The McClaren F1 Review- Deliciously Awesome

Delicously Awesome Car of The Week

Have you ever come across a girl so irrationally beautiful that it makes you upset? Chances are you’ll never get to have her in your arms, to see what her engine is made of, you’ve witnessed perfection but left feeling confused.

You might reason with yourself later, “at least I got to see it.” That’s the same feeling we get, and it sure happened when we first laid eyes on a McClaren F1.

This was originally a concept car that eventually turned production. It holds some interesting accolades, it’s been clocked to reach 240.1 miles per hour when they fiddled with the rev limiter. 

We like to call this more beast than beauty, and there is a hell of a lot of beauty. 

106 cars were made in total of the 5 year production run. Starting in 1993 and ending in 1998. Elon Musk, Jay Leno, and a Sultan are some of the people lucky enough to own this artwork. 

Like most concept cars, it’s full of innovative designs and proprietary technologies. Including being lightweight. Way back then this car weighed in at 2500lbs. That’s only 170lbs less than a 2017 Miata which was the lightest sports car we could find in that year. But, the Miata doesn’t have a V12. This does. 

Since production ended in 1998, over 20 years ago – only 4 cars have been recorded as faster. They all use forced induction engines. The McLaren is the only naturally aspirated engine on that list. 



Engine: BMW S70/2 618 bhp

Acceleration: 0-60 in 3.2 s , 0-130 in 10.4 s

Top Speed: 240.1 MPH


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