Bike racks for cars with spoilers

The 4 best bike racks for cars with spoilers

Bike riding is becoming ever more popular in the current world, and rightly so. It’s great for keeping individuals fit and healthy, along with reducing the need for driving. However, if you own a car with a spoiler and still want to transport your bikes, this is the article for you. Below are the best bike racks for cars with spoilers. It’s essential to get the right bike rack to not damage your spoiler or have your rack or bike damaged.

Let's have a look at the best bike racks for cars with spoilers that don't compromise on performance

Hitch Mounted Rack 4-Bike Premium Carrier

Best Overall


  • Dual-lever quick release
  • Anti-wobble system


  • Requires a hitch
Car Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Budget option


  • Comes in four options
  • Adapter to minimize wobbling


  •  Not suitable for step-through bikes
Bike Carrier

Premium option


  • Three locking system
  • Easy mounting


  • Requires roof racks

Treat this page as a guide that covers the best bike racks in the market today and all aspects of your concerns. We do thorough research and provide you with the best-reviewed products on the market, so you can be confident when buying.

Before going ahead with your hunt, please note down the size of the trailer hitch on your car, the dimensions of the bike and wheel, the weight of the bike, and take into consideration the style of frame of your bike. This will give you an idea of what kind of bike rack is best for cars with spoilers. A good bike rack should be safe, secure, noiseless, easy to install, and hassle-free.

Hitch Mounted Rack 4-Bike Premium Carrier

This hitch-mounted rack is the best heavy-duty bike rack for cars with spoilers. With its 130 LBS haul capacity, it is a great bike rack if you ride with a few different individuals. This is because it can carry up to 4 bikes at a time. 

This premier bike rack is ideal for families who love cycling together. The manufacturer designed it to fit with a 2-inch tow hitch receiver. It makes this bike rack best for cars with spoilers as it sits behind the vehicle, completely out of the way.

When installed, the rack doesn’t get in the way of the rear spoilers of the car. The hitch mount factor makes the rack more convenient to load bikes compared to other alternatives. This is because you are behind the vehicle when loading, reducing the chance of causing any damage to the car. It also doesn’t require you to lift the bike to head height, like loading a rooftop bike rack.

The rack is designed to haul up to four bikes. Usually, the rear-fitted bike racks make it challenging to access cargo in the back. KAC S4 has tackled these issues altogether. It has a lever that allows the rack to fold down to gain access to the car’s boot.

A concern with the extra load is safety and durability on long travels. KAC has taken care of that by using a sturdy powder-coated steel rack. The company has a fitted anti-wobble system to provide a perfect grip for heavy loads. It comes with two arms with eight ultra-stretchable and UV-resistant rubber bike straps; these hold your bikes in place.
KAC has introduced a hitch pin locking system with rear reflectors to ensure extra safety during traveling. This safety measure is a breather for bike riders as it provides extra security for the bike and vehicle.

Hitch Mount Bike Rack with 2-inch Receiver

This hitch-mounted bike rack is truly a heavy-duty option. It has a load capacity of 2 to 5 bikes, and it is widely popular for being safe and worth the money. When purchasing, you can choose how many holders you want. This rack fits on a 2inch receiver, making it a worthy candidate for cars with spoilers. It does not affect the car’s spoiler during installation and has no impact on its aerodynamics.

The rack gives you the ability to haul up to five bikes. When purchasing, there are multiple options, so if you’re only after a rack that carries 3 bikes, this is still the place for you. All it takes to accommodate additional bikes are a minor assembly adjustment, and you are good to go. This rack is ideally suited for bikes that have diamond frames; step-through bikes need a frame adaptor. This is worth noting if your car is light, as it’s likely you will be able to feel the effect of the rack when driving.

