that they have a lifetime warranty across a range of products, including these. 

FAQ Section

Does this mean I will need an alignment?

No, the sway bar just allows your suspension to have an increased vertical travel. If you were getting something like your control arms replaced, then you would need an alignment.

Not this though, but as a note reengage these on perfectly level ground. Electrical sway bar systems won’t even allow owners to connect them again until they’re level. This is so you’re not leaning over to one side while driving etc. 

How long do sway bars take to install?

This is dependent on user skill, but generally anywhere from 2-5 hours. With most people trending in the 2 to 3 hour range. 

Conclusion Section

Hopefully, we’ve helped you pick out the brand for your Jeep JK. Keep in mind that nearly all of these require your vehicle to have a lift kit first, but there are some stock options.

Like the 2030 model from JKS. 

If you end up purchasing something from our recommendations, let us know how it turned out. And if you have an offroad vehicle and would like to be featured on Beast Auto.

Have fun shopping!