Offroading is Manly Meditation

The other day I was thinking about the post regarding what gets people into offroading. Lots of the reasons involved teamwork, sight seeing, and having fun through challenges. Then it hit me that beyond that – people have hobbies as a sort of meditation.

Through repetition and the journey of improving ourselves, we get better. On a recent plane ride there was a movie called Ramen Heads. These guys dedicated their lives from teenagers to being the best Ramen makers in Japan. 

The craft, excellence, and routine they put into it blew me away. For them, it wasn’t so much of an occupation as it was an identity! Have you seen someone working, with their soul withering away?

I have, it used to be me. So when you see people engulfed in their art, even if it’s making Ramen, it really makes you wonder. 

What drives those kind of passions

What can convince someone to get up every day and do the same thing they’ve been doing for 20 years. Well, it’s the same thing that makes people offroad the same trails over and over again. It’s the process in the moment just as much as it’s the journey. 

Too often do I find myself getting caught up in the day to day sludge of things, or worried about what’s coming next – but when I take a moment to appreciate the process that’s when I realize there’s my reward. It’s not so much the hill you made it over as it is the moment you were in the midst of struggling the most to get over that hill. That’s your pay, that moment. 

If any of you have weight-lifted or participated in a strenuous activity you’ll know that there is a point when you could lift or do something – but it’s close. In fact it’s so close that the only thing making the difference is in your head. What’s holding you back is a mental block and on some days you’ll have it and some days you won’t.  

Is every hobby a form of meditation? I think we need to expand the definition – according to the internet it’s “the act of meditating”. But meditating is just another hobby. It’s a hobby where you do nothing and while I’m not hating on it, I just think it’s funny that people don’t realize there’s so many things that bring stress relief and joy to our lives. 

If you’re not harming your family or yourself and you’re engaging in an activity that’s fun then it seems to me that’s a form of meditation as well. Getting better and refining ourselves is a part of being human. 

I guess I just felt inspired to get this off my chest, enjoy your 4 wheeling and manly meditations(or womanly). 

Why Offroading is important

Really, this heading should say “Why every hobby is important” but – have you met someone who doesn’t have a “thing”. Those people that are going to work and going home every day. If you know that person, introduce them to your meditation. I’m guessing that it is something outdoors if you’re reading this, and that’s the perfect cure.

Not everyone has a friend with a nice jacked up ride – let’s help each other meditate 🙂

List of Manly Meditations

With all of that said, I thought it’d be fun to put together a list of “manly meditations” for you guys with some popular hobbies that might interest ya’ll. It’s stuff I want to try eventually. Finding time for the outdoors isn’t always accessible depending on where you live. I think I’ll keep adding to this list so if you have any input let me know. 

Woodworking – being able to work with your hands has to feel absolutely amazing. For me, this is on my list and maybe for you too. I remember growing up watching “This Old House” all the contractors finding solutions to every problem caught my interest. Which later grew seeing youtubers and people online being so creative. I mean it’s just wood right? But that’s what makes a hobby transformative, people find their groove and carve it. If you want to see some crazy stuff there’s a guy called DiResta on youtube that is a pro at his craft. 

RC Offroading – So you might not be able to go to your favorite getaway, but maybe you could get into RC offroading and kits. For about 300 bucks you can buy a nice beginners option with working 4×4 parts. There is a whole community of these guys dedicated just to building and upgrading their offroad rc vehicles. You can find them over at

Smoking– No not that kind of smoking, the kind with the food. This is a hobby that will pay you dividends and your mouth will be thankful for it. I’ve only written two sentences and my mouth is salivating thinking about a smoked brisket. It’s pretty much a science if I understand it right. 

There are different rubs, temperatures, intervals, types of smokers, types of wood chips, and a whole freaking myriad of subtleties that they don’t agree on. I love the passion for this hobby and it seems like there’s almost as much enjoyment in the details as there is in the food. 

Side Hustle– This is probably the top of my list, because money is the only thing keeping a roof over my head. Finding a way to bring value to peoples lives and make money is a pretty large part of being human. I haven’t found something worth going after yet –  or maybe I’m a scardey cat. That would take a post in itself, though!

Some things I’ve seen people do for beer money included answering surveys, writing an ebook, reselling on amazon, or something called “retail arbitrage”. Where you go to a store, buy something that’s selling for more on Amazon and pocket the difference. All of those are time intensive, but some people seem to do pretty well with them. 

Piano – It always seemed like such a beautiful instrument, when I see someone playing the piano I’ve got to stop and soak it in. The melody and feelings that notes can convey always captivated me. How can an instrument playing a certain tone make me feel fear or happiness? Part of that intrigue is almost as much of the reason that I want to learn someday. 

Writing – This is in progress for me. Writing got a hold of me when I first read a Harry Potter book. Being able to feel the characters and see what they were doing through words seemed so powerful. The passion was something you could feel – improving my writing is something I strive to do everyday and my current hobby. 

Well I hope you’ve liked my list of things I think could be meditations. If you agree or have any thoughts of your own, or hobbies to add – leave a comment!


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