It is made from high-grade steel; this metal construction gives it strength. This sturdy steel construction gives it a weight limit of up to 35 lbs per bike. Retrospec has designed the carry arm spacing to adjust to fit a range of bike frames and different styles to make it a versatile rack. Despite being a heavy-duty rack, it is quite easy to assemble. You do not have to remove this bike rack when not in use; you can simply fold down the carry arms. This downwards adjustment doesn’t affect the rear spoiler or its aerodynamics. It also allows convenient use of the vehicle when the rack is not carrying bikes.

Retrospec has provided tie-down cradles and straps that take care of each bike to hold bikes safely during travel. This safety feature keeps each bike held in position firmly and removes the possibility of bike to bike contact. Lastly, you may have to make some alternative arrangements for the taillight that the rack may obstruct.

Rhino Rack Roof Top Hybrid Bike Carrier

This Rhino rooftop hybrid bike rack is a versatile and safe carrier, ideal for most bikes, including hybrid, mountain, kids, racing and fat-tire bikes.
It is the best bike rack for cars with spoilers as it fixes to the crossbar of the roof, which allows you to keep the spoiler intact. It is a sturdy rack and sought-after for SUVs, cars, trucks, crossovers, and hybrids. This rooftop rack has the inherent advantage of keeping the rear cargo fully accessible.

This rack does not hinder the vehicle’s number plate in any way as it’s on the roof, so you can have peace of mind when driving; there’s nothing worse than being worried about getting a ticket. The aerodynamic effect of the spoiler will be altered with the bikes on the roof and will likely result in more significant drag and increased fuel consumption.

It is designed in a way that it can be installed on either side of the roof. This rack folds flat when not in use and avoids the need to be removed. Moreover, you can fit as many racks as the width of a roof allows. Unlike some roof-mounted racks that need the front wheel to be removed, Rhino has cut that hassle. This rack holds the bikes in an upright position without removing any wheels. That’s a huge plus on our checklist. The rack also provides maximum safety during transportation.

There is no need to purchase an additional crossbar adapter for the frame of the bike. The rack holds the bike by its wheel. This allows easy mounting and dismounting of bikes. It makes Rhino the most user-friendly roof rack on the market. With no contact required with the frame of the bike and no wheel removal, it drastically cuts the usual hassle in mounting bikes. It has a wheel brace that holds on to the front wheel and a set of ratcheting padded hooks and straps to firmly hold both wheels to the tray. Additionally, there is no way the bike or car can get scratched when transporting. Just watch out for low clearances

ALLEN Deluxe 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack,

Allen deluxe 3-is the best economical option for those looking for a trunk-mounted bike carrier for cars with spoilers. Its patented design fits with hatchbacks, sedans, minivans, SUVs, and trucks. The value for money makes this rack the top contender for new buyers. Its popularity also banks on its versatility and ease of installation.

Allen deluxe 3-bike rack comes with a basic design that holds bikes by the frame to the vehicle’s trunk. This makes it the best bike rack for cars with spoilers. The rack has a hauling capacity for up to 3 bikes. This trunk mount has a low loading height which makes it easy to install. The bike rack also doesn’t require the front wheel of your bike to be removed. However, the installation process of the bike rack is definitely longer.

Thanks to Allen’s ingenious design, there is no compromise with the safety and security of bikes during travel. It has a bottom strap that gives lateral stability to the bikes while you are on the move. Allen deluxe 3-bike has a patented design that fits most vehicles on the market. The straps are all adjustable to suit different trunk sizes and shapes.
The rack has metal support arms that are wrapped with foam. All metal frames that have contact with the car are fully padded. Lastly, the rear cargo is inaccessible when the bike rack is installed.

Wrapping up on the best bike racks for cars with spoilers

Cars with spoilers require a particular type of bike rack. If you have a vehicle with a spoiler, these bike racks listed above will allow you to carry bikes without damaging the spoiler. A good-fit bike rack will keep your bike in sound shape all through the journey. Find the best bike rack and get on the trail to experience pure bliss.

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