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The 4 Best Trunk Organizers with Coolers

Keeping your trunk organized in your vehicle is a continuous task. But, it can be made much easier with an organizer!

There are a plethora of options in this category, but how many of them double as coolers? 

Keeping your beverages cold while keeping your trunk organized is awesome. Which is why we found some great products for you to look at.

Here are the 4 best trunk organizers with coolers:

1. Tuff Viking Convertible Large SUV Trunk Organizer Built-in Leakproof Cooler Bag

If price is of no concern, the Tuff Viking organizer is our top pick. A well-made product that doesn’t have that cheap feel!

Canvas fabric with stitched straps and buckles make us confident that if Viking’s were actually still around, they might use this. 

This is a modular design. It has three separate areas for storage, with dividers if you need more separation. Say you only need one compartment and the cooler bag. In that situation, you take the included buckles and collapse one side. 

After you do that, you now have one cooler compartment and one storage compartment. Because of its collapsible design, you can fold this neatly away when not in use. You could potentially use this instead of plastic for grocery if you love the earth and all that stuff!

The built-in included cooler bag is of decent quality and it zips up to keep moisture retained on a bumpy ride. Overall we think this is a great value for a long-term buy. But there are a few more affordable options we go over below. 

This has up to 80 lbs of load capacity. 

2. X-cosrack Car Trunk Organizer Storage with Insulation Cooler Bags

The X-Cosrack is another collapsible option with four separate compartments. And yes, it includes a cooler. 

The sides are made of a breathable mesh fabric. There are carrying straps and it holds a decent amount of items. 

About 93 liters of volume total, or about 6 to 8 regular sized grocery bags. The inserts will keep it sturdy when you’re loading it up. 

The cooler bag is detachable from the main unit, but it’s not a long term solution. This company gives a conservative estimate which we really appreciate, of keeping things cool only for about an hour. 

In reality, the cooler bag is a great way to keep things cool for that amount of time. But, it’s not a heavy duty alternative to a dedicated cooler. It can hold more weight than you would think at first glance, up to 66 lbs!

3. LUXJA Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer with Extra Cooler Bag

Luxja has a nicely designed cooler bag included with their organizer, if you love purple that is. 

Unlike other options, you can’t “attach” the cooler bag to the organizer which might be a knock for some.

But, if you’re looking to save space then LUXJA is one of the most compact options available. It’s an extremely light setup as well, at under 3 lbs. 

The cooler bag is on the smaller size. It’s pretty much a replica of your standard lunch box. So if you’re looking for something to keep a decent amount of groceries cold, this may not be for you. 

We like it for the color and compactness of the unit, but there are areas to improve!

4. COZYSWAN Car Trunk Organizer Multi 4 Compartments Storage Basket and Cooler & Warmer Set

COZYSWAN has the bargain value trunk organizer for vehicle owners. This storage unit is a steal!

Either side of the 4 compartments are insulated to keep your items cold on the way home. 

It is a fold down option as well and it comes in two colors. Besides the regular black, you can go for blue. 

This is a compact option at under three pounds, and for the price point it really has no competitors. The other options we’ve gone over here are all a bit more expensive(at least at the time of this review). 

So, when you’re looking for a great value this is hard to beat!

FAQ Section

Are these built in cooler bags just as good as a real cooler?

The truth is that they are not! These are not meant to be a primary cooler or to replace a dedicated cooler. A canvas design with a stitched in water resistant space just can’t compete with a hard shell cooler. Many of which use thick insulation.

These are great in a pinch, to take some cold drinks to a soccer game or to keep your lunch cool for a few hours. As long as you keep practical about it, they’re great. 

What other ways can I use the cooler bag?

If you’ve ever brought groceries home in the summer, you know the feeling of your car turning into a hot oven before you make it back. 

If you’ve bought a cool drink in the store, or something susceptible to temperatures, then these bags are great! Many customers find themselves using it to keep drinks cold, or medicines from the pharmacy at an appropriate temperature during their ride home. 

If you find a more creative use for yours, let us know. 

Will these help me keep organized?

We know this is a straight forward answer, but to reiterate yes they will. It can be so easy to get bent out of shape when you are getting bombarded with papers and “things” during the work week that keeping organized is a chore. 

This will save you from groaning while you reach in your back seat to grab something. Some people label each compartment for different tasks in their life. But, that’s highly dependent on your occupation. 

These organizers can become a tool chest for office types if you so wish. 

Conclusion Section

We hope this guide helped you make up your mind on buying a trunk organizer with the added bonus of a cooler. If it did and you pick one of these options, let us know in the comments how it worked out. We always love to hear from our readers. 

Our top choices were for the higher end of the price range the Viking organizer, and for the lower end the COZYSWAN organizer. They’re both great values in their own right! Found something better? Let us know and happy shopping. 


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