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The 4 Best Weatherproof UTV Covers

Keeping your UTV shielded from the elements is a great way to preserve your ride.

You’ll have less maintenance and upkeep overall than someone who leaves theirs exposed.

But, is there a great deal out there to keep your UTV safe and your wallet?

We found some options! Let’s take a look at the 4 best weatherproof covers for UTVs:

1.UTV Cover RZR Storage Cover

Kenimoto has a cover that is lauded by customers. Instead of the usual elastic fit, they have added ring holes on each side.

That means you don’t have to depend on elasticity keeping this from blowing off in the wind. It’ll be buckled in. 

In addition to that neat feature, they hit a great price point. If you have a RZR, you will be hard pressed to get a better deal. It’s a great budget option. 

There are reflective strips woven into the fabric to keep it visible at night. It’s made out of Oxford cloth, which is a waterproof canvas material and coated with uretheane. 

This measures 122″ x 70.87″ x 68.9″ so it should fit most UTVs. They’ve listed it as a “universal option”, but there is also a fit guide on the listing. If you’re considering purchasing this, make sure to double check that guide.

2. UTV Heavy Duty 420 Denier Camo Weatherproof Cover

Premier Products Court has a 124″ inch UTV cover that should fit nearly everything.

There is also a 2-year warranty included in the purchase of this product, one of the longest available. 

The Denier fabric this is made from was originally intended for military applications. It’s waterproof and will stand up to a beating better than most, while remaining flexible.

They only offer this in camouflage and it’s unfortunate that there isn’t any reflective stitching offered in the design. But, the quality of materials makes up for this. It should last you a long time.

They use clips to secure it around your struts so that it won’t get blown off in the wind. When not in use, they’ve included a storage bag to keep your cover safe. 

This is one of the newer options on the market, so it doesn’t have a ton of reviews yet to see how it lasts past the year mark which is too bad! The other choices in this guide have been around a much longer time so there is a better feel through feedback of how they hold up over time. 

3. Classic Accessories QuadGear Black/Grey QuadGear UTV Deluxe Storage Cover

The tried and true QuadGear cover by Classic Accessories is our top pick. It costs a little more, but even at first glance most can tell that it’s worth it. 

Besides just saying it’s heavy duty, the weight tells a story. This is nearly double the weight of the closest competitor.

The proprietary material is waterproof and goes by the name of Protekx3 Extreme fabric. From the picture you can see the stitched holes included in the design for tie downs. This gives you a much more secure choice compared to plastic buckle options.

This can fit crew cab UTVs with measurements at or below 150″L x 66″W x 75″H(at the largest). There are three sizes to get a tight fit on your model. 

Mesh air vents let moisture out, but don’t let it in. Mold and mildew after a rain are a secondary threat to the longevity of your vehicle, and this cover comes with that in mind. They included a storage bag.



Neverland has a UTV cover at a great price point in three sizes. It’s a waterproof cover with an elastic base.

There is stitched in reflective coatings as well. The base is secured additionally with buckles to keep it safe in the wind. 

This fits single and double row UTVs and they include a sizing guide that you should consult to find out which option works best for you.

They do not recommend this for trailering. Which is actually refreshing. They’re upfront compared to some other manufacturers! Some claim their covers can handle the wind only to be ripped apart. 

This comes with moisture vents to keep the mildew out, and a carrying bag when not in use. It’s one of our favorites and right up there with the QuadGear cover, while being a bit more affordable. 



How should I store my UTV?

There are three main things you need if you plan on putting your UTV in storage. First, a cover like any of the options above. Second, look into getting a fuel stabilizer. Old gasoline can cause a range of issues from needing a simple drain and fresh gas to costing you an afternoon. 

Will a UTV cover last me a long time?

That really depends on how the elements beat up on it. If you’re leaving it on the majority of the year, expect a shorter lifespan. Many people just think of these as short term investments if they keep their UTV parked outside. Every few years they buy another one, but some will last longer than others. 


Hopefully, this guide helped you to make an informed decision about the cover that suits your vehicle best. We’re torn between the QuadGear cover and the NEVERLAND cover. The price of the latter is really hard to make an argument against.

If you end up picking one of these options, please let us know how it worked out for you. If you plan on trailering your UTV with these options, be sure to check reviews to see how these actually hold up. Unfortunately many designs that claim they’ll be fine are not when it comes to heavy winds. 

Also, check the sizing guides before purchase! Good luck on your search 🙂