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Universal bike racks for cars

The best universal bike racks for cars

Bike riding has certainly come of age. It is now a more popular leisure pursuit than a mere mode of transportation. Having universal bike carriers for cars has helped introduce this change. It enables individuals to transport bikes with ease and switch the racks from car to car. It has also expanded the freedom and fun to another level whether the two-wheeled fun ride is a getaway, works out or plain passion.

An urbanite can cherish a bike ride in the rustic environs or ascend high up into the mountains. The bike carrier racks have made it all possible.

Bike riding is like flying to me, being with myself. I miss riding my bike most when I am on long travel plans. The bike carrier rack allows the company of beloved bikes anywhere. It gives me wings to soar higher and winds to sail farther. It expands freedom and bliss.

The right choice of bike rack is crucial to keep it all hassle-free affair. The decision depends on factors like the type of bike, car and usage of the hauling equipment. The carrier racks come in different versions: hitch-mount, strap-on trunk, roof-mounted and rear-mounted spare tyre.

Let's have a look at the best bike racks for all types of vehicles

AA Products 2 Bike Rack Platform Hitch Mount Rack Foldable Bicycle Rack for Cars

Best Overall

  • Can fit any car with a tow hitch


  • Easy installation
  • Rear cargo access 


  • Limited load capacity
3 Bike Hitch Rack for Car Hitch Mount

Budget option

  • Affordable
  • Does not require a tow hitch 
  • Universal 


  •  Easy to store
  • Metal clip with safety button


  •   Hassle installation
Universal Rear 2-Bike Carrier Rack Truck Mounted on Car SUV

Premium option

  • Visually appealing 
  • Meets the criteria of being universal 


  • Sleek and moderate
  • For durability sturdy anti-deformation is used


  • Less loading capacity

AA Products 2 Bike Rack Platform Hitch Mount Rack Foldable Bicycle Rack for Cars

AA Products 2 Bike Platform Hitch Mount Foldable Rack is truly a versatile and easy carrier fix for all types of passenger cars, Minivans, SUVs, Trucks and Trailers.  It’s a great universal bike that will suit all your needs.

AA products have sought to take care of all the issues associated with the hauling of bikes during long excursions. Easy installation, accessibility to rear cargo, safety features make it a popular choice for most bike riders.

This rear mount rack puts an end to a major handicap of not being able to access the rear cargo once the installation is done. This rack scores high on merits with its swing-down feature. The rack can be quickly tilted up when not in use, and away from the vehicle for easy rear cargo access. The company has designed foldable carry arms that can be quickly fitted to the transports when not in use. It saves you the trouble of uninstalling the rack during the ongoing trips when bikes are not attached

AA Hitch mount becomes a popular choice just for its advantage of easy installation. It can be installed literally in minutes so that an anxious bike rider is not made to wait to get on with the ride.

This heavy-duty rack is made from powder-coated steel tubing and it is sturdy enough to hold a load capacity of 80 lbs. Its strength makes it suitable for all bikes including MTB that have more weight due to their advanced suspension. This car bike rack is designed to fit a 2-inch mount. It is ideal for trucks as well as SUVs.

The bike trunk mount rack is provided with stabilizers to hold tight the bikes and keep aside misadventures during outings to far-away destinations. This feature shuts the possibility of rattling noise that takes away the fun from the drive. It comes with 2 set elastic rubber straps and tightener features for added safety and security on long drives.


3 Bike Hitch Rack for Car Hitch Mount 2

Bike Hitch Rack Car Mount 2 inch is a heavy-duty rack with a loading capacity of up to 132 LBS or three bikes. It fits well with SUVs, off-road vehicles, family cars and vans. This bike rack is fit to haul bikes up to maximum tire width of 3-inches which covers a wide range of bikes.

A prime concern of the bike and the car owner is the unnecessary damage caused by the scratches while hauling so many loads during long and bumpy journeys. Such damage puts off any bike rider and the experience is nightmarish to even an avid cyclist.

