The 7 Things that got you Into Offroading

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Hey all, we thought it would be pretty fun to do a post about what got different people to fall in love with off roading. I scoured the web in search results, forums, facebook groups and anywhere I could find answers. Maybe you have a similar story or something you’d like to share, let us know! Here are the most popular reasons we found people got into four wheelin. 

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#1 "I saw buggy races at Del Mar"

I had to google this one, Del Mar is a city in California. Forgive me for not knowing, and they hold buggy races every year at the State Fairgrounds. It’s awesome hearing someones story and feeling like you get to live through them by watching the race. Here’s a video of the guys in Del Mar in action.

What it comes down to is seeing a race or a 4 wheel challenge inspired this guy. Something that has happened to everyone – happened to me the first time I saw a Monster Truck screaming along a stadium.

#2 It's a challenge as a driver

Karl Hermrmann answers a question on Quora which is one of the most popular reasons people enjoy offroading. It’s a challenge. There are fun times and there are not so fun times, but when you see a new obstacle and tackle it – there’s a sense of accomplishment. There are drivers that could take a tin can with wheels up something that a guy with the most tricked out setup wouldn’t manage. The challenge makes you better, and like learning anything – skill improves. 

#3 The upgrades are addicting

You’ll see plenty of off road rigs that have more money in upgrades in them than a car they could’ve bought. That’s because upgrades are addicting, and even if they’re expensive you want them.

It’s no different than someone who needs a new iPhone on every release, except off roaders pay a lot more than that to build out their rigs. But, as anyone knows who has gotten passionate about a hobby – it overtakes you. In a good way. Okay maybe not your wallet but .. the fun part.

New modifications allow you to reach new heights and places that were once out of your path, are now easily reachable. Find a rock you couldn’t climb? Well, you just need to save up some more until you can modify your 4×4 enough to get over it! 

See what we mean? 

#4 Amazing Scenery

Jeep Tours are insanely popular for a reason. There are places you can go off roading that would take you ages to go on foot. There’s places you wouldn’t be able to land or get to with a helicopter, that only a 4 wheeler is going to conquer. You could make it somewhere that no one has ever been able to go. How great of a feeling would that be? In a world of accessibility doing something like that feels great. 

And some of the views can be downright amazing, being there in person in your rig after you’ve conquered the territory. Open plains, beautiful lakes, being able to get your eyes to breathe in a view few people have been able to enjoy. If you love nature and landscapes, you can find some of the best views in the world off roading. You could take a drive through the trails in Colorado to simply enjoy nature. 

#4 To Recharge your Battery

People who go camping know this one well, and off roading in similar in a way. When you take your rig on some trails secluded from humanity, it does good things for you mentally. Even if it’s only a day, a half a day, or a few hours. Just being out there with your buddies brings me the mental clarity that no prescription pill could ever match. 

Yoga, meditation, everyone has their thing. For some people including myself, being introduced to the trails in Arizona was a welcome escape. It made me appreciate nature and how blessed we are to have so much of it in this country untouched. 

#5 Fun in the Mud

In a society where it’s taboo to be dirty anymore, where everything is sterile and respectful to the point of insanity… it’s great to get out and get messy. To know you’re going to be washing everything for hours because you went wild without regretting a single second of it. 

We weren’t meant to sit in cubicles like drones, and everyone needs an escape. I take pride in returning to my childish self – rolling around a sandbox, but instead of building castles and brushing off some sand I’m jumping in the shower with mud soaked clothing. Whatever the opposite of being politically correct and sterilizing is, that’s what getting dirty in the mud does for me. 

#6 Camaraderie

Is team building a group exercise where you repeat some asinine phrase corporate thought up? No, team building is winching out your friend because his eyes were bigger than his tires. If you ever want to bond with someone, get into a pickle with them. 

Four wheeling is all about working together when things get rough and figuring a way out. Everyone immediately wants to help, and it’s sincere. There’s no forced dialogue or thinly veiled thing, because it’s pure and everyone knows it. The responses from your friends are from a place of knowing – they’ve been there before and they’re going to help you out. 

Jets are the four wheelers of the sky in a way – they know what team building is. 

#7 Adrenaline Rush

Ever had sweaty palms over heights? Well, a certain type of off roader loves that thrill(not me). I’m too much of a scardey cat for any of that extreme stuff, but there are people that have no fear.

They get a rush out of the craziest climbs, obstacles, and descents. How they do it I have no idea, some people just don’t feel fear like the rest of us. From what I can gather, they get a good adrenaline rush out of it. If anyone knows adrenaline junkies, that can be an addicting habit!


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