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The 4 Best Tire Deflators

Looking to up your off road game? Getting a set of tire deflators makes things quick and simple to get you to the perfect PSI!

You can have a set number you like your tires at and just screw them in. Then walk away – they’ll stop when they get to the right PSI.

It’s a simple process that saves you the most valuable asset in your day, time.  

So let’s take a look at the 4 best tire deflators available: 

1. Coyote Automatic Tire Deflators, 4 to 56 PSI, 4 Pack

Our favorite set on the market are these Coyote Automatic Tire Deflators. 

They’re not the most affordable in this guide, but they do have one of the widest ranges of adjustable PSIs. 

And with 4 included pieces, your offroad experience is going to be a great time. 

This brand has consistently high ratings for both the quality of the craftsmanship and the preset PSI remaining accurate when checked with a gauge. If you find your vehicle has a certain sweet-spot for your offroad adventures, then you’ll be happy with this pickup. 

And to wrap it up there are a few key points with this set that in our mind, makes it a superior value. First, there’s a lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong, you’ll get an easy exchange. Secondly, this isn’t some huge company from another country, it’s made right here in the USA. 

And finally, the springs are made from stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about rust!

2. Staun Automatic Tire Deflators (Standard Duty 6-30 PSI)

The Staun Automatic Tire Deflators are well.. automatic. That’s the point.

You can adjust these to the PSI of your choosing, then just set and forget. They have 3 different models covering PSIs between 1 all the way up to 55.

If you’d like your tires to be anywhere in that range and want an automatic option, you can get that with these. They’re made in Australia from solid brass. These are on the higher end of the price bracket than most competitors and that’s the major drawback in our eyes. Coyote squeezes them out with a larger range of adjustable PSIs. 

But, if you’re a fan of the brand or like the design better then they’re a suitable choice for a bit more money. 

The product we’ve linked to here covers the 6-30 PSI range, make sure to select the range that suits you best on the product page. 

3. Boulder Tools All New Heavy Duty Rapid Tire Deflator Kit with Valve Caps, Valve Cores & 4-in-1 Tire Valve Tool

Boulder Tools has a very affordable tire deflator kit.

If you are looking for something affordable and you’re not too keen on automatic deflators, this will do it.

It does have a very solid construction, but it also has a lot of parts to worry about losing.

For simplicity sake, it might not be the best but they have a solid reputation and top it off with a 1 year warranty. It comes in a handy carrying case as well. Although we prefer their automatic deflators below if you’re going for something in this price range. 

4. Boulder Tools Tire Deflators and 80 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge - Adjustable, Automatic for car, Truck, Motorcycle

Boulder tools has a really nice budget buy deflator set if you want brass hardware and cash in your pocket. 

We also really like that they’ve included some extra goodies in this set. Including the carrying case, gauge and other accessories. 

They offer a warranty as well, it’s a one year-limited. Which can’t really compete with some stronger warranties on this list, but those stronger warranty products can’t compete with this price!

FAQ Section

I want a very small set of tire deflators, what do you recommend?

There are actually tire deflators small enough to fit on your keychain. They don’t have all the bells and whistles like the options above, but they’re a great addition in a pinch. You can take a look at them here. 

I've got tire deflators, what's a good product to pump my tires back up with?

After you’ve got your tires to the right pressure and finished through with your fun for the day, you might want a reliable inflator pump to get you back up to road worthy pressures. 

We recommend perhaps the most popular product we’ve ever seen, the EPAuto tire inflator. It’s at a good price, and has proven that it’s reliable to thousands of customers. 

How do tire deflators help?

When you’re driving around every day on paved roads, it helps to have your tires pumped up to the recommended PSI. It saves you gas, and it’s easier on your car. Once you decide to go offroad and start dealing with uneven surfaces, deflating your tires gives them a bit more slack to sink into something.

For an example, let’s imagine you’re trying to drive over a large branch. Your tires are pumped up though, and when you can’t make it – they start to spin. As your tires rub against the branch there is no give, and they do not conform to the shape of the object they’re trying to move past.

In the same example, let’s imagine you have properly deflated tires. You approach the branch and instead of your tires spinning against the object – the slack provided by less air allows your tire to “grip” the form it needs to overcome. 

As you can see this is a huge advantage when it comes to offroading. 

Conclusion Section

Automatic tire deflators are neat, but they do cost quite a bit more than single piece kits. The Billet deflator kit is our favorite when we considered overall value. Also we like all the things they have going on in their picture…

A quick note about automatic deflators is that you don’t necessarily need 4 of them. By the time you put all four on your first tire might already be deflated. They can be bought individually and we’ve seen some offroaders suggest that they only needed two. It’ll be more affordable to buy a couple instead of a set. 

Let us know if you pick up something from this list and how it worked out for you! Good luck on your search and we appreciate you stopping by.