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The 4 Best Trailer Tongue Boxes

If you have a trailer and you’re looking for easy access to tools or whatever else you may need, a tongue box is a great idea. 

It’s built to augment your storage, without getting in the way of whatever you’re hauling. 

There are several options out there. We all want to get the most bang for our buck, and that’s what this guide is about.

So, let’s look at the 4 best trailer tongue boxes:

1. Trailer Tongue Box Larger 2.75 Cu Ft. Safeguard

Haul Master has this blacked out trailer box that holds a decent amount of volume. 

And yes, it includes the mounting hardware.  

It ranks high on our list in terms of price to value. It’s one of the most affordable options here. Although no users have reported rust, something to note is that it is made of steel. 

Aluminum will usually hold up better to water. If your trailer is painted black and you’d like to forgo a silver box glistening in the sun, this is a good choice.

It also has a piston hinge on one side to help you with retrieving your gear. It does have a lock as well to keep things safe.  

2. Lund 6134T 21-Inch Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Box

Aluminum construction is what we like to see for anything exposed to the outdoors, and Lund has chosen it for their heavy-duty design

They will almost always be more expensive though. 

Lund’s locking trailer box includes a limited-lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. We’re not sure why there are two items pictured in their product photo, but only one will be included if you purchase.

Something you may be pleased to hear is it’s made right here in the USA. Something you may not be pleased to hear is it does not include mounting hardware. But, that’s common in this category. 

The seams are welded and the opening is about 11 inches. It’s pretty light too, at only about 25 lbs. 

3. Dee Zee DZ91717P Poly Triangle Trailer Box

Herein lies the most affordable option of all.

Dee Zee decided to make a box out of hard plastic instead of the usual metal choices. And people love it. 

All products from Dee Zee are made in the USA, this one included. This does include a limited lifetime warranty. The hatch is lockable, but you will have to buy your own padlock for it.

Mounting hardware is provided, but the self-tapping screws are an issue for some. You may want to go out and get your own. For how affordable this is, it’s a great value with a couple things that you may want to improve on.

Our main recommendation is to add some weatherstripping along the top of the lid to create a better seal. 

4. Better Built 66212322 Utility Trailer Tongue Tool Box

Better Built has a black aluminum design for your eyes to feast on.

The seams are welded and there is a gasket to help keep out moisture. 

This has a central hinge and opens to nearly 90 degrees. There is a mounting kit included with this purchase. This is going to be one of the pricier options available. But, it checks all the boxes of a long lasting design. 


What do people use their trailer tongue for?

That depends on what you’re hauling in your trailer. For some it can be tools, tie downs, and for others it can be fishing gear. It’s a good place to store your bait or fish after a day on the water to save your ride from soaking up those smells. 

Will I have to drill into my trailer to mount my box?

Some trailers have pre-drilled holes, and you can avoid having to do the work. But, for most people you will have to drill into your trailer to attach these. 

Not all options include mounting kits, so making a quick run to buy some hardware may also be in your forecast. 


Hopefully, we helped you to inch your mind closer to an informed decision. The thing about tool boxes is you can go really light with aluminum or really heavy with steel. 

There are also a few options made of plastic nowadays. If you want something that feels heavy-duty and doesn’t dent easily, steel may be your best bet. 

A lot of concerns with aluminum products are that they dent easily, and that is usually true. The sheet metal for aluminum tends to be pretty thin. 

When it comes to overall value, we find it hard to beat Dee Zee’s option. With their warranty and price point, it’s our top pick. 

If you end up grabbing something from our guide, let us know how it worked out for you. Good luck on your hunt!


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