The 4 Best Waterproof Truck Cargo Bags

If you’re like most drivers, you probably haul a lot of cargo around in your truck. But what do you do when it starts to rain or snow? You can either try to cram everything inside the cab, or you can invest in a waterproof truck cargo bag.

These bags are designed to keep your belongings dry, even in the worst weather conditions. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your gear safe and dry, check out the four best waterproof truck cargo bags below.

Let’s take a look at the 4 best waterproof truck cargo bags:

1. MODOKIT Truck Bed Cargo Bag with Cargo Net

You can safely store your goods with this waterproof option. There are 6 straps that help keep it secure and save you from having to worry about shifting during transportation, plus they include a cargo net so even if the lid comes off nothing will fall out! 

This is made of polyester material which attaches using 4 carabiner clips along 12 s-hooks for maximum safety – perfect whether on road trip or just traveling around town 

The strong, durable material guarantees that your load will stay safely in place. One possible downside for some people may be the limited opening size – if you’re planning on stuffing a lot inside then this could become an issue!

2. Whistler Truck Cargo Bag with Net- 100% Waterproof

Capacity: 26 Cubic Feet

The Whistler 10ft Camping Caravan Netting is a great choice if you want an affordable way to store your gear and protect it from rain or sun. It has the same carrying capacity as other brands, but at lower price point! 

You can also attach this with velcro straps which will save zippers in case of harsh weather conditions like snowfall during wintertime when there’s no need for waterproof protection on top of denim jeans

The quality stitching might not hold up well over time so make sure that any attachment method works before using

3. MARKSIGN 100% Waterproof Truck Cargo Bag with Net

If you need a reliable way to transport all your gear, then this is it! This quality made cargo bag will keep everything secure and dry no matter what happens along the journey. 

It has four rubber handles for loading or unloading easily onto vehicles without having too much weight shift during transportation – 12 carabiners are included as well so that nothing falls out accidently. 

Even though its construction material isn’t conventional cloth like most backpacks/briefcases etc., simply tarpaulin fabric (a heavy-duty waterproof cover), Marksign guarantees users their goods stay clean regardless if they’re being used indoors

This brand also offers two more designs that you can load onto your hitch. They come in 15 and 20 cubic foot options.

Marksign includes a storage bag so while you’re not using this you don’t have extra clutter.

4. Tuff Truck Bag Waterproof Heavy Duty

Capacity: 26 Cubic Feet

You may have heard of Tuff Truck’s waterproof bag? It has tons of happy customers, despite them costing a bit more than most competitors. 

The reason why it goes so well with your truck bed is because you can attach the entire thing using 4 d-rings on both sides and an anchor point at each end – no shifting around!

There is nothing more uncomfortable when driving a truck and hearing a random clank after a turn, so they’ve hit a pain point for a lot of people. The cords themselves are adjustable as well.

When you’re not using this, it folds up and they’ve included a storage bag to keep it contained nicely. There is no cargo bag in this option, but with their secure design you won’t need any additional things to keep it in place. 

It comes in two color options, black and white. If you’re looking for a long term heavy-duty bag, this is the one. Something additional to note is that the company has excellent customer service, they have intervened with several customers personally when an issue arises. 

FAQ Section

Are all these cargo bags waterproof?

Yes, all items listed on this page will prevent your valuables from getting soaked. They use a combination of materials along with ways to shield the zipper from moisture.

Conclusion Section

Hopefully, we were able to guide you in your decision. The more budget friendly option is Whistler’s cargo bag and if price isn’t as big as a factor then the winner for us is TuffTruck mainly due to their customer service and attachment system. 

If you end up picking one of these options, make sure to let us know how it worked out for you. We love to hear from our readers!

Other options for securing loads in your truck are cargo bars(for heavier items) and cargo netting.   

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