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The 4 Best Tire Repair Kits

Getting a flat tire is something that has happened to most drivers at one time or the other.

It’s just part of probability with things on the roads. But, being prepared with a tire kit can help you get moving in a hurry. 

Thankfully, there are many different options of kits and a lot of them are put together well. We took a look at the most consistently praised products to put together this guide for you.

Let’s look at the 4 best tire repair kits:

1. Boulder Tools - Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit

Best Overall Value

Out of all regular style tire repair kits, Boulder Tools has the best selling option currently.

In terms of overall value, quality, and price this kit will check all the boxes for your tire repair needs. 

In total, there are 56 separate pieces included. If you are in need of a heavy duty option or even for the regular daily driver, you can have faith that this will last you for years. They’ve included 30 plugs as well.

This option and our number 4 choice are in a tier of their own in terms of quality of tools included. They didn’t skimp at all, which you can see pretty easily from a quick glance. The solid metal design of the tire plugger should inspire confidence!

There is also a booklet to give you instructions in your time of need and their pliers aren’t just a cheap throw in. They’ll stand up to abuse. This kit comes with a one year warranty. 

2. Slime 1034-A T-Handle Tire Plug Kit 2 PACK

Need a quick and easy solution before switching out your tire? 

While this isn’t the heavy duty option, is it the most affordable. This 8 piece kit from Slime will help you in a pinch.

Included are 5 tire plugs, the Slime rubber cement, a plugger, and reamer. There are no pliers and if we’re being real, the tire plugs are meh compared to other options.

But, if someone wants a CHEAP way to get themselves to the tire dealer then it is something that will help. It’s definitely better than having no kit at all. Some customers buy this, and pliers separately to assemble a kit themselves. 

The benefit is, it’s really small so perhaps if you don’t like the bigger tire plug kits this would work.  With that said, if you’re looking for an option for an ATV we can recommend this with more confidence.

Overall it’ll get the job done with obvious shortcomings. 

3. Stop & Go 1075 Tire Repair

Have you ever wanted to feel like you’re in a NASCAR pit crew with how fast you can fix a tire?

We’ll vouch for “probably” and with this trigger style kit, you can look forward to seeing how fast you’ll plug the problem.

The only thing it’s missing is a pair of pliers that you will need to buy separately. But, outside of that there are many happy customers that speak to its design.

To see it in action, you can check out the video below. To note, this is a temporary fix and you should replace the tire after using it. It comes in a carrying pouch and includes 25 plugs that you hopefully won’t have to use.

These mushroom style plugs will expand once you push them inside the tire wall, leaving a tight seal. It’s an innovative design for sure but for its price range it would be nice if there was more included in the kit(like pliers).


4. ARB 10000011 Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit (Universal)

ARB is a well-known brand in the vehicle accessory market. Their reputation precedes them, in a good way.

This kit is on a similar tier to the Boulder Tools option we displayed at the #1 spot. They’ve included 40 tire plugs with this bad boy. 

Their pliers aren’t as heavy-duty though but it is a trade off in parts here. Their tire gauge is better and their reamer/plugger is top notch. We also like the organization of this kit better as small pieces are kept in a separate container.

In our opinion, the difference between this model and the Boulder Tools model is so slim that the decision should be made on price. They’re both good. 



I get flat tires a lot, is there anything I can do?

To be honest, there are two particularly annoying parts of driving. One, is getting a windshield crack when you’re commuting and two is a flat tire.

Tires can be more susceptible to flats if they have thin treading or improper PSI. First check to may sure your tire pressure meets the proper specifications. If that’s the case then it may be time to change your entire set of tires.

Should I add anything else to my tire kit?

If you want a full kit, you can add an air compressor. After plugging your tire, you will have probably lost a decent amount of air. So topping it up will give you peace of mind.

There are many portable air compressors available, with this model being our recommendation. You can plug that into a lighter socket plug in your vehicle. 


Hopefully, we’ve helped you make up your mind on a good tire kit for your vehicle. We tried to show you the different types of tire kits available, with the most common styles being our #1 and #4 choice.

We think the Boulder Tools kit has an advantage over most options, but these will all get you out of trouble in a pinch. The only thing you may want to add to a kit to make it “complete” is a tire compressor, which would help people who live in more rural areas especially.

If you choose something from this list, be sure to come back and let us know how it worked out for you. We love to hear from our readers, and good luck on your search!


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