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Stylish Bike Racks for Cars

Nowadays, people plan vacations and short trips to the nearest hill stations and other exciting places where they can go camping, trekking, and hiking. There are a plethora of places that make an ideal tourist destination for adventure junkies. All you got to do is find a place, pack your bags, get in the car, and enjoy the way to your destination. But, what about your bikes? If it’s a place for adventure fans, you are definitely going to need your bikes to explore the destination to its fullest.

Let's have a look at some of the highest rated stylish bike racks on the market

Hitch Mounted Rack 2-Bike Capacity

Best Overall

  • Reasonably priced for the amount of security provided 


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Flexible design


  • It can carry two bikes only
Car Hitch Mount Bike Rack with 2-inch Receiver

Budget option

  • Affordable


  • Simple and sturdy design
  • Versatile


  • It doesn’t carry more than two bikes
Rack 4-Bike Premium Carrier with Quick Release Handle

Premium option

  • Great all around option


  • Carry 4 bikes
  • Optimized design


  • requires tow hitch

Whether you are planning to use your bikes for a race or carrying them to explore some exciting terrains, a rack is what you need to transport your bikes to your dream destination without any hassle. You will find a wide range of stylish bike racks on the market today, each with the goal of transporting your bikes to your desired destination as safely as possible. These racks are attached to the rear gates and they are designed to accommodate mountain bikes, e-bikes, and other types of bikes effortlessly.
The racks come with individual tie-down straps, meaning you can secure each bike to the rack individually. The bike racks are designed to allow you to carry your bikes just about anywhere you want without any hassle. You can secure your bikes tightly to the rack and rest easy knowing that they will stay stable and sturdy until you reach your destination and dismantle it yourself.
The major advantage of the hitch racks is that they allow you to lift up your bikes and place them on the rack conveniently. It’s a lot easier than lifting your bikes over your head and placing them on the roof of the car. The manufacturers sell the racks with detailed instructions explaining the assembly of the product and how you are supposed to tie each bike to the rack. However, with such a wide variety of car racks available on the market, the decision of choosing the most appropriate and stable product can get a little overwhelming. In this post, we are going to show you a few popular bike racks that make an excellent choice for your adventure trips. Let’s take a look:

Hitch Mounted Rack 2-Bike Capacity

Whether you are travelling to mountains or a relaxing beach, KAC racks are designed to keep your bikes stable throughout the journey, securely attached to the rack. The KAC Overdrive Sport K2-RT 2 inches rack is one such premium car rack that comes equipped with the sliding adjustable ratchet, which is designed to make the installation and removal of the bikes easy and a hassle-free process.

You can easily attach the bicycles to the car rack following the instructions given in the manual. Its design also makes it easier for you to carry a wide variety of bikes, varying in styles and sizes. It comes with two keyed locks, as well as, spare keys that allow you to lock the bikes to the rack.
This stylish bike rack can accommodate bikes of varying sizes and flat/narrow tires conveniently. A single strap is enough to secure two bikes. Plus, it comes with an anti-wobble system that prevents unnecessary bike wobbling when your car is on the move. It also comes with a rear reflector that enhances visibility at night. Use the Quick Release Smart Tilt Lever to get easy access to your cargo. You could even use the tilt-down design of the rack when it is loaded with the bikes. No need to remove or dismantle the rack frequently. Just drop it away from the rack and get access to the rear gates of your four-wheeler. Fold the rack and store it in the trunk or some other place when you are not using it.
Made of heavy-duty steel, the KAC Overdrive Sport K2-RT 2” Hitch Mounted Rack can hold up to two bikes weighing 60 lbs each. Plus, there is enough clearance between the rack and the vehicle’s rear end, thus protecting the car’s back from scratches and other damages. As far as the compatibility is concerned, the rack fits trucks, SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and just about any kind of four-wheelers as long as it has a 2” hitch receiver. The rack can accommodate mountain bikes, gravel bikes, fat and narrow tire bikes, electric bikes, and other varieties of vehicles seamlessly. If you’re looking for a stylish bike rack for your car, than this is the one.

  • Designed for 2-inch hitch receivers
  • Handle up to 120 lbs
  • Compatible with SUVs, sedans, and trucks, and hatchbacks
  • Sliding ratchet clamps
  • Made of powder-coated steel
  • Dual lock mechanism
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Stylish and easy to operate
  • Padded clamps
  • Fits 5 inches wide wheels seamlessly

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Known for the simple and sturdy design, the Allen Sports Deluxe rack allows you to carry your bike wherever you want conveniently. It has a patented design that fits a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and more. It comes with two side straps that hold your bikes in place and keep them securely attached to the rack. Plus, it has individual tie-down straps that hold and secure individual bikes.

