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Removable bike racks for cars

Bike racks are there to assist with transporting your bikes. Depending on what type of bike rack you have, it may be easier to remove than others. The most accessible bike racks to remove are the trunk mounted racks, and the hitch mounted racks. Hitch mounted racks simply require a pin, then they slide out of the hitch. 

Trunk mounted racks need you to loosen the straps so they can be taken off. Bike racks are usually installed for singular trips, so ensuring your rack can easily be removed is important. Here are the best removable bike racks for cars.

Here are the best hassle free removable bike racks for your car.

2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Best Overall

  • Reasonably priced  


  • Rugged with high-quality component
    • Lightweight


  • No access to the cargo compartment when on load.
4-Bike Hitch Racks

Budget option

  • Best value for money


  • No wobble hitch 


  •  No locking system
Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Premium option

  • Great all around option


  • Adapter to minimize wobbling
    • Durable, easy to install


  • Cargo cannot be accessed 

Leaving a bike rack fitted on your vehicle is a real hassle. It limits access to the boot, extends the length of the car, and is not allowed in some states. Furthermore, the view of the taillights and number plate remains hindered when you leave a bike rack installed.

Don’t get misled by the folding bike racks that collapse on your vehicle’s rear when not in use. Folding racks allow you to keep them installed between rides or for the duration of the cycling tour. They still do restrict aerodynamics and access, so definitely not something you would want to keep installed.

Car Hitch Mount Tray Bike Rack with 2-inch Receiver

This universal bike rack is our favorite carrier for small families or avid cyclists. The Allen trunk-mounted rack has a universal tray to haul a wide range of bikes, including kid’s bikes.

 And if the storage space comes at a premium to you, this is the rack for you. This folding bike rack can accommodate bikes of different frame sizes, and it gets folded flat, so it can sit easily in the boot of your car.

Allen also scores high for being a safe and reliable bike rack.
It’s easily assembled and, when not in use, is simple to store. When you come back from the biking session, the Allen rack takes a few minutes to reassemble on the trunk of your car. 

The company has designed the installation with a single configuration that fits a wide range of vehicles to make the installation simple. It’s a perfect removable bike rack as it does not require anything from the car to mount. The middle frame on the rack keeps bikes away from the vehicle. It can haul two bikes with a maximum weight of 70 LBS.

The Allen sports deluxe bike is backed with a lifetime warranty. The Allen sports bike rack has an individual tie-down system that secures each bike. This ranks high on our list as nothing is permanent, and the rack can be easily installed on pretty much any car. Remove it from one car, put it on the next. No tow hitch or roof racks are required.

Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks for 2

You can remove and fold the Allen Sports hitch rack in a few minutes and keep it in the cargo compartment of the car. This rack is a blessing when you want to safely haul four bikes. This rack comes with easy-to-remove features. It’s a simple pin to install and uninstall this rack. 

This rack fits a 2-inch hitch for installation. Its installation and removal are quick and smooth. Once you are familiar with how it’s done, a member from our team can install theirs in under 1 minute. This rack has a loading capacity of 140 LBS for four bikes.

Allen Sports rack offers two options to store it. The carry arms on your rack can be easily folded down out of the way when not in use. Another option is to remove it and store it in a garage or rear compartment of your vehicle. All it takes is to remove it from the hitch.

The safety of the bike rack is not an issue with this rack. It has a no-wobble bolt that secures the rack inside the hitch. It has 22 inches long carry arms, which secure each bike individually. The tie-down system is fixed in position on the carry arm but rotates so that it can engage a wide range of bike frames, sizes, and styles.

The Allen bike rack carry arms can safely and securely accommodate mountain bikes, kid-size, and adult road bikes. The hitch bike rack has a mainmast which can quickly be tilted back for easy boot access when the rack is installed on your vehicle.

Why is this a great removable bike rack, you might ask? It’s because the rack is easy to use and install, affordable, and capable of carrying four bikes.

Retrospec Lenox Car Hitch Mount Bike Rack with 2-inch

This is another hitch rack that is quick and easy to install. Very similar to the one above. However, it has a few different features. Its method to secure the bikes to the frame is different, but it remains almost identical. It has been included as the price is similar to the Allen Sports, so it’s worth having as a comparison.

Retrospec Lenox is designed to haul bikes for an entire family. This rack is a blessing for the biker’s community and group cycling excursions. But at the same time, the rack maker has ensured that the rack can fold flat, which is a real asset for storage.

It can be easily removed and stored. The removal process from the hitch is quick and easy. The sturdy steel construction of the bike rack gives it the strength to carry two bikes of 80 lbs load or four bikes of 140 lbs. 

This stylish, heavy-duty rack is designed to match up with any swanky and sturdy four-wheeler drive. All it requires is a 2″ receiver on the vehicle. The Retrospect bike rack, which is made of steel, weighs 23-pound.

Lenox’s toughness is not just for the eyes. The company has provided tie-down cradle and strap systems with this rack to secure each bike individually. It protects bikes from swaying on uneven roads.

The bike is designed to accommodate an array of frame styles and sizes. It comes with an adapter that minimizes the wobbling of bikes and cuts noise on bumpy drives. The rack is foldable and occupies little space.

Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Lastly is this ultra-compact trunk-mounted rack. It’s so compact that it can be stored in a backpack when it’s not in use. Yes, you read it right. The patented design shrinks itself so small that it appears to be a show box when folded. Thankfully, this advantage doesn’t come at the cost of safety. This rack is extremely stable when installed.

The Allen ultra-compact trunk-mounted bike rack is a single bike carrier. The patented design of this trunk-mounted rack is compatible with most of the sedan, SUV, hatchback, and minivan. The compact size of this rack makes it easy to transport and store in a garage. Allen’s patented individual tie-down system and dual-compound cradle of the rack protects and secures the bike perfectly.

The nylon bag is included with this ultra-compact bike rack. This provides a handy way to transport and store your rack when not in use.

The Allen sports steel bike rack is 2.7 Kg which can haul a bike of 35 LBS. The Allen ultra-compact bike rack has a large soft foam landing pad that keeps the bike away from the vehicle to prevent damage to the bike and car. It’s backed by the company’s customer service and lifetime warranty.

It's a wrap, the final say on removable bike racks for cars

A bike rack is a liability when sitting in the car. It is a nuisance for drivers and can even cause accidents. The best folding bike rack on your vehicle will make the hauling of the bike simple and safe. When done, bike racks should be easy to remove and store, which the ones listed above are. Let us know what you think of these racks if you decide to try one out.

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