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The 3 Best Truck Bed Bike Racks

The 3 best truck bed bike racks

Truck bed bike racks are a great addition to all pickup trucks. They allow utes and trucks to carry bikes without damaging the tub of the vehicle. This is acheived placing a firm protective matt over the tub that also holds the bikes in place. Here is a list of the 3 best truck bed bike racks. 

Let's have a look at the best bike racks to suit your truck

SPORTOURO Truck Bike Tailgate Pad

Best Overall

  • Reasonably priced  


  • Pro-rear camera
  • Versatile carrier


MNJ Motor Tailgate Bike Rack

Budget option

  • good budget option


  • Affordable price
  • Versatile carrier


  • hinder rear camera
MICTUNING Rear Tailgate Pad for Truck

Premium option

  • Great all around option


  • Universal fit
  • Rear cargo access


  • For single bike

A truck bed bike rack accommodates a range of bikes and simply holds them in place with the front wheel of the bike hanging out the back of the truck. They are super easy to install and operate.  

Furthermore, these racks when loaded do not affect the driving experience, they also hold the bikes firm, which prevents any damage to the truck or the bikes. 

These racks are compatible with all kinds of bikes whether they are BMXs, full-suspension bikes or big tyres. Here is the list of the best truck bed bike racks to help you out. Consider the number of bikes, the weight of bikes and also the width of the vehicle which may play a role in selecting your ideal rack.

SPORTOURO Truck Bike Tailgate Pad

This bike rack is a superstar bike rack for keen cyclists as well as occasional riders. It’s a super easy, safe, economical and versatile bike rack. It doesn’t affect the rear camera and doesn’t interfere with the tail lights.
This heavy-duty five-bike tailgate rack is a bonanza for the biker’s community. It is your ticket to become the leader of the pack when you are on the way to memorable vacations, cycling tours and events. This rack does come fairly cheap compared to others given its amazing features. It is the best truck bed bike rack on the market.

This rack was built with durable waterproof material, it has no issue getting wet and can be left in your truck all year round. it also has a opening in the middle to allow room for the rear view camera. 

Unattended bikes on a truck are low hanging fruit for those looking for a five-finger discount (theft). This rack is equipped with industrial-grade eyelets. This allows locking of the rack with a cable lock, ensuring your bikes stay on the back at all times. 
It is an ultra-easy bike rack to install on the truck. It’s ready to be loaded in a couple of minutes. All you need to do is hang it on the tailgate and tighten three wide straps. 

This bike rack is an asset with its versatility. A little imagination makes this rack fit to haul skis, snowboards, surfboards and not to mention a wide array of bikes.  This rack comes clean. It has an abrasion-resistant heavy-PVC protective layer that separates bikes and the tailgate. At 54 inches long, the SPORTOURO truck tailgate protector is wide enough to suit most pickup trucks. 

It is a light-weighted rack of 5 lbs, which is a feat given its load capacity of five bikes. Anti-theft cable-lock-friendly eyelets allow an effortless way to lock the pad to the truck. 

MNJ Motor Tailgate Bike Rack

This Tailgate bike rack is a popular carrier for most trucks. Its capable of holding 6 bikes and steps  firmly to the truck. 

It has a middle pocket that can opened and remain folded up to allow doe rear camera view. Furthermore its weather resistant so regardless of where you are of to, this rack is ready for the job. 

This rack comes with six-concave slots on the tailgate pad and fixing straps designed to provide a safe hauling experience. Two-enlarged pockets on the pad are there for storage. This rack size is 62 inches long x 7 inches wide x 20 inches high. Check these dimensions suit your truck before purchasing. 

The rack fits on the vehicle’s tailgate just by simply placing the pad over the tailgate and the straps fasten it on. Furthermore the tailgate remains easy to open and close due to the open design of the tail door switch.
The outer material of this rack is made from high-strength PVC material which extends protection from the weather. The rack has soft flannelette as the inner layer, which is wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

MICTUNING Rear Tailgate Pad for Truck

This bike rack is designed to provide extra protection to the bike and tailgate of the vehicle.

It has similar features to the other two racks above. There isn’t much variation in the designs.  This five-star heavy-duty carrier performs efficiently in tough conditions due to its  safety features and sturdy design. 

Bike racks are a great asset for travelling. But there is nothing worse than your bike scratch your vehicle.  Mictuning has gone ahead of the competition to tackle this issue and provided a protective layer with a thick inner layer of soft flannelette. This layer does not allow damage to paint.

The outer layer is made of PVC laminated cloth, which is wear-resistant, rainproof and moisture-proof.

It has unique concave slots which effectively grips the bike even on the bumpy road, making the bike easier to store and transport to other places . 

Mictuning is easy to install. Just put this pad rack on the tailgate and fasten two-fixing straps. The rack has one big tool pocket on the pad to secure the tools of your vehicle. 

Final word on truck bed racks

The best tailgate bike rack will make carrying bikes with your truck a treat. The best tailgate pad rack will keep your vehicle scratchless and your journey stress-free. The best bike rack will deliver you unmatchable driving as well as bike riding experience.