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The 4 Best Trailer Hitch Locks

Trailers cost a lot of money, so keeping yours protected is probably on the top of your bucket list.

There are a few ways to do that, and a common one is using a trailer hitch lock!

We recommend adding a wheel chock as well, or any other deterrent you might find worthy. But, a lock is a great start and there are plenty of quality options available.

Let’s look at the 4 Best Trailer Hitch Locks available:

1. REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock, Adjustable Storage Security

Fit: 1-⅞”, 2”, and 2-5/16” couplers

This lock by REESE goes by the name of the towpower. It also is by far the best selling product in this category.

It has an aluminum body, and the actual bar is made of steel. For the price, this is a good value.

A downside of this lock is that aluminum is a weaker metal, and the body is hollow. That’s why we stress that this is mainly a deterrent. Also, the locking mechanism can be fussy.

If you have a trailer in a remote location, you’ll need something a bit heavier duty. But, for one in your backyard, this will do. All locks have their weak points.

2. CURT 23518 Black Trailer Hitch Lock 5/8-Inch Pin Diameter Fits 2-Inch Receiver

Fits: 2-Inch Trailer Hitch

If you have the standard 2 inch trailer hitch, you’re in luck. This innovative design actually does its job.

CURT made this hitch pin lock out of steel. Which is a lot harder to get through than aluminum. 

The actual lock just sits under the dust cap. Simply pop it up like a Pringles can and use your key. Then you’re on your way. This fits in the 5/8 inch hole found in most receivers.

If you have a double walled hitch receiver, it won’t work. So make sure to check on that before ordering. Besides the end cap being designed to keep dust out, it also shields the mechanism from water. 

To to it off it’s powder coated to hopefully make it last a long time while exposed to the elements. 

3. Connor Trailer Hitch Lock - 5/8" Black Nickel Hitch Pin for Class III, IV, V Hitches, 1615190 Receiver Lock

Fit: 2-Inch Trailer Hitch, additionally they sell sizing for all options

Does this look eerily similar to you? Curt and Connor use the same design principles for their locks.

This design by Connor has some notable differences though, which made it worthy to include.

For one, it’s a bit more affordable. Something we don’t like is that they didn’t choose to powder coat it.

But, they have a unique locking mechanism. It clicks into place when you use it and when you want to release it you don’t need to leave the key inserted. They call this their “auto-lock” feature.

They’ve used a rubber grip for the lock and end cap, which should keep the mechanism clear from the elements. If you’re looking to save money and get a decent lock, there is really nothing out there that competes with this. Which is why they sell like hot cakes. 

4. Master Lock 377KA Trailer Hitch Lock, Fits 1-7/8 in., 2 in., and Most 2-5/16 in. Trailer Couplers

Fit: 1-7/8 in., 2 in trailer couplers

Master Lock is a long standing brand known to make a decent product.

This hitch lock costs a bit more than other options and part of that is the brand, but the other part is that it’s made of Zinc.

Zinc is a weather resistant metal, similar to aluminum. But, it’s much more hardy. You’ll often see it used in tools. 

If price isn’t a determining factor for you, this might be a better investment than the REESE lock.


Are these coupler locks foolproof? 

No! But you probably already know that. With the advent of portable angle grinders and more tutorials than ever on lockpicking available, nothing is really safe. You should only be using these locks as a deterrent. 

You could double up the system by adding a trailer wheel lock. The whole goal is to make this as tedious as possible for a savvy thief. Here is a highly rated wheel lock customers seem to like. 


Hopefully, this guide helped you to check out popular options and make an informed buying decision. As long as you look at a lock as a deterrent, and not an impenetrable fortress of security, you’ll be fine.

We recommend doubling up on the security to make a thieves life as hard as possible. There is nothing as heart wrenching of having something you worked hard for taken from under you. 

With that said, we liked the CURT hitch-pin lock. 

But, there are plenty of options here to choose from! If you end up getting something from this guide, come back and let us know how it worked out. We love to hear from our readers.

Good luck on your search!