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Bike racks for minivans without hitch

Best bike racks for minivans without hitch

Bike racks and minivans have something in common. Both are built to cover long distances. A family excursion in a minivan with bikes at the rear seems mandatory these days, especially on the long weekends. whilst some minivans have hitches which is perfect to attach a bike rack to, there are many that don’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a bike rack and take your bikes with you. Here is a list of the best bike racks for Minivans without hitches. we take into account usability, affordability and durability when assessing a rack, so you can be sure the ones listed below are good quality.

Let's have a look at the best bike racks for minivans without hitches

Bike Trunk Mount 3-Bike Car Carrier

Best Overall

  • Best all round 


  • A versatile design fit for a wide range of bikes.


  • Not fit for vehicles with rear spoilers
Premier 4-Bike Trunk Rack

Budget option

  • Cheap
  • Does a great job all round 


  • Sturdy design


  • Not fit for vehicles longer than 18 feet
4-Bike Carrier Rack

Premium option

  • Fits all types of hitches


  • Three different straps attachments 


  • Rack is not foldable and uses space in storage.

Before you decide to have a bike rack for a minivan, spare yourself ten minutes to note down what type of bikes you have, how many bikes you want to carry, and what kind of minivan you own. The choice of trunk-mounted racks is due to the lack of hitch receivers on minivans.

Rooftop racks are also not popular for minivans as they require bikes to be loaded and unloaded on the roof, which is often higher than the average car. The trunk-mounted rack on minivans requires firm top to bottom support for safe and steady transport. Ideally, racks for minivans need extra safety measures to avoid the sliding and wobbling of bikes.

3-Bike Car Carrier Rack for minivans

This trunk-mounted bike rack is a heavy-duty carrier capable of carrying 3 bikes up to 32 lbs each. The range of bikes this rack can hold, and the design configuration makes it ideal for minivans. This trunk-mounted rack becomes a perfect bike carrier for minivans due to its side strap safety measures. It is lightweight and easy to store when not in use.

The rack maker has kept in mind that the rear cargo area is packed full when traveling long distances. This rear space is all the more crucial in minivans. The manufacturer has designed this rack with folding features to allow access to the boot. This rack comes with side-straps to provide stability. This side-on stability is what a minivan driver loves to have. A full bike load will be a concern for any vehicle.

The dual lateral and vertical straps hold the bike and rack firmly in their place. This trunk-mount has six-tie-down straps with soft rubber cushions which protect the vehicle from scratches. The lower straps are designed with an anti-bounce fail-safe system to give extra security to the bikes. It’s an excellent pick for minivan owners because it folds down flat and can store easily when not in use.

Lasting the durability is quite impressive. This rack is built with high-strength steel and reinforced ABS plastic. For rust resistance, the bike rack has a wrinkle black coated finish. The rack has a stretchable frame holder for the safety of oversized bikes. It is available in two color options, black and red. The rack comes fully assembled and ready to go. Instructions come with the rack for installation.

Sports Premier 4-Bike Trunk Rack, Model S104 , Black

This U-shape trunk-mounted bike rack is a lightweight rack but heavy-duty carrier. 

This rack is fit for four bikes and has a maximum load capacity of 60 kg. Interestingly, the U-shape trunk bike rack comes with two options for installation in your vehicle. You can assemble it with a side fitting or bottom, whatever suits your vehicle. 

These strappings provide safe and stable haulage all through the drive. As a minivan owner, keeping it scratch-free is essential. This U-shaped trunk-mounted bike rack has padded frames to avoid direct contact between the bike and the vehicle. The padding also absorbs bumps, so the rack doesn’t wobble and cause issues to the bikes.

For the safety of the bike frames, the bike racks have an individual soft cradle to protect your bike frames. Mind you; this rack has adjustable support arms. You need to unscrew the upper adjusting knob to adjust the carrier in the correct position.

vThe bike rack has a 4.4 kg weight and has packing dimensions of 78.4*53.4*9 cm. This bike can store easily in the boot area of most cars as it folds up nicely. After installation, the rack shouldn’t obstruct the number plate or the rear tail lights, so you should be good to go. There’s nothing worse than having to make arrangements for the number plate and lights and installing the rack.

Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

This light-weighted rack comes loaded with safety measures, which makes it highly compatible with minivans that demand more side-on and top-bottom support for additional safety and stability to carry the bikes.
The Hollywood trunk-mounted rack is fit for 3-bikes, which have a maximum capacity of 35lbs.

You will get three options of strap attachments in the bike rack for your vehicle, which is a unique feature for the stability of your bikes. It allows you to install a bike rack as per the vehicle shape. You can use standard rubber-coated hooks to attach the top strap to the rear trunk top.

 For extra safely, the rack has rear reflectors, and all contact points are thoroughly padded.  We think this is one of the best options for minivans as it doesn’t require a hitch. Also, the rack is similar to Thule, which leads the charge in terms of build quality. And lastly, it’s versatile and can suit a wide range of shapes.

Wrapping up on trunk mounted bike racks for Minivans

Bike racks for minivans need extra top to button support to avoid sway. They also need access to the rear of the vehicle. These racks offer some of the best support for your bikes on the market. They are a great way to carry bikes on the back of Minivans that don’t have a hitch receiver.

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