The 8 Tool Boxes for Your Truck – Gainfully Employed Edition

We see you there, with a job. Flashing it in our face while we take a bath in our tub filled with tears.

But it’s okay, we get it. You need a toolbox. You’re in need, and we’re here to help!

There are plenty of options when it comes to keeping your tools safe and the main choice of material is between steel and aluminum. 

You can also wrap a cardboard box in aluminum foil for an affordable alternative. Tape for the sides. 

Let’s take a look at the 8 best tool boxes for your truck:

1. Montezuma – SM200B – 22.5-Inch Portable TRIANGLE Toolbox – Heavy-Duty Steel Construction – Metric and SAE Storage Chest – Weather-Resistant Toolbox – Lock and Latching System

Montezuma was once a ruler of the Aztec empire. But we’re sure he’s happy to be immortalized in a tool box.

Useful, well-reviewed, the cheiftan lives on. We put this to the top of the list because of it’s design. 

The innovative slanted side wall makes it a lot easier to stay organized than traditional tool boxes. And we are on the bandwagon of thinking this design will become much more common in the future. 

What’s the downside to this box? Well, you will frequently find it sold out! Not even joking. One more knock is that this is geared towards socket twisters and not general tool box usage though.

2. Better Built 73210285 Truck Tool Box

Better Built has managed overall to live up to their brand name with a wide array of products. Including this tool box

This locking toolbox has an obtuse taper at each end to rest horizontally across your truck bed. 

A great feature added to some boxes that we see here is they have a pneumatic shock to help it open. That means you won’t have to struggle lifting a heavy lift, you can use one hand to get this thing free. 

Make sure you get a clamp kit to keep this secure in your bed. It is made of aluminum and will hold up to the elements well.

3. Buyers Products Black Steel Underbody Truck Box w/ T-Handle Latch (18x18x36 Inch)

If you actually didn’t buy the full set of Snap On tools like you told your friends and need a place to hide them in shame, we have an option for you.

Mount your truck box below! No one will get a peek as you grab your goods in secrecy. 

In all seriousness, this steel body box should hold up to wear and tear. The main complaint customers have is iffy shipping. You can mount this on a flat bed if you like the look. 

4. ARKSEN 30 Inch Aluminum Trailer Tool Box Chest box Pickup Truck Bed Storage Toolboxes Organizer Side Handle, Lock w/ 2 Keys, Silver

You look at us, the price, at the box and then back to us. We get it, it’s a shocker. This thing is affordable.

And it’s a well-received option. Sometimes we have a habit of associating cheap quality with low price, but you must fight the urge!

And to be fair there are heavier duty options out there, but no one scratches the value to price ratio that ARKSEN has managed to achieve. Need something affordable to get you through? This is it. 

5. Dee Zee DZ8546 46" Red Label Utility Chest

You’ve probably heard of Dee Zee before if you are seeking out accessories for your truck.

From bed mats, to latches, to tool boxes. They have a lot going on and a generally solid reputation.

This Red Label chest is one of their longer options at 46 inches. 

Solid welds, solid price, and arrives in good condition most of the time. That’s something you’ll want to check up on before ordering one of these. Packaging makes a huge difference when shipping an item that is susceptible to dents.

And aluminum does have that vulnerability. 

6. Rubbermaid ActionPacker️ 48 Gal Lockable Storage Bin, Industrial, Rugged Large Storage Container with Lid

Ah yes, plastic. If you’re looking for something super lightweight and affordable, the ActionPacker might meet your needs.

This isn’t going to hold heavy duty tools well, but if you have a lightweight sets that are neatly secured then this should last you just fine. 

Of course one of the main reasons people use metallic boxes is because you can’t just cut them open and take everything. If you have room in your cab, or are looking for other storage, it can work just fine. 

7. Dee Zee DZ8537B 37" Red Label Utility Chest

Dee Zee back at it again! This smaller box has the dark aesthetic which is all the rage these days. 

It has nearly the same build design, and same thickness of aluminum as our #5 option. 

The black powder coating should keep fresh for many years to come and the gasket seal will keep  moisture out. 

8. STKUSA Stark 36-Inch Aluminum Truck Underbody Flatbox Pickup Tool Box RV ATV Trailer Storage Lock with Keys

Finally we go back to the underbody tool box. STKUSA has an affordable option for those of you who want out of the way storage.

This has a gasket seal to keep moisture out. A common issue things have as they’re stored lower is that darn gravity dragging moisture down.

You should be good with that added feature in this case. 

If you just need an affordable all purpose tool box this can hit that void as well. Overall this is a great value. 

FAQ Section

The option I want is sold out, will it be back in stock?

The way shipping words with Amazon makes it very expensive for suppliers to hold larger items in their warehouse. You might have luck checking back in a week or so when they restock a few units at a time. 

Aluminum vs Steel. Which is better for my box?

The main reason people prefer aluminum in tool boxes is that it’s lighter than steel and will not rust. If you plan on leaving your tool box in your truck bed and live in a place that gets a lot of rain, it’s a possibility that rust could happen eventually. 

But if you prefer the heavy duty nature of steel, you just have to take extra care to make sure you have no bare metal exposed to elements. Grabbing tools tends to scrape paint or other coverings off over time, so as long as you’re mindful you should be good. 

How do I know I’m getting a quality tool box?

Do they have a warranty? And secondly, what are people saying about the quality of their welds? The second point is the most common complaint we see. Poorly welded mass produced boxes might sell at a lower price point, but they will leave people unhappy after a short while. 

Conclusion Section

Hey there, tool box seeking person. We hope this guide has given you a look at some choices that make you lick your chops. There’s aluminum, steel, above boxes, below boxes, so many options.

And for us, we’re partial to the Montezuma. Is it because like typing the name? Okay probably somewhat, but it’s also a pretty nice deal. For general purpose boxes the Better Built option hits our fancy.

If you end up grabbing one of these choices, come back and let us know how it worked out. Or even another recommendation. And thank you for stopping by! 


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