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10 Reasons to Love Your Jeep

Jeeps have a cult following and that’s for good reason. 

But what are all those reasons exactly? Well we tried to list some of the ones that came to mind in this guide. It can be an expansive list. 

Jeeps have a lot of things that make them interesting. 

So here’s our attempt on the reasons people love their Jeeps:

1. They're Different

Are you ever sitting in traffic thinking that all cars look the same? Sure there are subtle differences from year to year between car models. Maybe this looks like that and that doesn’t look like this. But, the designs aren’t too far off from each other – a curve can be all that’s separating them or the angle of something.

Automakers try very hard to instill individuality in their brands but the more common the mold, the harder it is to make an original fold. Which we see more and more. But, when you’re sitting in traffic you can see a Jeep coming from far away.

The design stands out and it always has, it hasn’t changed much either. An original Mustang looks extremely different as it has gone through the generations but the distinctive front look and overall shape of Jeeps have been preserved. 

2. Aftermarket Parts

The aftermarket product market for Jeeps is gigantic. One of the biggest we’ve seen for any vehicle, and it probably is the biggest. Because of the community modifying them so much, options are plentiful.

If you want to raise your Jeep or make it look a little different you don’t have to buy from one source. There will be so many options for you to choose from you’ll feel like a kid in a candy(auto parts) store. 

You can get lost looking for modifications for Jeeps. Have you ever gotten into a black hole when you’re googling a subject? Well, that’s what happens if you ever try to figure out the ways you can improve or modify one of these. 

3. Ride With The Elements

We live in a world where everyone is obsessed about getting their own slice of heaven, their own enclosed space, and their refuge from the world. Your refuge is the Jeep, riding with the windows down and enjoying the little things.

Sure it may get windy, but that’s part of the culture. You get to go out there and experience the outdoors – not shy from it in your personal space. There is so much beauty in nature and our world that you get to notice more when you’re riding with the top off. 

4. Take it Anywhere

Weather and road conditions can be an issue most owners have to take into account if they want to go somewhere. When I was younger I remember not being able to go on a snowboarding trip because my friend was forbidden.

His mom wouldn’t let him drive his truck up the mountain we needed to go. I guarantee she would’ve believed in us if he was driving a Jeep. You won’t have to worry about obstacles or hills within reason in it. A tried and true history of people finding obstacles and overcoming them for the fun of it. 

You can take this anywhere – next time it gets snowy on that hill I’ll link my friend to this article. 

5. Cheaper To Work on

If you have ever had a car that needed parts replacing, depending on the model your eyes might have lit up at how much parts cost. Say a BMW or even a Toyota. There are some brands of vehicles that you really REALLY don’t want to buy when they’re older just at the chance that anything might need replacing.

You’ll pay a lot more for that “deal” you got used once you have to get a loan for your imported door handle. That’s not the case with Jeeps, replacing parts is affordable. Chances are they won’t need to be replaced much as well, which brings us to our next point. 

6. Reliability

When you think of reliable as an American one brand should come to mind – Jeep. You might be thinking of Toyota as well, and that’s true too. But, Jeep is about as reliable as any car manufacturer we’ve ever had. 

If the army could trust it so can you. Can you believe they used to deliver Jeeps in crates that soldiers would assemble? The simplicity is the sauce that makes the stew. Jeeps aren’t overly complex, and they’ll last you a long time.  Hop on craigslist today and you can see them with tons of miles still chugging along.

7. Resale Value

There may be a time when you have to sell your beloved. When that time hits and you’re looking at your fellow car owners experiencing extreme depreciation – you’ll be stunned to see what used Jeeps are going for. 

They’re one of the top brands for retaining their value. Some cars lose a third of it when they drive off the lot – not these. You’ll be able to drive yours for many years and still make back a decent chunk of change when you sell it.. to buy another one. 

8. People Love It

It’s a conversation starter. When you pull up somewhere in your Jeep around people who don’t own one, a good amount of the time someone is going to inquire. Standing from the sidelines they’re interested in what makes them different. 

So you’ll have a lot of conversation starters and admirers. The car is an extension of your lifestyle after all and people are attracted to outdoor go-getters. It only makes someone would be interested.  Having a 4×4 convertible is pretty cool. 

9. Duality

Is there another vehicle that you can climb up the hill on the weekend and then fit five people in during the week? They can be thought of like a minivan on steroids. Jeeps don’t really look like they’d be able to do the things they can when you buy them stock.

They just look like an oddly shaped SUV, except they don’t function like one. The duality of Jeeps adds to the flavor. 

10. Jeepers

As soon as you buy a Jeep you have entered a community. Remember in the Matrix where Neo has to decide between the blue and the red pill? Well, when you enter your own matrix of Jeepers you are in an exclusive club.

Meetups, facebook groups, instagram pages, and random message boards all dedicated to the group. You can meet up with locals and go to many events organized just for you guys. That’s a great ticket – being around positive outdoorsy people is hugely appealing.


I'm the owner of Beast Auto. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I love anything automotive related, and taking road trips all across my beautiful state.