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The 4 Best Truck Bed Mats for F150s

Looking to protect your darling F150? If your truck bed gets used frequently, adding a truck bed mat is a great idea.

They’re removable and generally very easy to install. In essence, it’s a layer of rubber or composite that provides a shield.

For the F150, there are many options with it being such a popular model. 

When it comes to bed mats there are custom fits and even trim-to-fit options!

Let’s take a look at the 4 Best Truck Bed Mats for F150s:

1. Dee Zee DZ86928 Heavyweight Bed Mat

The Dee Zee Heavyweight Mat is a cutout to fit your 5.5ft F150 truck bed. There are other options in this guide if your truck bed is larger than that!

The material in the Dee Zee mat is .375″ thick and comes in at 33 lbs. The compressed rubber won’t crack over time, and it’s UV resistant. 

You can leave this out in your truck bed all summer and in all weather conditions. Underneath it are small rubber cleats so that it won’t slide around on you. Dee Zee is also a company you can count on. 

They’ve been around since the 70s and all they’re well-known for making great stuff. This is on the same path, at a great price.

2. Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat (fits) 2004-2014 F150 | 5.5 FT Bed | Recycled Bed Liner | RCM529

Rough Country is another well-known aftermarket brand in the same echelon as Dee Zee. 

And this bed liner is similar, but we really like the branding. It’s a bit more heavy-duty by comparison as well. The denser material adds extra weight.

And this comes in at around 45 lbs. You’ll pay a little more for that, but if you’re going to be using this for years then that’s negligible.

What’s one of the best things about this brand? They make their products right here in the USA. And it’s recycled! It’s always a good feeling to not be putting more waste into the environment. 

They also add a lifetime warranty on their products. 

3. BedRug IMPACT Mat IMQ15SCS fits 15+ F-150 5'5" BED

If you have a 2015 F150 or later, consider taking a look at a different type of bed mat material. 

The Bed Rug is a blend of waterproof fabric that has the same feel as a rug. But all the resistant properties you would want in a bed mat. 

Because it’s a more pliable material, they generally fit super well. As you can see from the picture, even your tailgate and the gap will be covered. 

They do cost a bit more however, and take a bit longer to install than the easy solution of throwing on a custom bed mat. This anti-skid surface is suited for all weather conditions.

If you have a 5.5ft bed, the proper BedRug for you is here. If you have a 6.5ft bed then the proper one is at this link

4. BDK M330 Black Heavy-Duty Truck Utility Bed Mat – Extra-Thick 4' x 8' Rubber Cargo Liner, Durable All-Weather Protection, Trim-To-Fit Design

This BDK Mat tops the value category of this guide, and it’s perfect if you have a long bed F150. 

But this will even work for shorter bed F150s because you can just trim it! It’s also incredibly affordable and that gives it a one up on other options.

There are custom fits and then there are “get the job done at a better price” fits. This is definitely the latter. 

It’s heavy as well, at 50 lbs. You won’t have to worry about it shifting or your cargo. They test the material to make sure it’ll last over time. You can cut this by yourself on a flat surface with a utility knife. 

This might have a smell for a little while when you get it, so mentally prepare yourself for that!


Make sure you know your bed mats size before ordering anything.

This is just a friendly reminder that if you’re going for a custom fit, double check the size of your truck bed. Most of the complaints people have arise out of the fact that the fit is off. And many times, they didn’t know the actual length of their bed. 

Are there other alternatives to a bed mat?

Yes! You can use something called a spray in bedliner or a roll-on bedliner. These are protective barriers for your truck bed, but they’re chemical coats. Most will have a rubbery feel and offer a layer of protection. 

The negative to these options is that they’re not removable. If you get one and don’t like the look, you’re stuck with it. Which is why truck bed mats are popular. You can also get a mat at around the same price or less than you would for a coating. 

How can I protect the items I’m hauling in my F150?

There are things called tonneau covers that will help with this. It’s basically a fancy way of saying a truck bed cover. If you have stuff you don’t want sitting in the rain while you’re taking it to a job site, consider picking one of them up.

Most popular options nowadays let you fold them up when not in use. And you can get a hard shell or a soft version. They do run a little bit expensive though. 


Howdy! We hope this bed mat guide helps you pick the perfect model for your F150. Whether it’s a custom fit or a universal option, there are plenty of choices. You could even go with a synthetic fabric like the Bed Rug if you want something that is forgiving for your joints while you’re in your truck bed. 

For us, we think the best value overall is the BDK bed mat. It’s not a custom fit, but the price tips the scale! If you do want a custom fit, go for Rough Country’s bed mat. Their warranty is incredible.

Whatever you end up choosing, let us know how it worked out. And thank you for stopping by, we appreciate it. 


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