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The 4 Best Waterproof Truck Cargo Bags

Trucks are tough utility vehicles with a decent amount of space in the truck bed.

But, keeping things covered is one limitation that you might want a solution for. 

Thankfully, there are many well-made cargo bags that will do the trick!

Let’s take a look at the 4 best waterproof truck cargo bags:

1. MODOKIT Truck Bed Cargo Bag with Cargo Net

Capacity: 26 Cubic Feet

MODOKIT is here to help you safely store your goods with this waterproof option. 

They even include a cargo net to help you keep it secure and save it from shifting during your rie. 

You can fit about 3 full size suitcases in here if you’re planning on a roadtrip. It is accompanied by a 2-year warranty with this purchase to help give you peace of mind. This is made of polyester and it attaches using 4 carabiner clips along with 12 S-Hooks. 

It’s an overall good product that has plenty of happy customers to attest to it being waterproof. One caveat is that this only opens from one end. Which can lead to you “stuffing” the bag as opposed to some designs that open more widely. 

Consider a ratcheting strap over the top to keep your load secure if you’re carrying especially heavy items. 

2. Whistler Truck Cargo Bag with Net- 100% Waterproof

Capacity: 26 Cubic Feet

Here is a more budget friendly option from Whistler.

You still get the same carrying capacity and netting that other brands offer, but at a more affordable price. 

This uses a velcro strapping system to cover the zippers and save them from the elements. It’s hard to find a competitor in this price bracket that offers the same storage capacity.

Overall this is a bargain in terms of value and you can use it on a car eventually if you need to. 

Some use this for roof cargo storage and have had issues with the quality of the attachment strapping. Since you’re using it in a truck, you’ll be alright with the hook system. 

3. MARKSIGN 100% Waterproof Truck Cargo Bag with Net

Capacity: 26 Cubic Feet

Marksign has thrown their hat into the ring with this quality made cargo bag

They use 4 rubber handles for loading this into or out of your truck. 

The included cargo net it has 12 carabiners to keep it secure and to keep your bag from moving. Whether it’s half full or weighted up, it’s going to stay secure. The construction material is called tarpaulin(a heavy-duty waterproof fabric), which will keep all your belongings dry and stand up to abuse.

This brand also offers two more designs that you can load onto your hitch. They come in 15 and 20 cubic foot options.

Marksign includes a storage bag so while you’re not using this you don’t have extra clutter. 

4. Tuff Truck Bag Waterproof Heavy Duty

Capacity: 26 Cubic Feet

Perhaps the most popular design and brand in the category is from Tuff Truck

Their waterproof bag has tons of happy customers, despite them costing a bit more than most of the competition. 

The bag attaches to your bed with a hook and clip system, anchored by 4 d rings on the bag itself. The main reason customers love this so much is that it goes a long way in preventing the bag from shifting around.

There is nothing more uncomfortable when driving a truck and hearing a random clank after a turn, so they’ve hit a pain point for a lot of people. The cords themselves are adjustable as well.

When you’re not using this, it folds up and they’ve included a storage bag to keep it contained nicely. There is no cargo bag in this option, but with their secure design you won’t need any additional things to keep it in place. 

It comes in two color options, black and white. If you’re looking for a long term heavy-duty bag, this is the one. Something additional to note is that the company has excellent customer service, they have intervened with several customers personally when an issue arises. 

FAQ Section

Are all these cargo bags waterproof?

Yes, all items listed on this page will prevent your valuables from getting soaked. They use a combination of materials along with ways to shield the zipper from moisture.

Conclusion Section

Hopefully, we were able to guide you in your decision. The more budget friendly option is Whistler’s cargo bag and if price isn’t as big as a factor then the winner for us is TuffTruck mainly due to their customer service and attachment system. 

If you end up picking one of these options, make sure to let us know how it worked out for you. We love to hear from our readers!

Other options for securing loads in your truck are cargo bars(for heavier items) and cargo netting.