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The 9 Best Jeep Gladiator Accessories

The Jeep Gladiator is a sleek looking option that finally offers the functionality of being able to haul things easier.

If you own one, we’re jealous and how dare you. What does that have to do with anything? We don’t know. 

Okay we’re feeling better, so we put together this guide to help.

Let’s take a look at the best Jeep Gladiator Accessories that are currently available:

1. Rubber Cover Key Guard

This key guard, won’t entirely waterproof your remote. But, it does offer it some protection.

If you’re like most Jeep owners, chances are things could get wet and muddy. If that’s the case, this is a great little addition to your life. 

A set of two is included in the purchase price and the construction is of silicone. 

2. Mopar Jeep Gladiator Floor Mats

Mopar has made a set of floor mats for the Gladiator. 

If you haven’t heard of Mopar, they’re a solid company. And making durable mats is kind of their thing.  So if you want to protect your floors, this might be a good option. 

But, you do pay more for these since they are catered to fit your vehicle. There are other brands that you can cut out yourself to have a specific shape, and that will save you some money. 

If you want to try and save a bit, these are another option(you’ll have to cut it out yourself to fit as I’ve said). 

3. Center Console Organizer for Jeep Gladiator

Cahant has made a solution for the large center console to separate some space. 

Their center console organizer is very affordable and will remove some of the clutter from your new ride. 

This will fit the 2020 model of Gladiator. 

4. Cell Phone Holder for Jeep Gladiator

While we’re on an organization tear, here’s a neat little addition you could add to your passenger side for organization. 

Why did this make the list? Because, it turns out to be the perfect phone holder. 

Most people who buy this use it as a holder for their phone while charging and we think that’s an awesome application!

5. Grab Handle for Jeep Gladiator

Through the joys of evolution we were given these grabby things called arms. If you’ve ever been in a bumpy ride, you know your grabby things might get tired.

But GPCA has made a solution that actually isn’t flimsy and looks pretty cool. Their grab handle will suit a Gladiator just fine. 

These will come in handy when getting into your Jeep so you’re not bumping your head.

6. Savadicar Drink Cup Holder(Adjustable)

Although made in the shape of a cup holder, this mount by Savadicar could also be used to hold your cell phone(see the front form factor) or anything else you could think of. 

If you decide to get this and install it, put some painters tape on the panel you have to remove for protection. 

On that note, don’t let installation intimidate you. The whole process is like this: remove the control panel, there will be one 10mm bolt, then slide the bracket on and tighten everything up and replace it. 

7. Folding Tonneau Cover

Extang has a Tonneau cover that is well-regarded for your Gladiator. 

It folds into three partitions for when not in use, and relative to the other covers on the market it is affordable. This will fit on your 2019 or 2020 Gladiator. 

This uses a clamping system to attach to your frame, and is constructed of aluminum so it’s pretty light. That whole thing is only 28 lbs. 

8. DECKED Jeep Truck Bed Storage System

First things first, this system is expensive. It’s going to cost you a lot, but you can probably see why. 

There is currently nothing like it on the market for Gladiators. If you have tools or anything you need to keep safe, it could be a good option for you.

If you’re a hunter, and interested in the length of the drawers, the long bed has a length of 64.7 inches. You’ll be able to fit your guns in here with ease. It’s an extremely heavy-duty option, and this will be over 200 lbs. You’ll need help with installation!

10. Antenna Replacement

If you’re feeling like you want a bullet for an antenna, Ronin has you covered. 

Their aluminum option is a different take on the usual replacements you’ll find. This will fit any Jeep as antennas use standard attachments. 

Conclusion Section

Hopefully, we were able to find you a nice new accessory for your Gladiator. If you purchased something, let me know if you like it and congrats on owning an awesome ride!


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