Roof racks

Roof racks are a bar or a set of bars that is secured to the roof of an automobile. They are used to carry items. There are varies different types of roof racks and ways the racks are installed. These vary depending on the type of vehicle and how it was manufactured.

  • Rain Gutter – older roof racks were usually mounted directly to the gutter surrounding the roof line.

  • Bare Roof – many modern vehicles, which do not have gutters, can have a roof rack installed by attaching hooks to the top of the door frames.

  • Fixed Point – some automobiles have fittings for proprietary racks which mate with reinforced lugs in the roof, or have pre-threaded screw holes.

  • Trucked roof rack – This is a roof rack that does of the tub of a ute.

  • Side Rails – vehicles with factory-installed rails, which may be flush against the roof or raised off of the roof, running front-to-back on the roof

  • Factory Bars – other vehicles have a factory-installed permanent roof rack.

When purchasing a roof rack for your car there are many factors to consider. These largely depend on what you will be transporting as the weight capacity of the roof rack is important of its heavy objects. Additionally, other things to consider is there aerodynamics and available accessories.  Roof racks increase air resistance leading to poorer fuel economy. Additionally, they increase sound pollution due to the wind noise generated from roof racks. When loading roof racks, it’s important to do so in accordance to the owner’s manual. This is also important when installing roof racks. If you plan on using roof racks for off-road driving, the maximum load capacity of the roof rack should be halved, as the downforce on the rack when going over object increases.

Below is our list of articles for roof racks and what cars they suit. Understanding the best roof racks for your vehicle is important to ensure their capacity is not exceeded and it can achieve everything you need out of it. If you’re looking to find roof racks that suits your needs have a look below. If you can’t find what you are looking for send our team a message and we will get in touch shorty.