The 3 Best Trunk Bike Racks

In this article I’ll be covering the best trunk bike racks for your vehicle

I tested 12 different trunk racks and have found the Allen Sports Premier 3-Bike Trunk Rack to be the overall best.

The Allen Sports Premier 3-Bike Trunk Rack can hold a maximum of 3 bikes and features a “quick snap setup” design making it out-of-the-box ready. 

No need to measure or screw parts together, you can get it on the back of your vehicle in a matter of minutes.

Find more about it below, as well as a few others I’ve tested.

Allen Sports Premier 3-Bike Trunk Rack

Overall Best

The alloy steel Allen Sports Bike trunk rack takes just a couple of minutes to set up and transports up to 3 bikes. It features a “quick snap setup” design so there is no hassling around with measuring and screwing parts together.

The trunk rack provides a total of 5 safety straps, all of which can easily be clipped to your vehicle to help keep the rack stable during travel. The side straps in particular deliver exceptional lateral stability to further keep the rack and the bikes secure.

The only issue I’ve found with these straps is that the hook on the end of them can mark the car, as they directly come into contact with the finish. To solve this issue, I purchased scratch protector pads.

The Premier 3-Bike Trunk Rack can hold up to 100lbs total. This seems like a lot of weight for your car to bear but the wide profile feet of this rack help to evenly disrepute it to keep your car and your bikes safe.

Both feet use hard black plastic to engage your rack and soft gray material, so don’t worry about harming the finish of your vehicle.

The narrow set carry arms can accommodate a range of bikes regardless of size, shape or model. And the durable UV-resistant rubber cradle straps provided help to secure the bikes safely, preventing them from falling off during travel.

This trunk rack has also been designed with soft cradle beds which your bikes will sit firmly in, providing further protection during transport.

The patent design of this 3 trunk bike rack has been created as a versatile product, fitting a range of sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs.

Although there is no safety feature with this trunk rack, it can be folded completely flat with one hand, so storing it in a safe place is easy.

Overall, the Allen Sports Premier 3-bike trunk rack is definitely the best option for your vehicle. It’s even backed by Allen’s lifetime warranty.


  • Made from alloy steel
  • Easy to setup
  • Fully assembled
  • Carry 3 bikes
  • Hold up to 100lbs
  • Plenty of safety straps
  • Wide profile feet bare all the weight
  • Narrow arms accommodate many bikes
  • UV resistant straps
  • Soft cradle beds to secure bike
  • Fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and SUV’s
  • Backed by Allen’s lifetime warranty
  • Folds flat for easy transport/storage


  • Hook straps can damage the finish

ALLEN Deluxe 3-Bike Trunk

Best Budget

Allen Deluxe bike alloy steel trunk rack should be your go-to choice if you’re on a budget. It fits most sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs and allows you to transport up to 3 bikes (max 100lbs) with ease.

The “one size fits all” design of this bike rack makes setting it up onto your trunk effortless. 

There are no measurements to take or pieces to screw together, simply place the rack on the rear of your vehicle and secure it down with the safety hook-straps provided.

The safety hook-straps are very secure and prevent the rack from wobbling at high speeds, the only issue is that they can mark your vehicle and damage the finish. For this, I would recommend placing a soft material under them, scratch protector pads work great.

Allen Deluxe bike rack has been designed with padded feet, so whilst it distributes the weight of your bikes effortlessly, it is also protecting your vehicle from dents and scuffs.

15 inch long carry arms make carrying any style or design of bike a breeze, and securing them down is simple using the UV-resistant individual tie-downs provided.

The only real negative of this bike rack is that it cannot be folded down like others on this list, though its lightweight design (10lbs) does make storing and transporting it fairly easy.

Allen Deluxe 3-bike trunk rack comes with a lifetime warranty, testing it on your own vehicle is completely risk-free.


  • Made from alloy steel
  • Lightweight design
  • Hold 3 bikes
  • Max 100lbs
  • Fits on many vehicles
  • One size fits all design
  • Fully assembled
  • No measurements or pieces to screw together
  • Safety straps secure the load
  • Fit for many bike racks
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Safety straps can mark your vehicle
  • Can’t be folded down

Saris Bones 3 bike trunk rack

Premium Choice

If you’ve got the budget, the Saris Bone Bike Trunk Rack is your best choice. Mount up to 3 bikes on your sedan, hatchback, minivan, or SUV with ease. 

The lightweight design of this rack means you’re going to feel no drag, and it will even make storing and transporting the rack hassle-free. 

It also has the largest carry capability out of the competition, easily holding 105lbs.

Securing this bike rack to your vehicle is simple, all you need to do is mount the rubber feet (which will protect the finish) on the trunk, then secure the strap hold downs at the very top and bottom.

The excess of the straps can be tucked away too, eliminating flapping during travel – a very small but welcome benefit that helps to reduce noise during travel, something not many racks offer.

The frame of this bike rack has been designed with longevity in mind, as it features injection-molded arms that help to keep the rack sturdy during travel and prevent the rack from rusting in moist climates.

One thing that sets this rack is the arc design of the frame. It helps to separate bikes on different levels so they are not rubbing against each other, preventing finish damage.

Speedily fasten bikes to the rack with the best-in-class ratchet straps provided, no matter the style or design of bike frame your bikes are going to be secure and wobble-free when on the road.


  • Lightweight design
  • Mount 3 bikes
  • Fits many vehicles
  • Largest Carry capability (105lbs)
  • Easy setup
  • Rubber feet to protect finish
  • Safety straps secure to car
  • No flapping straps
  • Rust resistant
  • Sturdy at high speeds
  • Arc design to prevent bikes from rubbing
  • Ratchet straps secure bikes in place


  • Expensive