Assembly is not going to be a concern with this rack, as it can be installed easily. It comes pre-assembled and features robust and versatile carry arms that fit a wide variety of bikes regardless of the frame or structure. The rack features sturdy components that remain stable. The company offers a lifetime warranty on this product. The tie-down system is fixed but they can rotate slightly to accommodate a wide range of vehicles of different sizes and frames. It comes with a middle frame that maintains a distance between your bikes and the vehicle during transportation.
The manufacturer sells the product with two durable and sturdy side straps that are designed to hold the bikes securely to the rack. It can accommodate bikes of different frames and sizes comfortably. From women’s bikes to small frames, Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mount is designed to accommodate bikes of varying sizes and shapes. Another best quality of the rack is that it comes pre-assembled, meaning you do not need any additional tools to secure the bikes to the rack. Plus, the product is backed by a lifetime warranty.

  • Individual tie-down cradles keep your bikes securely attached to the rack
  • Side straps
  • Pre-assembled rack
  • Capacity to hold vehicles that weigh up to 70 lbs efficiently
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Padded lower frame
  • Foldable design
  • Strong carry arms
  • Fits sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, minivans, and other cars effortlessly

4-Bike Premium Carrier with Quick Release Handle

Finding the right car rack that fits your car and can accommodate just about any style and frame of bikes easily is often challenging for people. Not only are you after a bike rack that will do its job in holding your bike, you also need a rack that looks stylish and will suit your vehicles slick looks. Whether you are going hiking or planning to organize a bike race on a serene and adventurous track, getting your bikes transported to your desired destination is going to be super easy with this high-quality and sturdy bike rack by KAC. As the name suggests, the rack is designed to accommodate up to 4 bikes at a time.

Available in a black finish, this car rack comes equipped with adjustable cradles and safety straps that lock your bikes in place for the entire journey. No matter the condition of the road and how long your trip is, with the KAC 4-bike hitch mount carrier rack, you can carry your bike easily to just about any location. The rack is designed to fit the cars featuring 2” hitch receivers seamlessly. Plus, it has the capacity to handle a weight of up to 160 lbs.
You can load 4 bikes each weighing around 40 lbs. The rack features a foldable design, meaning you can fold and keep it away when it is not in use. Made of heavy-duty alloy steel, you can rest assured that KAC 4-bike hitch mount carrier rack is a durable product and can last for years. The premium and adjustable cradles are made to protect the car from scratches and any form of damage. It also comes with anti-degradation tapes, which are made to hold the bikes in place and guarantee a high level of security.
The manufacturer offers the product with an anti-rattling system that keeps your bike from wobbling or excessive movements when the car is in motion. It features a sturdy and weather-proof design. Plus, like other racks mentioned above, this rack is designed to tilt down and fold easily, giving your bike maximum protection. The rack also offers anti-sway technology, meaning that the bikes will not touch or scratch the car’s surface.

  • It can handle a weight of up to 160 lbs
  • Anti-sway technology
  • Durable steel alloy construction
  • Tilt-down feature
  • High-quality support arm levers
  • Weatherproof design
  • Anti-rattle stabilizer
  • Quickly fold and store it away when you are not using the rack

runk Bike Rack Carrier, Mount 3 Bikes

The black finish and durable construction make Saris bones ex trunk bike rack carrier an ideal choice for a wide range of cars. It is made of composite and plastic. The design of the rack is versatile enough to fit 90% of the vehicles seamlessly. It can also be used in cars that feature spoilers. It comes with the articulated rubber feet that protect your car’s paint and keep the car looking fresh and good.

The rack is rust-free, meaning its solid arms keep the rack intact for years. The rack has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 70 lbs, which means it can handle the weight of 35 lbs per bike easily. It comes with a spring buckle that secures the bikes to the cars effortlessly. Plus, the rack has an anti-sway design that prevents bike-to-bike contact and maintains the distance between the bike and car. The best part about the rack is that it is compatible with a wide array of vehicles. It gives a clean and sleek look to your car. Plus, the material is pretty durable and versatile. You don’t have to worry about the Saris Bones Ex Trunk not fitting with your vehicle. Featuring a sleek and clean design, this model fits nearly all types of cars and can accommodate any bike effortlessly.

  • Ant-sway design
  • Premium and durable construction
  • Arms fold down design
  • Spring buckle
  • Ratchet strap
  • Articulated rubber feet
  • Compatible with a wide array of vehicles
  • Injection-moulded arms
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Available in black finish

Our final say on Stylish bike racks

You will find a wide variety of bike racks offering different features and a unique set of capabilities that make them capable of carrying different types of bikes. These were the four most popular and stylish bike racks that make an excellent choice for your cars. If you are looking for something simple and exciting, these racks will make an excellent choice. Check out the features, compare the pros and cons of each model, and buy a rack that fits your individual requirements.