Docred has taken foremost care to dispel this concern by introducing extra safety measures against the nasty scratches to a car as well as the bike.  It is made from a dual compound so that cradles could be tied down to protect the bikes during travel.  A metal clip with a safety button, high-quality steel and superb fastening pieces ensures hassle-free hauling.  The rack has an extra safety strap that muffles rattling. The long-lasting rubber bumpers make sure that the vehicle surface is safe from potential damage caused by the bike frames.

This three bike rack has dual arm adjustable mounting saddles. To avoid wear and tear, soft padding on the rack protects the paint of the bike and the padded lower frame keeps the bike away from the vehicle.

It comes with a unique folding feature that makes it compact to keep in store. It comes with a one year warranty to give professional service in case you face any issue with the product.

Universal Rear 2-Bike Carrier Rack Truck Mounted on Car SUV

SCITOO universal rear 2-bike carrier rack truck mount fits well on most sedans, hatchbacks, SUV and minivans. It suits a bike rider who uses different cars and the cycling tours are spontaneous. Often such excursions to the cherished locations are made in different vehicles and need a suitable bike rack. The Universal rear-2 bike takes care of that hitch in your ride. It fits well on most of the transport.

To own one also makes sense if you use more than one vehicle. Usually, frequent riders keep this one in stock along with the best fit rack. Its sleek body and moderate design give it a swanky look that goes with sedans as well as SUVs. For the durability of the rack, SCITOO uses sturdy anti-deformation iron. Rust damage is not a worry with this rack as it has anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.

This bike rack has a maximum loading capacity of 33 kg.  There is no sound of rattle during the car drive and it is made possible by the non-resonant feature. Sitoo Universal comes with a tie-down strap for full protection of the bike to ensure security over long drives. The necessary mounting hardware is all part of the rack and there is no need for anything from the market.

SCITOO has made efforts to make career vehicle attachment installation a hassle-free affair. The manual instructions guidelines make it easy to remove when you need to fit on another transport. 

FieryRed 3-Bike Racks for 2 inch Hitch - Bicycle Carrier Racks Adjustable Cradles for All Bikes

FieryRed 3-bike rack makers have shown their love for women bike riders by designing them to fit lady bikes as well as bikes of all sizes including mountain bikes. With this carrier rack, the lady bike riders don’t have to hold back their budding passion while they accompany their beloved ones on cycling trips. FieryRed is equipped to haul three bikes which makes it perfect for families who like going on cycling trips.


This rack is a 2-inch hitch carrier with universal fitment. It can be fitted in a car with or without a crossbar. All you need is a 2-inch receiver in your SUV, sedan, truck or van. This rack can be installed on the spare tyre mount on a tailgate by buying a 2-inch hitch extension. It makes it fit for those remote bumpy travels in SUVs.

FieryRed 3-bike rack can carry a heavy load of up to 165 pounds. It has a polyester strap and bungee cords with metal joints to fasten down different sizes of tubes. Even when there are ‘no wobble’ bolts in your bike rack for a tow hitch it will not allow shaking of your bike. On highway’s the stretch cable securely holds your bike and does not allow it to slide.

FieryRed has put TPE stay with cradles in 3-bikes racks that curtails the possibility of a paint scratch. 


Mind you, this will not block your access to the hatchback as you can easily fold the rack. To avoid wear and tear of the hitch bike rack an electrostatic sprayed forged iron is used to not allow bad weather to undermine its performance. This upright rack type is rust-resistant and UV resistant. This bike hitch rack comes with one piece of anti-rattle stabilizer and for hassle-free installation a detailed manual of assembly instruction.


Give your bike a safe ride in a universal rack while travelling to your favourite destinations. There is a wide variety of universal bike racks and a smart choice will make your cycling excursions delightful and hassle-free. Before you gear up for the next dream excursion find the right bike rack and pedal on to pure bliss