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Jeep Clubs in the USA – By State

We’ve assembled a guide to Jeep Clubs throughout the USA!

This is an ongoing list which we’ll update regularly. If you have any additions or your local club would like to be added, let us know in the comments. 


North Alabama Jeep Club: A free club with over 2700 members specific to northern Alabama. You don’t pay for a thing, it’s just about having a good time. They go by NAJC on facebook.

group page: https://www.northalabamajeepclub.com

Mobile Jeep Club: If you’re in Mobile, Alabama this club hosts events and meetups. But, you’ll have to check their facebook page to see what’s happening.

group page: Mobile Jeep Club

Tuscaloosa Jeep and Off-Road Club: A club of 1300+ members for Jeepers in Tuscaloosa Oklahoma. They have frequent events and are pretty active.

group page: Tuscaloosa Jeep and Off Road Club


Jeep’n Alaska: There are a lot of Jeeps in Alaska but few clubs. This group is one of the only around. So they get to soak up the market share! They have over 4000 members and it’s quite active.

group page: Jeep’n Alaska


Central Arizona Jeepers: They’ve been around since 2006. With a facebook page and a website, this club has a strong community.

group page: http://jeepsies.com/central-arizona-jeepers/ and their facebook page

Jeep Expeditions: This club goes on full road trips together from time to time. They’re nearly 6000 strong and plan expeditions yearly. They even print up stickers and gear as badges if you go along. 

group page: http://jeepexpeditions.org/ and Jeep Expeditions Facebook Page


NWA Jeep Club: They’re about 8 years old and a group of Jeep enthusiasts from the Northwest Arkansas area. The group is 900 members strong and primarily they communicate for meetups through email and posts on facebook. They’re open to Jeepers from surrounding areas as well. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nwajeepclub/about/

Arkansas Jeep Owners Society: The most active Jeep club in Arkansas. They have frequent meet and greets at nearly 3500 members.

group page: https://www.facebook.com/ArkansasJeepOwnersSociety/

Ozark Off Road Club: Not just limited to Jeeps, this offroad club operates out of the Ozark area. They have monthly meetups and they’ve been around 10 years, you’ll have to pay to become a member.  

group page: http://www.ozarkoffroadclub.org/about/

Arkansas Crawlers 4×4 Club: If you live near Hot Springs National Park, this club has nearly three thousand members. You’ll have to pay to join in on the fun, 25 bucks a year currently. 

group page: http://www.arkansascrawlers.com/ and their Facebook group


San Diego Jeep Club: If you live near the beautiful beaches of San Diego, this club might be calling your crawler. Almost 6000 members and an active forum. No dues or fees. 

group page: https://www.sdjc.rocks/ and their Facebook group

Cali Driven Jeeps: This is more of a general encompassing club for Californians. With no official meetups but events are put together infrequently by the members of the FB group.

group page: https://www.calidrivenjeeps.com/ and their Facebook Group

Cal4wheel: The biggest and most active club throughout California. They’ve been around since 1959 and have over 8000 members. Frequent events are planned and this has to be one of the most well-run clubs we’ve seen. 

group page: https://cal4wheel.com/ and their Facebook group


Colorado Jeep Club: Nearly 8000 members and active posting on their group page. This club plans events and meetups all the time. There is no fee.

group page: Colorado Jeep Club

Mile High Jeep Club: They’ve been around since 1956. With frequent planned events and a focus on education/conservation. They work with the community and this is more of a family friend type of outfit. 

group page: mhjc


ECOJOCS: East Coast Offroad Jeepers of Connecticut is a small club that has been around for five years. With planned Jeep excursions, monthly meetings,  and a focus on safety. 

group page: http://www.ecojocs.org/


Delaware Jeep Association: This is a 2000 member club with planned rides and frequent gathering. It’s well organized. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/delawarejeep/

Southern Delaware Jeep Club: At nearly 4000 strong, if you live in the South of Delaware this is a great option for events. 

group page: https://sdjclub.com and their Facebook Group


South Florida Jeep Club: With nearly 5000 members, this is a good option for anyone in southern Florida. It is a paid membership with planned events. They’ve been around since 1982. 

group page: http://southfloridajeepclub.org/ and their Facebook Group

Ocala Jeep Club: Operating out of Ocala, Florida. This club has been around for more than 20 years. Planned events and an active community with a focus on giving. They hold events throughout the year for local charities. 

group page: http://www.ocalajeepclub.com/ and their Facebook Group


Georgia Trail Riders: The most active club in Georgia. With nearly 3 thousand members and planned monthly rides. They have an active forum on Facebook and their website. 

group page: https://georgiatrailriders.com/ and their Facebook group

United States Jeep Association: A recently founded non profit group that came to life in 2019. They currently have over 1000 members across three states, including Georgia. This group caters to members of the  military and their familes.  

group page: usja1941.org

United States Jeep Association: A recently founded non profit group that came to life in 2019. They currently have over 1000 members across three states, including Georgia. This group caters to members of the  military and their families.  

