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Jabra Tour vs Freeway Review – Bluetooth In-Car Speakers

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth In-Car Speaker
Jabra Freeway
Jabra Tour Bluetooth In-Car Speaker
Jabra Tour

Let's have a look at the best speaker to suit your needs

Choosing between the feature packed Jabra Tour and Freeway can be a bit overwhelming, so this guide aims to go over those features to give you an adequate summary of their pros and cons. 

Many cheap options exist, but Jabra owns this category on two categories: battery life and build quality

Both the Tour and Freeway have great reviews. They’re also compatible with Android and Iphone. 

Here is our comparison of the Jabra Tour vs Freeway Bluetooth Car Speakers:

Jabra Tour Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

Pros: Best Value, Battery Life

The Jabra Tour Bluetooth In-Car speakerphone is a sleek option for anyone who takes calls regularly on their drive. 

Jabra Tour Bluetooth In-Car Speaker
Jabra Tour

It’s polished black surface blends into any interior and the curvature of the device allows it to clip easily anyplace you find fit. Although, most users simply clip it to their sun visors. 

If you have a noisy commute we feel for you, it happens to us as well. Thankfully these designers take that into account so they’ve designed this unit to have noise cancellation. No more random noises during a call – you and your companions will be grateful for this feature. 

You will get quality audio with their proprietary HD Voice integration – the speaker is nearly 1/2 of the width of the device so you can bank on a good noise level that is crisp and clear. 

It integrates with your android or apple device, voice control will send signals to your phone.

You can pick up by saying Answer, or if you don’t wish to receive the call give it the verbal command Ignore. 

Additional voice commands include “Paid New Device” for when you need to add a new phone, “Battery” – to check your current level, and “Phone Command” which can vary according to your device. 

It senses your motions to turn it on or off, with the swipe of your hand you can activate your speaker. This serves in battery life as well, as it has auto on and off controls – when inactive it will shut itself off. 

As this is a hands-free device, it must be charged regularly but the battery is phenomenal. 

You can use this to talk for nearly 20 hours without needing to recharge. If you don’t use it frequently and leave it on standby it will last for 45 days – or a month and a half. So charging it occasionally isn’t that big of a deal. It includes an in-car charger and additional USB cable so you can keep it fully charged. 

It’s moderately loud with an adjustable volume if you prefer a quieter talk time. It ranges between 95 – 101 DBs. The perfect gift for a working professional or a professional chatterbox. We have the pleasure of knowing both types. 

What we like about this device is it just works. Jabra just doesn’t make cheap products. This is tried and true with thousands of splendid reviews of satisfied customers.

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

Pros: Most Features, Social Media Integration

The Jabra Freeway Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone is a robust option for taking your calls with you on the road.

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth In-Car Speaker
Jabra Freeway

Its the big brother of the smaller Jabra tour. This device includes three speakers instead of one so that you can experience surround sound fully.

If you don’t feel regular speakers give you the experience you want from a call you can expect this to sound more realistic – as if they were right there talking to you. You can make and take calls without lifting a finger as this device features voice recognition.

Any incoming call is announced with the option for you to Accept or Ignore, just like the Jabra Tour.

The Bluetooth capability of this device allows it to stream music, podcasts and gps directions. So if you would prefer to listen to a podcast on this device while having your own music playing softly through your car speakers, that’s a possibility. 

Or you could even take it with you to the office and use it as an auxiliary pair of music speakers. Most importantly, it will interrupt your choice to let you know a call is coming and pick right up where you left off. 

While on the music point, it has an FM Transmitter. If you’d like to use it with your phone to send audio or music to your speakers, that can work. Like all Jabra Bluetooths, it has an incredible battery and standby time. 

This device powers larger components for audio, so it’s battery life is slightly less than the Tour. It has 14 hours of talk time and 40 days of standby. Noisy commutes aren’t an issue with the noise canceling technology this includes. 

What makes this option different than the Tour is the ability of surround sound and the voice assist subscription. A Jabra Voice Assist subscription will allow you to compose text messages, receive and hear them, receive and send emails, and post updates on Twitter and Facebook. 

Keeping everyone in your life up to par can be a draining task. For us, social media is important to communicate with family members but we aren’t big fans of it – so it’s always been an afterthought.

If you aren’t a huge fan of social media and want a quick way to shout something out to your family on Facebook once in a while then this could be a great option. It includes a car charger and a USB connection. 

Perfect for car owners who don’t have Bluetooth in their car as a workaround way to add that functionality. 


Is having a Bluetooth In-Car Speaker Safer?

Safety is another important factor these days – don’t text and drive is a phrase I hear on repeat, but what about talking and driving? It happens, we admit. So that’s why choosing to switch to a hands-free device was so important. 

Calls are a part of life, but being able to not be distracted by asking “what” or having my hand occupied was a life changer. If you’re looking for a hands-free Bluetooth device – it will change your world. 


Having a Bluetooth Car Speaker system is a game changer. A previous distraction becomes an afterthought and you calls become something that isn’t an annoyance anymore – take the stress out of your commute when you’re on your cell. 

This brand has two of the best models in the business and if you want a more featured system we recommend the Jabra Freeway, but if you are looking for a simpler option just for calls we recommend the Jabra Tour.