group page: usja1941.org and their facebook


Big Island Jeep Club: A 900 member strong private Jeep club in Hawaii. They plan frequent events and they’re very active. This is the club to join if you’re on the island!

group page: https://www.facebook.com/bigislandjeepclub/

Jeep Hawaii: A group of over 1000 members strong. Jeep Hawaii isn’t the most active of groups but they do have informal meetups occasionally.

group page: https://www.facebook.com/JeepHawaii/

Jeep Club Maui: If you happen to be lucky enough to live in Maui, this group has 300 members and is growing. They even have their own merch!

group page: https://jeepclubmaui.com


Boise Idaho Jeep Club: The most active club in Idaho. This free to join, free for all Jeeper group boasts nearly 3k members and has frequent meetups.

group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/649516055195921/


Mid-Illini Jeepers: This club has been around for over 20 years. Planning for events happens on their private website forum.

group page: http://www.mijc.org/




Iowa Jeep Club: For all offroaders this family-run club meets monthly. The well-run outfit has a strong community. 

group page: Facebook Group


Flint Hills Jeep Club: Located in northeast Kansas this is a smaller club but they’re active. With monthly meetings and a tight-knit community. They have multiple get-togethers each month.

group page: http://flinthillsjeepclub.com/


Kentucky Jeep Owners Club: Purely for Jeepers, this club has over 1400 members. The events are infrequent with meetups from time to time. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/KentuckyJeepOwnersClub/


Louisiana Jeepers: One of the best run clubs we’ve seen overall. They have multiple monthly events and a concise website to learn everything you’d like to know about joining. 

group page: http://www.louisianajeepers.com/


Central Maine Jeep Owners: This group has over 3000 members. It’s a closed facebook group-you’ll have to get past the gatekeepers, but they’re active and plan monthly events. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/561167310758796/


Chesapeake Jeep Club: The club that has been around since 2014 is welcome to all Jeepers. Located in Pasadena, the rapidly growing group has planned monthly events. 

group page: https://chesapeakejeepclub.com/ and their Facebook group


Baystate Jeepers: Originally founded in 1998, they’ve been around in Massachusetts for more than 20 years. The Baystate Jeepers is a family oriented club that’s open to all off-roaders. 

group page: http://baystatejeepers.com/about-us/ and their Facebook group


Grand Rapids Jeep Club: With over 3000 members, this is the most active club in Michigan. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GrandRapidsJeepClub/


North Star Jeep Club: They’re a newer club, founded in 2014. They cater more to rock and hill climbing. They’re active with monthly meetings. 

group page: https://northstarjeepclub.com/ and their Facebook Group


Mississippi Jeep Club: Over 2000 members strong the Mississipi Jeep club meets frequently. They’re fairly new, founded in 2017. They have monthly meetings and they’re pretty active. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1868581276764566/about/


Midwest Jeeping: Monthly meetups with a group that has been around more than 20 years. Membership is 25 dollars for a year. 

group page: http://www.midwestjeepthing.com/clubinfo/


Big Sky 4 Wheelers: Small isn’t always worse! This club has just over 1000 members on Facebook. They try to meet every month but it’s not always possible. One of the oldest clubs out there, they came around in 1969.

group page: https://www.facebook.com/Big-Sky-4-Wheelers-165148236890316/


Nebraska Jeep Club: This 3 year old group has over 2000 members. There are no fees and they plan meet and greets, BBQs, trail rides, wrench-a-thons, and giveaways. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nebraskajeepclub/


Desert Wrangler Jeep Club: Over 1300 members and meetings all over Nevada spots for four-wheelin’ the Desert Wranglers Jeep Club is very active. They are a family oriented club focusing on trail rides without getting too wild. No membership fees required with featured day and camping trips. 

group page: https://www.meetup.com/Desert-Wranglers-Jeep/

Wild West Jeeps: A new club that has started off strong. They focus on charity meets once a month and two trail meets as well. 

group page: https://wildwestjeeps.com/ and their Facebook Group

New Hampshire

Monadnock Jeepers: This is a smaller club for Jeepers in southwestern New Hampshire. With over 700 members they’re active but events may not be held every month. It’s in its startup phases, so they’re on the hunt for contributing members. 

group page: https://www.keenechryslerdodgejeep.com/monadnock-jeepers/ or their Facebook Page

New Jersey

New Jersey Jeep Association: This club has been going over 10 years and has nearly 3000 members. They meet monthly with trail rides and charity events throughout New Jersey. All events are family friendly and stock Jeep friendly. You don’t need a rigged up ride to attend.

group page: http://njjeep.org/ or their Facebook Group

New Mexico

New Mexico 4 Wheelers: Not specific to Jeeps, but all 4 wheelers. This club has been around since 1958. They’re based in Albuquerque. It’s the oldest 4 wheelin’ club in New Mexico. They have monthly meetings and events that you can check out on their calendar. 

group page: https://www.nm4w.org/calendar/

New York

New York City Jeep Club: At over 1500 members strong the NYC Jeep club has been around since 2011. Growing year over year into a sizable group. You can check out their calendar on their facebook page or website for upcoming events. 

group page: http://www.nycjeepclub.com and their Facebook group

North Carolina

CNC 4×4: While not limited to Jeeps, this 4×4 club is extremely active. One of the most active we’ve seen. Meeting up to 5 times per month. With over 1200 members and growing, they are well-organized and always have something to do. The facebook page is filled with videos of recent events. 

group page: https://cnc4x4.org and their Facebook Group

United States Jeep Association: A recently founded non profit group that came to life in 2019. They currently have over 1000 members across three states, including North Carolina. This group caters to members of the  military and their families.  

group page: usja1941.org and their facebook

North Dakota

Cliffhangers ND: Run entirely off a facebook page, the cliffhangers are a 4×4 group that has been around for over a decade. The meetups can be sporadic. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/cliffhangers.nd


Mid Ohio Jeepers Organization: With nearly 3000 members, the mojo organization is a large group with monthly meetings. Sometimes several times a month with planned rides and a family-friendly environment. They’re a newer club, founded in 2016. 

group page: http://www.midohiojeepers.com/ and their Facebook group


Red Dirt Jeeps: One of the largest groups of Jeepers we’ve come across. Founded in 2011, RDJ has grown to a fairly large amount of members. They are a family oriented group with monthly rides – sometimes several events per month. 

group page: https://www.reddirtjeeps.com and their Facebook group 


Oregon Jeep Club: Founded in 2015 with over 800 members, the Oregon Jeep Club is for people in the state to find local riders to go offroading with. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/oregonjeepclub/

Southern Oregon Jeep Klub: A more formal club with planned events monthly in southern Oregon. Over 1000 members strong. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/SouthernOregonJeepKlub/


Jeep Enthusiasts of Eastern PA: A brand new club brimming with meetups and monthly events. They were founded in 2018 and already have over 1000 members. If you’re in Eastern PA anywhere near Lehigh Valley you should consider joining. 

group page: https://jeepenthusiastsofeasternpa.org/ and their Facebook Group

Rhode Island

Ocean State Jeepsters: A popular club with over 3000 members. They were founded in 2007 and they’re still going strong. Events include trail rides, social events, and charity focused gatherings. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Ocean.State.Jeepsters/

South Carolina

Upstate Legends Jeep Club: Established in 2010, this club focuses on day trips, cookouts, and charity events. Unfortunately, they do not seem as active as other clubs, and SC is slim in general for Jeep clubs.

group page: http://www.upstatelegendsjeepclub.com/

South Dakota

Black Hills Jeep Club: A community of over 1000 members that focuses on get-togethers. They even offer Jeep camp in the summers. They do have monthly events and they’re a very active organization.

group page: https://www.facebook.com/Black-Hills-Jeeps-261902297082/


Smoky Mountain Jeep Club: A club founded in 2012 that is doing very well. They’re based out of eastern Tennessee. They are a family oriented organization focused on good times and trail rides. Events are frequent, and they’ve built a strong community in their short time being a club. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/smokymountainjeepclub/

United States Jeep Association: A recently founded non profit group that came to life in 2019. They currently have over 1000 members across three states, including Tennessee. This group caters to members of the  military and their families.  

group page: usja1941.org and their facebook


Lone Star Jeep Club: These guys have been around since 1997. Over 20 years of Jeepin’.  With frequent events, monthly meetings, and a well organized calendar – it’s a strong group.The most popular Jeep club in Texas. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/LoneStarJeepClub/


Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers: A Jeep Club that meets monthly in Kaysville, Utah. This is a family friendly group. 

group page: http://wasatchoutlaws.com/index.php and their Facebook Group


Vermont Jeep Association: This is a family oriented 4×4 club for the state of Vermont. They have monthly meetings in good weather but events slow down in the winter. With over 900 members on facebook, it’s a decent sized club.

group page: http://vtjeepclub.org/ and their Facebook Group


New River Jeep Club: A Jeep club focused on family rides and giving back to the community. They hold monthly events and are over 1600 members strong. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/nrvjeepclub/


Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association: This isn’t specifically a Jeep club. It’s open to all four wheelers. But, they have over 3500 members and multiple meetings per month. Founded in 1960, they’ve been around a long time. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/PN4WDA/

West Virginia

West Virginia Jeep Club: Over 4k members on their FB group, this club has monthly meetups and sometimes plans events several times a month. They’re very active and a good option for anyone in the state!

group page: https://www.pnw4wda.org/clubs-r2.php and their Facebook group 


Wisconsin Jeep Enthusiast Club: At over 1600 members, this club has grown fast since 2015. They hold monthly meetings and events. Focused on the community of Jeepers and trail riding. You’ll get a mix of charity and fun. 

group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/106631033013361/about/


Rough Country Four Wheelers: Based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. This club isn’t specific to Jeeps but to anyone who has a 4 wheeler. They are monthly meetings, trips, and community events. 

group page: http://www.rc4w.com/index1.html


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